Chatty Cats: Whiskers, Thanksgiving and More!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The cats are at home with our awesome cat sitter while Cat Dad and I are in Nashville visiting family for the holiday. We’ll be back soon, and I’m sure the cats will fill us in on all the holiday fun they had.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Post Nap Whiskers

Someone just woke up from her afternoon nap.

pretty white cat white cat yawning

Bedtime Routine

Dexter: Mama, I’m not going to ask again. Bring me my teddy bear, a hot chocolate and some tuna crunchies.
Mama: I didn’t hear a question in there.
Dexter: That’s because I said I wasn’t going to ask again. Are you even listening?
Mama: Not really.
Dexter: The things I put up with. Will you at least tuck me in?
Mama: I can manage that.

grumpy tabby cat wants to be tucked in

Sunday Cuddles

Harley: Get ready, Mama!
Mama: For what?
Harley: Here I come for a cuddle.
Mama: I’m ready! Let the cuddling commence!

adorable siamese cat with blue eyes

Priorities (packing not included)

Mama: Sophie, you need to get up. Cat Dad has to start packing for our trip.
Sophie: Where are we going?
Mama: WE are not going anywhere. You’re staying here with the cat sitter.
Sophie: Then I’m not moving.
Mama: He has to pack.
Sophie: My legs are asleep.
Mama: Sophie…
Sophie: Mama…
Mama: You’ve got 5 more minutes of cuddle time.
Cat Dad: ∗whispering to Sophie∗ 15 more minutes.

white cat cuddling with cat dad

Cozy Cat

Cat Sitter: What are you thinking about, Woodrow?
Woodrow: No thinking, just cozying.
Cat Sitter: You do look very cozy.
Woodrow: Do you want to cozy with me?
Cat Sitter: I thought you’d never ask.
We’re away on our Thanksgiving trip and the cats are in good hands with their cat sitter. Woodrow is happy as long as he has someone to cozy with.

cozy tabby cat under blankets

I admit to nothing!

Olive: Who’s that downstairs? Are Mama and Cat Dad back?
Cat Sitter: Not yet, Olive. They only left yesterday.
Olive: Yesterday was a lifetime ago!
Cat Sitter: Aww, do you miss them?
Olive: I will neither confirm nor deny if I miss my mommy and daddy.

concerned tortie cat

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sophie: Sorry to butt in, but I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Hey, is my purse in here? ∗giggles∗

Thanksgiving cat

Bonus Friday Photo

Sorry, no bonus cat photo since we’re gone. But here’s one of us landing in Dallas on our layover to Nashville.

view from plane of clouds

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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