Chatty Cats: Hugs, Time Change and More!

Happy Friday! Have you all survived the first week of the time change? Even with falling back, I’m still tired. I wish we’d just do away with the time change. I think the cats would be happy with that too. No “late” dinners!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Hugs…not wanted

Harley: Mama, someone said you’re handing out treats in here.
Mama: I’m not sure who said that.
Harley: Well, is it true or did I waste my time coming in here?
Mama: I don’t have any treats.
Harley: Gah! Waste of time.
Mama: But I have hugs!
Harley: You know, Mama, sometimes I really don’t appreciate your sense of humor.

blue-eyed cat wants treat

Productive Cat

Sophie: Well, that was a productive Saturday.
Mama: What’d you do?
Sophie: Napped, snacked, played, napped some more and then cleaned out my purse.
Mama: Oh, so you found it?
Sophie: Sorry, I meant I cleaned out your purse. We’re out of mints. But smell my breath!

white cat doing big stretch

Beautiful Olive

A beautiful tortie for your Sunday enjoyment. ❤

beautiful tortie cat in the morning sun

Time Change Woes

Woodrow: Mama, this time change got me like…

adorable tabby cat sleeping

Happy Cat

When the sun hits your face…you smile.☀️😸

smiling tabby cat sleeping in the sun

Tummy Time

Sophie: Mama, dinner is late again.
Mama: No, it’s not. I explained about the time change.
Sophie: According to my tummy, dinner is late. And you know that tummy time rules all.
Mama: If I went by your tummy time, dinner would be every 30 minutes.
Sophie: Okay, let’s try that.
Mama: That’s not what I meant.
Sophie: You’re right. 35 minutes might be more realistic in the long run. We’ll let Tummy have the final decision.

pretty white cat with blue eyes

Mr. Whiskers

Mama: Harley, your whiskers are so impressive.
Harley: Thank you, Mama. So are yours.
Mama: Hey!
Harley’s whiskers curl forward. Does anyone else have a cat whose whiskers do that?

gorgeous siamese cat with long whiskers

Bonus Friday Photos

Dexter…then and now.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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23 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Hugs, Time Change and More!

  1. What wonderful photos and “communication” this week! The time change threw everyone for a loop I think but life is about adjusting (unless you’re a cat of course). Harley is special in lots of ways but those forward curling whiskers can’t be beat that’s for sure. LOV Dexter’s then and now…..just as cute only MORE of it!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. I love now and then pictures. You don’t see them grow in real time. Then you look at a picture from a few years back and whoa! I love Harley’s white toes. Can’t say any of my cats have curly whiskers. Not checking my own! :)

  3. Another fun post. Heh heh! Harley, I didn’t know you wore white “nail polish.” Olive, about your mom’s comment on my post, I thought the face cover thing was outlawed in the Geneva Convention. Cos of my asthma they’d never do that so I get to bite.

  4. Dexter, that baby photo of you made me squee. Sophie, you can clean my purse- I always have treats in it for my niece’s cats. Sometimes Penny “cleans ” it for me. Have a nice weekend! XO

  5. PCB’s whiskers turn in all sorts of directions but I don’t think I have a pic of them.
    Love the before/after of Dexter!
    I don’t recall the status of our repeal of time change. I know it passed with the people but has to also pass a lot of government hurdles and is somewhere in that process now.

  6. Some things never change, right Dexter…MOL…We’re up an hour earlier, hungry bellies must be fed…MOL…Thank you for your sweet conversations, your the best😸Pawkisses for a wonderful Week ahead🐾😽💞

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