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Chatty Cats: Lessons, Happy and More!

Happy Friday! On Saturday, we took Harley to the vet so we could learn how to give him fluids for his kidney disease. He did fine. Then on Wednesday, we gave Harley his first dose at home. I gave him a treat when we were done and he was back to purring soon after that. As instructed, I watched his respiratory rate closely for the day. All looked good!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Teeny Tiny Tortie

Mama: Come on, Olive. Let’s take a photo for the day.
Olive: I don’t just pose on command, you know.
Mama: How about I post a flashback then.
Olive: Which one?
Mama: This one.
Olive: Squee! I’m so adorbs.
Mama: I’m not sure you’re supposed to squee at your own photo.
Olive: You are when you’re that cute!
#kittenolive #June2011

tortie kitten flashback photo

Silly Mama

Mama: Woodrow, you’re in my spot.
Woodrow: Is your name here?
Mama: I bought the chair. It’s mine.
Woodrow: So does that mean the entire house is yours?
Mama: Yes.
Woodrow: ∗just stares∗
Mama: ∗sigh∗ I’ll be over here if you need me.

handsome tabby cat lounging in chair

Lessons Required

Sophie: Aren’t lazy Sundays the best?
Mama: I actually got a lot done today.
Sophie: Then you’re doing Sunday wrong.
Mama: Oh, I didn’t know that.
Sophie: Here, let me show you how to do it.

white cat stretching and yawning

Popular Chair

Mama: Do I ever get a turn in the new chair?
Dexter: Get in line, Mama. Sophie is after me, then Woodrow, then me again, then Harley. Sign-ups are at 3 each morning.
Mama: But I’m asleep then.
Dexter: I would say you snooze, you lose…but that would just be mean.

tabby cat sitting in chair

As expected, the cats use the new chair way more than I do. I’ve seen four in it at once! Which means there’s no room for me.

10 Minutes

Mama: Why are you on my desk?
Harley: It’s quittin’ time!
Mama: I still have 10 more minutes of work.
Harley: But I’m hungry!
Mama: It’s only 10 more minutes.
Harley: These are going to be the longest 10 minutes of my life!
Mama: You’re being a tad dramatic.
Harley: Sorry, I get dramatic when I’m hungry. Carry on. I’ll just wait right here…for 10 minutes…10 very long minutes.

handsome Siamese cat with blue eyes

Happy Tortie

Olive: Hi, Mama!
Mama: Hi, Olive.
Olive: Hiiiii!
Mama: Catnip?
Olive: Confirmed!

blooper photo of happy tortie cat

So Boopable

Woodrow: Okay, Mama…bring it in.
Mama: Ya ready?
Woodrow: Yep.
Mama: Here it comes…BOOP!

tabby cat's nose

Bonus Friday Photo

And now, I leave you with some floofy paws!

floofy cat paws

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Oh what great photos……happy Harley did OK with his fluids – what a GOOD BOY……and that new chair – well – every home has a “favorite spot” but if you can’t even get a TURN at it…well….unfair I’d say! Olive’s baby photo is precious as is of course Woodrow’s most boopable nose! Happy Friday and weekend………..

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. What’s with human and these toes pics? TW took closeups of mine too but I wouldn’t let her publish them. Olive was an adorable kitten. Nice chair. I think it’s my turn. I signed up at 3 altho it was like 6 my time.

  3. We really enjoy all your comments to Momma and especially Harley’s. We used to bug Dad as he worked 10 hour days till 6 and we liked dinner at 5. He compromised by taking his lunch and breaks at 5 to cover that last hour. He took a break and we ate on time. Of course Buddy and Rumpy and I started reminding him of the days end at 4 MOL Then there were suggestions for treats throughout the day Hee Hee
    Great photos

  4. Everyone is so cute and spunky this week! Purrs for Harley and extra adorbs squeeing for little Olive and well, everyone is extra adorbs and deserves a squee! Maybe someday Mom will get to sit in her chair?

  5. OLIVE!!! What a stunning baby picture! I can honestly say that is one of the cutest tortie photos i have seen (I can say it without hurting Amarula’s feelings cause unfortunately when she came to me as a stray she was already an adult–i never saw her as a kitten!)

  6. You are all so adorable. Olive, you were the cutest kitten ever. I am glad Harley’s fluids are going well. XO

  7. Hooray for Harley. That’s awesome that he (and you) did so well with the fluids. :)

    “Silly Mama” made us laugh. Because that’s exactly how it works here, too. MOL!

  8. Awwwwww….such a cutie <3 I think 1 minute is to long too, Harley ;) Glad you are feeling better with the fluids. Here are some Healing Pawkisses just for you and more Pawkisses for a Happy Monday to all of you🐾😽💞