Chatty Cats: Shopping, Catnip and More!

Happy Friday! We had a busy week at our house. Well, the humans did anyway. The highlight of the week was having a new comfy chair and ottoman delivered to my office! It’s called a chair and a half. I had to be sure it could fit me and all the cats (of course). As you’ll see below, Harley was a little unsure about the situation.

comfy chair with meow throw pillows
The chair is now covered in blankets and I can’t wait to curl up in it with a good book (and five cats).

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Too Handsome

Mama: Harley, could you BE any handsomer?
Harley: Hmmm, how’s this?
Mama: Stop! It’s too much handsome.
Harley: Well, you asked.
Mama: It was more rhetorical.
Harley: My bad. I’ll tone it down a notch.
Mama: Much appreciated.

handsome siamese cat with blue eyes

Christmas “Shopping”

Sophie: Can I haz dis?
Mama: It’s trash. Why do you want it?
Sophie: If you must know, I’m getting an early start on my Christmas presents.
Mama: You’re giving someone trash? Who’s the lucky person?
Sophie: It’s a secret! But their name starts with M and ends with ama.

cute white cat

Two Handsome Tabbies

Sunday with the handsome tabbies.
#woodrow #dexter

handsome tabby cat handsome tabby cat

Catnip Lover

Mama: Olive, dinner is ready!
Olive: Gerkishimph.
Mama: Huh?
Olive: Bahrimpfftt.
Box + catnip = Olive won’t be coming to dinner for a while.

Let’s play a game

Sophie: Hiiiii, Mama.
Mama: You look guilty.
Sophie: Have you gone to the kitchen yet?
Mama: What am I gonna find?
Sophie: It’s what you’re not gonna find.
Mama: What did you eat?
Sophie: Let’s play a game. I’ll breathe on you…and you take a guess!

close-up of cute white cat with blue eyes

Approval Required

Mama: What’s wrong, Harley?
Harley: Am I going crazy…or didn’t there used to be a chair here? My FAVORITE chair?
Mama: Um, I moved it.
Harley: Without asking me?
Mama: Sorry, but a new and comfier chair is coming today!
Harley: … Without asking me?
Mama: We’re stuck on that, I see.
Harley: … Without asking me?
Mama: I’ll let you process this and check back in an hour.

confused cute siamese cat

Kiss da Pawsies

Mama: You’ve got some nice pawsies, Dexter.
Dexter: Yes, you may kiss them.
Mama: I don’t want to kiss them.
Dexter: Are you sure?
Mama: Okay, one quick kiss. 💋

cat paws

Bonus Friday Photo

Btw, Harley was fine with the new chair, as you can see.

siamese cat sleeping

Have a wonderful weekend!

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28 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Shopping, Catnip and More!

  1. Now that is a WONDERFUL chair and a half. I keep thinking that’s what I need……!! Nice of Harley to dial down the handsome – sometimes handsome on “high setting” is just too much to bear isn’t it. Since you’re obviously getting trash from Sophie for Christmas, I hope one of the other kitties gives you a trash can – might as well have all the “parts” !!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Sophie, the cat that came before me used to give the peeps cat toys and stuff that HE wanted for Christmas. Doesn’t that sound like a plan? Fun chats as usually. That chair looks pawsome!

  3. Those whiskers, those eyes, Harley… swoon.
    Olive, you are just too much♥
    Sophie… and a boop to the cute nose.
    Who could resist the pawsies of Dexter????????
    Wise Harley, I’m thinking I could be fine with the new chair!
    Have a great Saturday Chatty Cats, Mama, and Cat Dad!

  4. OMC that looks like Walhalla in thas catnip box, can I join😺I can picture your m…ama sitting in that cozy loveseat surrounded by her servants…huh..what??…let me do that again… Thanks for conjure up another big smile on our face, sweet kitties and now let me kis your paw for a change, Dexter😺Pawkisses for a Happy Caturday to all of you🐾😽💞

  5. That chair and a half looks great! All five cats, a human and a book? Sounds awesome! “Let’s play a game” made us MOL!

  6. I looove that chair!! I know I can’t afford one now but, for future reference, where did you find it???

    I gave the cats a new window perch yesterday and used Meowijuana catnip spray to attract them. They REALLY like it and, for about an hour I had 4 wilderbeasts in my house (5 when the stray also smelled it and wandered inside).

    1. Meowijuana catnip is very popular here too! I got the chair at a place called Bob’s (they’re new to California). It’s like a Living Spaces. I liked it!

      1. timely… our new PetFusion window perch means I finally have space for a new chair and since there’s a Bob’s somewhere in LongBeach I was thinking I’d try to find it. You’ve sealed the idea!!

      2. Ah, heck… It’s at the LB Towne Center, which I can’t stand (all circular driving routes through the parking lot… horrible and lots of people crossing in front of cars; plus loooong backups on the only road that leads in!!). I’ll check out a different location!

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