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Chatty Cats: Alarms, Whiners and More!

Happy Friday! Some may have seen on social media that Harley went to the vet last week for an unplanned visit. Please know that he’s stable for now and has been all week – and I’ll let everyone know what’s going on after another test that is scheduled for later in the month. He thanks everyone for the well wishes!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Nurse Woodrow

Woodrow: Harley, are you feeling better yet?
Harley: Yeah, I think so.
Woodrow: Good! Taking care of you is exhausting. You’re so needy. Fluff my pillow, brush my tail, feed me treats, refresh my water. Blah, blah, blah.
Harley: What are you TALKING about? You said all that, not me!
Woodrow: Oh, my bad. Where are you on fluffing my pillow?

two cats sleeping on a chair

I took Harley to the vet unexpectedly yesterday afternoon. He vomited up his entire meal and then drank a LOT of water throughout the day. Then he couldn’t keep the water down (note the towel covering the chair). At the vet, we did a full senior exam and bloodwork (results not back yet). During the exam, nothing noticeable came up. They gave him a shot to help with nausea and he hasn’t vomited since. Woodrow rarely sleeps near Harley like this. He must be taking his nurse duties seriously. Although he’s sleeping on the job, so who knows.

Thank You, Lexy and Lola!

Mama: Sophie, have you found your purse yet?
Sophie: No teasing, Mama. You know I haven’t.
Mama: Well, look what your friends Lexy and Lola sent you. It’s a little purse!
Sophie: ∗gasp∗ For me?
Mama: For you! But don’t lose it.
Sophie: I won’t, I promise. As soon as I find my other purse, I’ll put this one in it for safe keeping.

Thank you so much to our blogging buddies Lola The Rescued Cat for sending Sophie this purse. She is so excited and loves how soft it is. She rubbed all over it for a good 5 minutes. And now she insists on carrying it on her back everywhere so the other cats know it’s hers. I give her 2 days until she loses it. What’s everyone else think?

Sunday Sightings

Woodrow waits. Dexter snoops. Harley handsomes. Olive yawns (#blooper). Sophie grooms. How was your Sunday?

Sassy Tortie

Olive: Mama, you have something on your face. Right here.
Mama: Did I get it?
Olive: Oh wait, sorry, that’s just your face.
Mama: Hey!
Olive: Um, you look beautiful, Mama.
Mama: Thank you.
Olive: ∗whispering∗ For a Monday.
Mama: I heard that!
Olive: I love you, Mama!! And not just on Mondays!

pretty tortie cat in cat hammock

Sound the Alarm!

Woodrow: A-wooga! A-wooga!
Mama: What’s going on?
Woodrow: Sound the alarm, Mama! Introoder alert!
Mama: Oh, Tux? He’s just saying hi.
Woodrow: I got my eye on you, Tux! Don’t make me come down there.
Mama: You’re not allowed outside.
Woodrow: Mama!!! Don’t embarrass me in front of Tux!

feisty tabby cat looking out window

A bit of excitement this afternoon! The windows are open (enjoying some nice fall weather), and Woodrow spotted an intruder…on top of our catio! Tux, the neighbor cat, hopped our six-foot fence onto our catio roof! Needless to say, Woodrow was huffing and puffing in the upstairs window. I promptly closed it (for his safety) and Tux left the yard.

black and white tuxedo cat outside

That’ll cost ya!

Dexter: Mama, could you use a head bonk?
Mama: Yes, please.
Dexter: How about one bonk for two treats?
Mama: I didn’t realize this was a negotiation.
Dexter: Now you do. So, how about it?

close up of cute tabby cat

Adorable Whiner

Woodrow: Mama, can I please have a treat?
Mama: Not until after lunch.
Woodrow: Nooo!!!
Mama: No whining.
Woodrow: But I said pleaaase!!!

handsome tabby cat goofy tabby cat goofy tabby cat

Bonus Friday Video

I was at Disneyland the other weekend and I finally spotted one of the infamous Disneyland Cats (I’ve lived here for years without seeing one)! Disney takes care of feral cats that live in Disneyland and the neighboring park Disney California Adventure (DCA). They TNR the cats, vaccinate them and provide designated feeding areas throughout the parks. I spotted this beauty at DCA. It was about six in the evening on a Saturday and she was grooming away.

And look what I was wearing that night! A cat lady takes a photo of a cat.

cat lady at Disneyland

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Oh my……we are hoping like crazy that dear Harley is OK. It’s tough when an event like that is a total mystery but perhaps you will get some kind of info from the vet. Main thing is he looks like he’s resting and relaxing and has plenty of attention from his “nurse” and everyone else! Sending hugs. Love Sophie’s new purse – so cute……and Woodrow the guard cat certainly earned his keep. Hugs to all for a happy Friday and weekend!

    Love, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Aww … I love that picture of Woodrow and Harley. Yeah, they aren’t touching, but it’s like Woodrow knows something’s different. No vomiting is a big win! Bear’s gotten anti-nausea medicine and it didn’t really help him (he has/had pancreatitis). Poor Harley though – we hope he only feels better. HOW ADORABLE IS SOPHIE WITH THAT PURSE?!?! [This is when you ask what purse because she already lost it :)]

  3. That’s why we smile and nod when people insist they don’t have ferals in their neighbourhood. They’re there, you just don’t see ’em. Best wishes to handsome Harley. We went through a similar episode a while ago (though it took more than a few days to get him settled). The result was a steroid prescription for possible IBD. Hopefully it’s as simple (or even more simple) for Harley.

  4. What a very busy week. And everyone definitely was chatty. Sending purrs, prayers and POTP for Harley. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  5. You’re always so sweet, cute and adorable. Love that mouth half open, now I can see your little toothies😸Hope Harley is okay. Will send Healing Pawkisses to your purreshious boy <3 Here are some Clean Pawkisses as everyone is grooming away🐾😽💞

  6. As a Cat Lady, I have to ask – is there anything besides cats that we take pictures of? MOL! I didn’t know about the Disneyland cats, thanks for the heads up, I’ll start following them. Everyone was so cute and sassy this week, I can’t cover all – but I do have soft spot for Sophie and loved watching her grooming. Best to Harley, we’re sending purrs and prayers and POTP for happy test results.

  7. Sending good wishes for Harley. Sophie is cute with her new purse. I hope she doesn’t lose this one.

  8. Woodrow’s whining photos cracked me up!!
    Congrats on seeing a Disney cat! I’ve lived here all my life an never seen one… but I once saw a live mouse at the entrance to The Matterhorn!!
    I hope Harley was just having an off day… nothing recurrent!!

    I saw that Laguna held it’s “23rd Annual Pet Parade & Chili Cookoff” on Oct 1 (only because Blue Bell Foundation took a cat to it, which won “Most Gorgeous Senior Pet”).. and thought you might have attended. But it seem poorly publicized, Tues is a weird day for an event, and I couldn’t remember if you’re closer to Laguna or SD.

  9. Sophie’s purse is so cute! That was really nice of Lexy and Lola. Sorry to hear Harley got sick. We’re purring that everything will be okay. Woodrow, good job taking care of your bro. XO

  10. Continued purrs for Harley! And Sophie’s purse saga has me pawsitively enthralled MOL!!!