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Chatty Cats: FaceTime, Assistance and More!

Happy Friday! It’s been a busy blogging week for us. Counting today’s post, we’ve posted three times this week. I can’t remember the last time we’ve posted so often! On Tuesday, we posted our review of the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder. If you haven’t already, check out what we thought of it!

And we didn’t want to miss posting yesterday for Remember Me Thursday. We posted photos of shelter pets I’ve encountered over the past couple of years. Check out that post and then hop on over to our friends at Lola the Rescued Cat who are hosting the RMT blog hop! You can see how others are shining a light on shelter pets.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

The Nerve!

Dexter: OMG, Mama!
Mama: Now what’d I do?
Dexter: You washed your clothes and removed all mah furs!
Mama: How dare I.
Dexter: Now I have to spend my Friday putting them back. I had plans, you know!

surprised tabby cat in laundry basket

He’s lost it…

Sophie: Harley, Olive called me a wimp. Can you teach me to be tough like you?
Harley: You’ve come to the right teacher. They don’t call me the crazy-eyed, one-fanged, whisker-tickler for nothing.
Sophie: Whisker tickler?
Harley: ∗leans in∗ Tickle tickle.
Sophie: This just got weird.

goofy siamese cat sniffy white cat

But what about me?

Mama: Bye, we’ll be back later.
Sophie: You guys are going out again? You were gone Friday night, last night and now again tonight?
Mama: Yep.
Sophie: But what about Sunday night cuddles?
Mama: Oh, you want to cuddle with me?
Sophie: Um, asking for a friend.

sad white cat sitting on stairs

FaceTiming Tortie

Olive: Hey, friends! I just wanted to drop in and wish you all a Happy Fall!
Mama: Olive, do you have my phone?
Olive: I love fall. Don’t you?
Mama: Are you FaceTiming again?
Olive: ∗giggles∗ I gots to go. Happy Fall!!!
#tortielovesfall 🍂🍁🍃

silly tortie cat taking selfie

Box Lover

Woodrow: Mama, I luvs this box.
Mama: I can see that.
Woodrow: I really luvs it. Like maybe more than anything in the whole wide worlds.
Mama: More than tuna?
Woodrow: Yes.
Mama: More than me and cat dad?
Woodrow: Um…
Mama: That’s okay, you don’t need to answer that.
Woodrow: Okay, good. Cuz I really, really luvs this box.

happy tabby cat in cardboard box

Woodrow has basically taken over this box. He’s in it pretty much all day, every day. Can’t find Woodrow? Check the box!

Assistance may be required

Dexter: Sophie, can you move?
Sophie: Can I or will I?
Dexter: Will you?
Sophie: No.
Dexter: Can you?
Sophie: Also no. My legs are asleep. I may need a push.

tabby cat and white cat sharing scratcher

Remember Me Thursday

Woodrow: Mama, did you post our photo yet?
Mama: Working on it.
Woodrow: Okay, because you know that today holds a very special place in my heart.
Mama: I bet it does.
Woodrow: Remember Me Thursday is all about shelter pets. And I used to be one!
Mama: And now you’re in a loving home.
Woodrow: Something I wish every homeless pet could experience.
Mama: So until they do, we’ll keep shining a light on shelter pets and pet adoption.
Woodrow: Exactly.

#RememberMeThursday serious tabby cat

Bonus Friday Bloopers

Here are some outtakes from Woodrow’s Remember Me Thursday mini photo shoot yesterday. In this first photo, Woodrow is trying to eat the plastic candle that came with the RMT blogger pack. He wouldn’t leave it alone.

tabby cat blooper

Here, he’s starting to get bored…

tabby cat yawning

…so bored that he decides to eat the bandana.

tabby cat blooper

Have a great weekend! Does it feel like fall in your area yet? It’s slowly heading that way here in Southern California.

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  1. Fall isn’t falling here yet but we wish it would AND bring some much needed WET with it too! Love all the photos and conversations…..Dexter has quite the expression on his cute face in the laundry basket and Woodrow certainly looks like the “master of his box domain”. Everyone looks – above all else – happy – and that’s wonderful.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Sophie, you are anything BUT a wimp. You showed that Kleenex box who’s boss, didn’t you? You know, if you find your purse, you could load it with rocks to whap your siblings when they do something you don’t like. Err … not that I know or anything … I heard that from a friend! ~Bear Cat

  3. Fall is coming slowly. Overnight temps are dropping first. It’s in the 50s. Morgan no longer wants to eat breakfast in the porch on her shelf. Daytime it’s still very warm. Soon.

  4. I love fall too Olive. I am sorry your folks are going out again Sophie. Thanks for the kind words you left on my blog for Noel. XO

    1. It rained overnight and then it did drizzle today, but I didn’t see it, so I don’t know for how long. Just long enough to get all the cars dirty looking but not wash them. 😂

  5. Olive’s FaceTime is just too much cuteness. And Woodrow in that box 📦 the expressions of all their faces is so aptly captured.
    Fall came with a vengeance. We wanted to do some catio additions but it keeps raining. Ah well, at least the rain doesn’t stop the kitties!

  6. Dexter, we hear you, it’s such a hard work to cover everything with cat hair ! Olive’s FaceTime is so cute ! Purrs