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Chatty Cats: Lazy, Perfection and More!

Happy Friday! Did you have a good week? The exciting news in our house is that the cats got a new scratcher. I know, I know…whoa, so much excitement! But it’s a hit. Olive is claiming it as her own. And Sophie wants no comments on how well she fills it in.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Hurry up!

Woodrow: Mama?
Mama: What’s up?
Woodrow: Are you almost done working?
Mama: Almost.
Woodrow: I need a lap to cuddle in ASAP.
Mama: Okay, well I’m not quite done yet.
Woodrow: I’ll wait right here for you. Please hurry, Mama!

cute tabby cat wants pets

Woodrow was meowing behind me and I turned around. His face says it all. Stop working! Pet me!

Caturday in the Catio

Caturday morning in the catio. Sophie is enjoying the fresh air before it gets too hot outside (mid-90s expected today), while Woodrow wonders how to get into the catio. (The entrance is to your left, Woodrow!) What are you and your cats up to today?

pretty white cat with blue eyes in catio sleeping white cat in catio handsome tabby cat wants outside

Lazy Selfie

Mama: Wanna take a Sunday selfie?
Harley: No.
Mama: But your friends want to see you.
Harley: Fine. ∗click∗
Mama: Wow, could you have put any less effort in?
Harley: Yes.

handsome Siamese cat in box

Sophie’s BFF

Sophie: Mama, are you still mad at me? I said I’m sorry.
Mama: How many times have I told you that lizards stay outside?
Sophie: But it was really hot out yesterday! I thought he might want to come in for a bit and cool off.
Mama: In your mouth?
Sophie: No, in your office. That’s why I brought him to you. Wasn’t he cute? I named him Franklin. I think we’re BFFs now.

beautiful white cat with blue eyes

Sophie was kind enough to bring a lizard to my office yesterday afternoon. I saw her walk into the room and something was sticking out of her mouth (its tail). She dropped it and luckily it stayed put. I screamed for Ross (yes, I know, but lizards freak me out). Sophie sensed she was about to lose her friend and picked it back up and ran downstairs. She dropped it in the dining room and Ross was able to get the little fella back outside. Sophie was very gentle with it and Ross saw no evidence of teeth marks. It didn’t even drop its tail, which has happened before when she brings them inside. Sometimes they venture into the catio, which is how she caught it. Hopefully, Franklin learned his lesson! Do your cats bring you anything?

When you sleep through Monday…

Olive: Okay, Mama. I’m all rested up and ready to tackle Monday.
Mama: It’s Tuesday.
Olive: Okay, Mama. I’m all rested up and ready to tackle the week.

beautiful tortie cat looks thoughtful

Personal Space

Dexter: Mama, have you had that talk with Sophie about personal space?
Mama: Not yet. Don’t you like cuddling with her?
Dexter: Cuddling, yes. Feet in my face? No. Her feet smell like cheese, Mama! Like a really gross Blue Stilton. ∗whispering∗ Help me.

Poor Dexter. Everywhere he turns, Sophie’s feet are right there. He can’t escape them!


Mama: ∗sigh∗ Kitty paws. ❤

cat paws

Bonus Friday Photo

Look, it’s a family photo! I don’t think I’ve ever captured all 6 at one time. And of course, Sophie being Sophie.

five cats and one dog

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. love what i can see of the layout of your house!! LOVE the family photo!!
    i hope all of you have a nice weekend.
    oh, yeah… based on Brian’s comment… which scratcher is that?

      1. Dang it. The LB cat cafe (Feline Good Social Club) has some amazing miniature bamboo hanging “egg” chairs, for the cats, that came from there too! I jeed to find a HomeGoods around here! I think there’s a mini one inside a TJ Maxx but I recall that it was quite disappointing.

        1. HomeGoods is really hit and miss since it’s just overstock type of stuff. But I bet TJ Maxx might have one too. The one I went to had two. Feeling like I should’ve bought them both! Caught Dexter and Sophie sitting in it together today.

          1. lol… when PetSmart put some cute cardboard scratchers on sale, I cleared them out!!
            I haven’t been impressed with the local TJ Maxx but this is the 3rd time someone has referred me there in a month so I think Life wants me to stop in!!

  2. Great conversations this past week with the gang. Nice that Franklin escaped to live another day but I predict he hasn’t learned his lesson and will wind up in the office again (or worse?!). Teddy doesn’t bring me anything thankfully but I know he chases skinks out in the garage. Fortunately they STAY out there! Concatulations on getting all the kids in one photo shoot – betcha it’s a long time before THAT happens again………..Happy weekend – loved the photos as usual.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy the Skinkerator (combination of skink and eliminator…haha)

  3. Great conversations from everyone. We don’t get lizards here, but Flynn was forever bringing me his mice to show me what he had caught.

  4. When it’s time to pet, well, it’s time to pet, mamma :D Cheese paws are attrack the mousies…and maybe lizards too, I suppose…MOL…I think you were really kind to that lizard, you kept him warm, showed him your moms and your dad’s room and put him…or let him bring back into nature, without that he had to do one step. What a lizard’s life…MOL😸 Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend to all of you🐾😽💞

  5. My Bobcat has brought me mice–poor things. The usually aren’t alive. Now that I have the barn owls back living in one of the palm trees, Bobcat’s mice hunting days are over. Thank goodness. Darling update as always! :)

  6. I don’t think cats can resist lizards, so it is really not Sophie’s fault. I love your selfie relaxed baby Harley! Woodrow, you are too cute at all times! Olive, I’m with you on the Monday thing, best to nap it away. The family photo is nice – well, maybe Sophie could have picked a better time to … ?