black cat on cat tree at Cat & Craft cat cafe

Cat & Craft – A Coffee Shop and Cat Lounge

Nestled in North San Diego County, Cat & Craft is a coffee shop and cat lounge that I had the opportunity to visit this past weekend. And let me tell you, this cat cafe did not disappoint!

Cat & Craft Cat Cafe

Cat & Craft – The Coffee Shop

As with most of the cat cafes I have visited, guests enter the building through the cafe portion. The coffee shop side of Cat & Craft is the largest I have seen yet, which allows for plenty of space for those who wish to stop in to just grab a bite to eat and watch the cats through their large viewing windows.

Cat & Craft Cat Cafe
An entire wall of windows between the coffee shop and lounge area.

According to their website, they say: “As a craft coffee shop, we provide space for our community to gather, connect and enjoy hand-crafted coffees, drinks and delicious food. Our coffee shop is really more of a kitchen and living room available for the North County community to unwind, have a chat, and make new friends… both feline and human!”

Cat & Craft Cat Cafe
Lots of seating available.
Cat & Craft Cat Cafe
They offer a nice selection of food, tea and coffee.
Cat & Craft Cat Cafe
A great area to sit and chat.

My friend and I arrived early before our reservation, which allowed us plenty of time to order something to eat. I ordered a caramel iced latte with oat milk as well as their toast flight. I had no idea it would be so much food, but it was delicious! We ate our toast at the window viewing area to watch the cats.

toast flight at Cat & Craft Cat Cafe

Cat & Craft – Cat Lounge

Guests enter the cat lounge through a two-door system from inside the coffee shop, which ensures no cats can escape into the cafe area. The lounge portion is beautiful. First off, guests will notice and appreciate the amazing and larger-than-life custom paintings by California muralist Carly Ealey.

Mural by Carly Ealey at Cat & Craft Cat Cafe

Cat Murals by Carly Ealey at Cat & Craft Cat Cafe

You can also see cat shelves all along the wall. They lead to an entrance to the cat litter/break-from-guests room. And that’s another thing! The lounge area smelled of…nothing! No sign of litter, no stinky air fresheners used. The lounge was spotless and clean – almost hard to believe that over a dozen cats call the place home. Between the earlier hour and our reservation time slot, I saw lounge staff do a quick Swiffer of the floor and they also cleaned some of the windows while we were there. They clearly take cleanliness seriously!

Adoption Partner

Cat & Craft partners with Love Your Feral Felines (LYFF), a cat rescue in Oceanside/Vista, California. For Cat & Craft, LYFF selects cats from local shelters who are scheduled for euthanasia. Once rescued from the shelter, LYFF places the cat with a temporary foster for assessment to ensure they’re healthy and a good fit for the cat cafe. Once they’ve spent time with the temporary foster, they can move into Cat & Craft, which considers itself a foster home for the cats as well, since all are up for adoption through LYFF.

And now, onto the main event. The cats!

The Adoptable Cats

While we were visiting, there were 13 cats in the lounge. Cat & Craft displays their bios on a wall and has takeaway flyers on each one in case someone is interested in adopting one.

I asked this cutie if she needed help selecting a toy. I was promptly dismissed.

Adoptable Cat at Cat & Craft Cat Cafe

This sleeping beauty is Summer.

Adoptable Cat at Cat & Craft Cat Cafe

Now awake and alert. (She asked me to get her good side.)

Adoptable Cat at Cat & Craft Cat Cafe

There were five black cats while we were there. And I was told none are related!

adoptable black cats at Cat & Craft Cat Cafe adoptable black cat at Cat & Craft Cat Cafe

Lotso is watching the reflection from phone screens bounce around on the ceiling.

adoptable black cat at Cat & Craft Cat Cafe

Here’s Hula…he was interested in our toast.

adoptable black cat at Cat & Craft Cat Cafe

This beautiful mini black panther is just chilling.

adoptable black cat at Cat & Craft Cat CafeI have been chosen! As with many cat cafes, guests are not allowed to pick up a cat. However, if one climbs into your lap…

Adoptable Cat at Cat & Craft Cat Cafe

Diesel wasn’t happy about getting his asthma meds.

Adoptable Cat at Cat & Craft Cat Cafe

Liam sure knows how to take it easy.

Adoptable Cat at Cat & Craft Cat Cafe

Those toesies!

Adoptable Cat at Cat & Craft Cat Cafe

Beautiful Gracie in her cat tent.

Adoptable Cat at Cat & Craft Cat Cafe

And in her cat tunnel.

Adoptable Cat at Cat & Craft Cat Cafe

Here’s a one-minute video of my time at Cat & Craft!

Visiting Cat & Craft

Cat & Craft is open Tuesday through Sunday (closed Mondays) from 9am to 7pm. Admission to the cat lounge is $12 and reservations are recommended. They are located at 3211 Business Park Drive, Suite 3B, Vista, CA 92081. Visit to learn more and plan your visit!

“Buh-bye! Come back again soon!”

adoptable black cat at Cat & Craft Cat Cafe

I had a blast at Cat & Craft and I wish every cat lover could visit this wonderful cat cafe.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this delightful cafe! I was taken with a number of things, obviously the cats first and foremost. How happy, clean, loved and how they live in a CLEAN environment with sunbeams pouring through the windows and how it is designed to look like HOME. The murals are simply to die for………….exquisite, charming, whimsical…just gorgeous! The food looked awfully tasty too. I agree that this cafe should be a model for others to follow. Miss these kinds of posts on your blog………thank you so much for sharing this with us, it was delightful!!!

  2. Looks very inviting, and that toast! Loved the art, the black house panthers, that tortie and those bean toes. Nice that each cat has its own adoption flyer. I’m sure they’ll find their forever homes soon!

  3. A nice cat café and the paintings are quite unusual and interesting! And beautiful kitties! If I went to there (or to any cat café, I’d want to take every one of the cats home, especially those gorgeous black ones!

  4. I love places like this………I have always hoped that people come to cat cafes to adopt a cat and not just watch them play – this particular cafe goes a step further and helps kitties that are scheduled for euthanasia have a chance. I love that even more! Sweet cats there – they are lucky to have the exposure. Here’s to lots of adoptions and oh my goodness that toast!!!! MMMMM!

    Hugs, Pam

  5. A “toast flight”… I love it but could there be anything more “SoCal”??
    Really nice cafe! Ours in LB (Feline Good Social Club), finally opened but is still new and working out the kinks… but they have regularly scheduled yoga events (and they’re in the evening)!! I’m gonna share the cat flyer idea… that’s brilliant. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. What a lovely place, so light, clean and modern. I love those murals too. The cats are all adorable of course, and I hope the cafe leads to them getting their forever homes soon.

  7. Beautiful pics of beautiful cats! You had TW at coffee and latte. MOL! She doesn’t know if she’d like having all those cats around and not being able to pick one up. Of course, she can’t pick me up either.

  8. This looks like a pawesome cat cafe! We have a cat cafe in Denver, but I haven’t been there in a while. I love going to visit and play with the adoptable kitties.

    Loved your photos and video! I hope all those sweet babies find their homes soon!

    1. Aww, that’s wonderful! I’m glad Gracie found a home! I bet Summer is in a wonderful home too.