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Chatty Cats: Decisions, Discoveries and More!

Happy Friday! Did everyone have a nice short work week in the US? I hope so! And now we’ve arrived at another Friday and another weekend. I’m off for a quick night away with a friend to see a show out of town. Cat Dad will be on cat care duties. Harley and Dexter are a little apprehensive. Sophie knows he’ll pull through. Olive could care less. And Woodrow has no clue what’s going on.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Labor Day Weekend Plans

Mama: Are you excited for the three-day weekend?
Olive: Yep! I’m gonna eat Sophie’s treats, frolic in the litter box, and lick your toast when you’re not looking.
Mama: I didn’t realize a holiday weekend allows for being naughty.
Olive: Oh, that’s nothing. You should hear what Woodrow has planned.
Mama: What does he have planned?
Olive: Let’s just say you better hide all the spoons. And stock up on AAA batteries!

tortie cat yawning in box

Hard Decisions

Mama: Sophie, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first?
Sophie: Good news.
Mama: Okay, well-
Sophie: No! Bad news.
Mama: Alright-
Sophie: No! Good news first. Bad news first. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…
Mama: Ross, can you bring me the kitty jump starter kit? I broke Sophie again.

goofy white cat blep

Little Sisters

Sophie: So then I says…I says to Woodrow, no YOUR pants are on backwards!
Dexter: Help me, Mama.
Sophie: OMG! Maybe you just had to be there, but it was so LOL. Classic Woodrow!

white cat yawning with goofy tabby cat

Labor Day Whiffies

Mama: Whatcha doing, Woodrow?
Woodrow: Getting in some window whiffies before my big day.
Mama: It’s Labor Day. I hope you don’t plan on working too hard.
Woodrow: My plan is to eat, nap, eat, nap, do some online shopping, eat, nap and then turn in for the night.
Mama: Sounds like a lot of eating and napping.
Woodrow: Don’t pretend you’re not gonna do the same.
#eatnaprepeat #happylaborday

handsome tabby cat looks out window

Game Night Prep

Mama: Doing a little grooming?
Harley: If you must know, I’m practicing for my game night on Friday with Olive. We’re playing Twister. That twisty tortie has beat me four times in a row!
Mama: I see. Well, good luck.
Harley: It’s not about luck, Mama. It’s about practice. But I swear, if I get back paw, green dot, left whisker, red dot again…then I know Olive’s rigging the game! That combination just doesn’t happen. It just doesn’t, Mama!

Blue-eyed Siamese cat grooming

The Discovery

Olive: Mama, look what I found!!!
Mama: Get off the counter.
Olive: But Mama, look what I found!!!
Mama: I heard you. You’re not supposed to be on the counter. Especially not by the open treat jar.
Olive: I think perhaps this is the greatest find in all that has ever been found. History books will be written about this moment. Schools will be named after me!

tortie cat stares down treat jar

I turned my back for one second and Olive found the treat jar. Surprisingly, she just stared at it – as if she couldn’t believe what she’d stumbled upon – an OPEN treat jar!

No Rest for Mama

Dexter: Mama, let’s not get out of bed today.
Mama: I have to.
Dexter: Why?
Mama: Someone’s gotta earn money.
Dexter: Why?
Mama: Cat treats aren’t free.
Dexter: Buh-bye, Mama. Enjoy your day.

sleeping tabby cat

Bonus Friday Photo

Dexter takes flight. Notice Woodrow’s shadow watching him.

tabby cat jumps to cat tree

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I agree……I think Olive is WILLING those treats to levitate into her mouth – she looks like she’s doing a good job of concentration! Is that cat jump-starter kit available on Chewy or Amazon? I might need one…….have a great weekend!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Cool picture of Dexter… Woodrow is probably wondering what the heck! Thank you for another week of happiness and laughs with the Chatty Cats. Love this blog, Mama, Olive, Dexter, Sophie, Woodrow, and Harley. And Cat Dad, too!

  3. You all make me smile. Woodrow, glad you managed to squeeze in online shopping on your holiday- gotta keep the economy going :) Hope your mama has fun with her friend and you all get to party with your dad. XO

  4. Broken Sophie is just hilarious MOL. And Olive’s shock at the treat discovery, she reminds me so much of Scout. It’s always a treat reading the Chatty Cats’ stories. xx