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Chatty Cats: The Sniffer, Besties and More!

Happy Friday! Does anyone have anything fun planned for Labor Day weekend? Or are you hoping for lots of rest and relaxation? For the past few years, I’ve volunteered at an international street fair that takes place here locally each Labor Day weekend – this is its 47th year! Local non-profit groups set up food and beer booths representing food from around the world. There are also crafts, community booths and bands play in the evening. It’s a pretty big event that draws around 500,000 people during the three days. I’ll be serving burrito bowls on Mexico street if you’re looking for me!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Curious Sophie

Sophie: Hey, guys! Whatcha doing?
Harley: Get outta my shot, Sophie!
#littlesisters #amiright

Siamese cat being photobombed by white cat

The Sniffer

Woodrow: ∗sniff sniff∗
Mama: Whatcha got?
Woodrow: The Thompsons are having eggs, over easy. Bacon, apple-smoked. OJ, fresh squeezed.
Mama: Wow, you’re good.
Woodrow: ∗sniff sniff∗ The Smiths are having lox and bagels. Sesame for her. Onion for him.
Mama: Okay, I don’t need the whole neighborhood play by play.
Woodrow: ∗sniff sniff∗ Oatmeal with raisins at the Goodman house. Figures.

adorable gray and white tabby cat

The Watcher

Olive: Mama, you’ve got some cream cheese on your face.
Mama: Oh, thanks.
Olive: Would you like me to get it for you?
Mama: No, I got it.
Olive: Are you sure? My cream cheese face-licking services are the best in town!

beautiful tortie cat in morning sunlight

While Olive looks beautiful with the morning sun on her face, she’s really just waiting for her chance to sample my bagel. Sorry, not this time, Olive! Do your cats hover while you eat?


In honor of National Dog Day, I’m sharing with you our dog Eddie and his bestie Olive. We adopted Eddie over 16 years ago. He was our first rescue pet. Olive was our second rescue cat (Dexter was first), and Eddie likes her the best out of all the felines in the house. Olive loves Eddie more than she does any of the other cats (except Dexter). Here’s Eddie and Olive giving kisses, Olive head-butting him, and one of them sharing Eddie’s bed (yes, he wears diapers). Happy National Dog Day to this 17-year-old pup!

terrier dog with tortie cat

Not Again!

Sophie: Dexter. Hey, Dexter!
Dexter: …
Sophie: DEXTER!!!
Dexter: What?
Sophie: Have you seen my purse?
Dexter: ∗sigh∗
Sophie: Is that a no? Mama’s gonna be so mad if I’ve lost another purse! I swear I left it right by the fridge when I was getting a snack last night.

tabby cat with white cat in background

Sweet Woodrow

Woodrow: Mama, let’s do a #ThrowbackThursday.
Mama: But it’s Wednesday.
Woodrow: How about a #FlashbackFriday?
Mama: Again…Wednesday.
Woodrow: That’s all I’s gots, Mama.
Mama: What about #WaybackWednesday?
Woodrow: Way back to what?
Mama: Oh, Woodrow. I love you so much.
#sweetwoodrow #thelovabledumdum

smiling tabby cat

The Tooth

Harley: Mama, may I have a treat?
Mama: Not right now.
Harley: Did you just say no to me?
Mama: I guess I did.
Harley: Uh oh…
Mama: What?
Harley: You better watch out….here comes the tooth! I can’t control it, Mama!
Mama: You mean that little, teeny-tiny baby toothy? It’s so cute!
Harley: Rawrrr!

snarling Siamese cat

Bonus Friday Blooper

Sophie: Mama…can’t…quite…make…it.
Mama: I’m not carrying you to the litter box again.

blooper photo of dramatic white cat

We hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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  1. No plans for Labor Day Weekend here…..unless you want to count doing laundry, housecleaning, yard mowing, garden cutting back as a “plan”….I consider it just plain necessary stuff. I’d PREFER a cookout! I haven’t given up on that! Love what the kitties have been up to this week and we want to wish your ADORABLE Eddie a Happy Dog Day. I’m glad Olive is his bestie………that’s special!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Sophie, you better not photobomb Harley, or he will unleash the “TOOTH”! I thought that Eddie was wearing a mankini. Have a good weekend.

  3. We’re finalizing our exterior paint choices for the crew to use next week – we get new paint! Do our cats hover when we eat? I call Stella, Peaches and Freya ‘The Vultures’ – MOL!

  4. does the little portal go to the litter box? it’s so cute!!

    the street fest sounded really fun till I read “500,000”. that many people in your small town? It would probably be easiest to park here in LB (there surely won’t be any parking any closer) and walk to the fest!! I hope you have a great time!! One of the things I hope to do after getting my orthotics is to be able to return to doing volunteer work that requires standing and walking.

    For labor day, I hope to take my kitties for a walk each evening (no leashes, we only go about 3 houses away… Pied Piper style), study, and get over my dang chronic anxiety!! I had hoped to kayak in Huntington Harbor but that’s out, thanks to a sewage spill)… maybe I’ll finally try the water peddle bikes in Long Beach!

    1. Yep, it’s our downstairs coat closet that we converted to a litter “room”. We close the door when we have company, but they can still access it.

      Yeah, it can be QUITE crowded! That’s why I find volunteering better than attending because I’m in a booth and not shoulder to shoulder with everyone. But it is an event worth attending at least once if you can make it. Houses around the area sell their driveways for parking. 🤣 But the city built a brand new parking structure so hopefully that will help this year. Enjoy your walk with the kitties!

  5. You are too funny Sophie- a bit of a drama queen :) The street fair sounds like fun, hope you had a good time. XO

  6. You’re all so adorable. Hope you guys had a great time this past weekend!
    Thank you for your kind words on Caster’s memorial post. We miss him terribly, but being a part of such a loving and supportive blogging community helps a lot. Thank you.