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Chatty Cats: Siblings, Tacos and More!

Happy Friday! Remember Harley’s crush from last week? Well, I learned that the new neighborhood kitty is named Tux and lives a few houses down. Most mornings, I can spot Tux out of my office window. He likes to pounce around on the grass outside. He also did a very parkour-like move and ran halfway up a tree and pushed off with his back legs springing back down to the ground. He’s a fun kitty to watch, but I hope he can use those moves to evade cars and coyotes! Yes, we have coyotes in our neighborhood. I’ve seen them right outside our back fence a few times.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!


Mama: You’re hanging a little low there in your hammock.
Woodrow: How dare you, Mama.
Mama: I think you’re touching the ground.
Woodrow: Olive must’ve stretched out the fabric.
Mama: All 8 pounds of her?

tabby cat in cat hammock

8-pound Olive floats in this hammock, while 14-pound Woodrow hangs a tad lower. They both love it, though, and both use it almost every day!

Taste Testing

Sophie: Mama, Woodrow’s biting me again!
Mama: Woodrow! How many times do I have to tell you that Sophie is not made of chocolate?
Sophie: Apparently more than 32 times.

tabby cat giving love bite to white cat

Productive Sunday

Oh, hello there. I’m just popping in to say hi and that I hope you’re having a nice Sunday. I took five naps and then ate a dust bunny – all before lunch! What did you do today?

handsome Siamese cat


Harley: Move.
Dexter: No.
Harley: Move.
Dexter: No.
Harley: Move.
Dexter: No.
Mama: Are you guys done yet?
Harley: Butt out, Mama!
Dexter: Yeah, no one’s talking to you.
Harley: Move.
Dexter: No.

upset tabby cat with Siamese cat

The Great Taco Debate

Olive: Hey, Mama. Guess what today is!
Mama: What?
Mama: Woohoo!
Olive: We gettin’ tacos?
Mama: You want soft or crunchy?
Olive: Soft tacos?!? That’s not a taco! It’s like you don’t know me at all.
#tacodebate #softorcrunchy

yawning tortie cat

Mama Fail

Woodrow: Whadya mean it’s only Wednesday?
Mama: I’m sorry.
Woodrow: Make it Friday!
Mama: How?
Woodrow: I don’t know. You’re a mama. You’re supposed to be able to do anything.
Mama: I can’t just make it Friday, but I’m glad you think so highly of me.
Woodrow: Well I don’t anymore!
Mama: That’s fair.

close-up of goofy tabby cat


Sophie: Mama, I don’t feel like doing my chores today.
Mama: You don’t do chores.
Sophie: Well, I need to earn my allowance somehow.
Mama: You don’t get an allowance.
Sophie: Exactly! I’m trying to do my part.
Mama: You just said you don’t feel like doing chores today.
Sophie: No one’s perfect, Mama. But it’s the thought that counts.
Mama: Fine, then I’ll think about giving you an allowance.
Sophie: Woohoo! Wait…oh, you’re good, Mama, you’re good.

pretty white cat with blue eyes

Bonus Friday Bloopers

Olive tries her hand at Woodrow’s favorite pose.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I swear….just when I think your gang has been their “most adorable” during the past week, they surpass themselves! Love the nose closeups…..and I have to say – if Teddy had a hammock it would NEVER have been off the ground; at 22 lbs. unless the hammock is a FOOT off the ground there’s no chance for one that swings/floats !!

    Hugs, Pam (with Teddy watching)

  2. The Chatty Cats always have a vibrant dialog going – this week is no exception! Good job on the Woodrow pose Olive.

  3. do you know the brand of your hammock? I’ve been wanting one for my cats. Also, know of any good window perches? We used to have an awesome “chaise lounge” but they destroyed it and I don’t know if I even have the cover, to use as a template to make an new one, anymore. The cover for the current perch is also thrashed and no longer stays on the pad. I got one of the window-adhesive ones but our windows get too hot and the suction cups release, plus the “perch” (more of a cradle) is too small for my kitties. I noticed the new Feline Social Club (Long Beach cat cafe, finally open!!) is using one so I’ll probably offer it to them…they have lots of windows and a/c, which should keep the suction cups from letting loose.

    Great photos and dialog this week!

    1. I bought the hammock at this year’s OC Pet Expo from The Cat Cove (rescue group). If you go to their website (thecatcove.com), they have a link to the hammocks on Etsy. :-)

      1. thanks!! i found a great diy video for making one with pvc and a pillow case… but reality is that I’d buy all the supplies but never actually make it.

  4. Olive, your teeth are purrfect! Angel Truffles had a hammock, but Mudpie never cared for it. I’m glad because I fear she would’ve busted it out by now! She’s significantly larger than Truffles was.

  5. I am with you Olive- a soft taco is not a taco. :) Woodrow is too funny munching on Sophie. Have a nice weekend! XO