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Chatty Cats: Foreheads, Snoozles and More!

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a nice week. This weekend Ross and I will be going to our local county fair (Orange County Fair). His parents got us all tickets to the demolition derby (teehee). They have a friend who is driving this year – I think a bucket list kind of thing (for the driver, not us attending). So, come Sunday evening, I’ll be watching some cars smash into each other while enjoying a funnel cake.

Speaking of fair food, here are some new offerings that I will not be trying on Sunday. Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?

  • Lasagna Egg Roll
  • Crunchy Hot Cheetos Caramel Apple
  • Hot Cheetos and Cheese Turkey Leg
  • Fruity Pebbles Shrimp Po’ Boy

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Forehead Wars

Mama: You two are so cute.
Sophie: You’re in my space, Dexter! Move your big fat forehead!
Dexter: I was here first. You move YOUR big fat forehead!
Mama: Aaaaand…never mind.

white cat and tabby cat cuddling

Caturday in the Catio

1) Olive on guard duty in the catio.

tortie cat in a catio

2) Woodrow curiously finds himself outside the catio.

tabby cat on a leash outside

3) Sophie does her best Woodrow impression (you know, mouth open, looking confused).

goofy white cat in a catio

Sunday Snoozles

Play hard, snooze hard. Or according to Woodrow…snooze hard, snooze harder. 💤

Sassy Sophie

Sophie: Peek-a-boo!
Mama: Get off the table.
Sophie: But look how cute I am!
Mama: You can be cute off the table.
Sophie: I don’t know…I think the table brings out my cuteness.
Mama: I’m going to count to three.
Sophie: You can count that high?
Mama: Sophie, get off the table!!!
Sophie: One more for the road…peek-a-boo!

cute white cat playing peek-a-boo

What the Neighbors Actually Hear

Olive: Meooooow!
Mama: Really? Tell me more.
Olive: Meow, meow, mew.
Mama: No way! That’s so funny.
Olive: Me-owww!

pretty tortie cat meowing

No Cuddles Needed

Dexter: Mama, I’m not moving until Friday.
Mama: That’s a long time to go without food, treats, mama cuddles and litter.
Dexter: Okay, come get me for food, treats and litter.
Mama: You forgot mama cuddles.
Dexter: Or did I?

silly tabby cat

Loving Harley

Harley: I love you, Mama.
Mama: I love you, too.
Harley: I love it when you scratch my chin.
Mama: That’s sweet.
Harley: I love it when you give me pets. I love it when you rub my nose. I love it when you get up and get me treats.
Mama: I just sat down.
Harley: I love it when you don’t argue.

handsome siamese cat

Bonus Friday Video

I shared this video on Instagram Stories earlier this week. Woodrow is too cute! Watch until the end. I think it’s cuter with sound on.

Have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of kitty cuddles!

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  1. Oh that video is SWEET……Teddy does that sometimes and I just love it. So cute……and that Dexter in his bed (or sort of in his bed anyway) is precious too – he wants room service! Cats are so expressive – gotta love ’em!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. That video is so cute! Flynn used to chitter at birds in his sleep, but Eric snored like a train.

  3. Woodrow, you are adorable no matter what you do. Sassy little Sophie is a trip. I chatterbox with my tortie all the time. We have great conversations. I often wonder what the neighbors think. Dexter, you know how to relax. We could all take a lesson off of you. As for you Harley, I would never argue with you.

  4. Dexter, you are too funny. You really know how to relax. That fair food, you get yourself some medicinal marijuana and I imagine that you’ll be craving flaming Cheetos and cheese turkey drumsticks. Not that I have any experience with either. 😹 Have a good weekend.

  5. I’ve witnessed my share of demo derbys, but haven’t been to a county fair in many years. Tractor pulls, horse pulls…yep, been there, done that! One time, The Hubby won a bad of midget Tootsie Rolls at a coin toss game, and we sat in the stands watching children ride horses, and ate that whole bag. Nowadays, just thinking of eating one will make me gain weight!

  6. Y’all are just the cutest and so is that video! Hey, we have cars crashing into each other on the interstate here and you don’t even need a ticket!

  7. OMC! Y’all make me laugh – everyone is extra cute and sassy this week! Lasagna egg rolls, really? YUCK!

  8. What was that all about Woodrow. MOL! Dexter’s got ‘tude. I’ve taught him well. Be very careful going to the fair. So many crazies with guns at these things.

  9. Sophie and Dexter are so adorable cuddling together. I wish my cats would do that. Have fun at the fair! Stick with the funnel cake :) Our state fair has odd stuff too like cheeseburgers with donuts for the roll.

  10. It’s Saturday… I’m wondering if Dexter decided that Mama Cuddles were definitely needed. Olive on guard duty… giggle. Sophie… she just knows that she is so dang cute! Loved the Mama Conversations… always and I mean always love reading them. AND the pictures!