Chatty Cats: Rude, Bossy and More!

Happy Friday! Are you glad that the weekend starts tomorrow? I had a short work week, which was nice. I mentioned last week that Ross and I had a weekend getaway planned. We went to San Diego to celebrate our anniversary. The cats survived – yay! Thank you to our wonderful cat sitter who stayed at the house with them.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Rude Mama

Mama: Oh my goodies! What a cute back paw you have!
Harley: No time for compliments, Mama. I’m grooming here!
Mama: Sorry, but I just want to pinchy your little pawsie.
Harley: I’ll pinchy YOUR little pawsie.
Mama: Sounds fair. Here comes the pinchy!
Harley: Mama!!!

cat paw of Siamese cat

Not Tortie Approved

Olive: I see you’re packed and ready to go. Have a nice trip, Mama!
Mama: Thanks, we will.
Olive: WE?!?
Mama: Cat dad is going, too.
Olive: I didn’t approve that.
Mama: So, you’re fine if I go, but you don’t want cat dad to go?
Olive: Geez, you’re acting like I make the rules, Mama! I’m just a cat! But I’ll see you later, enjoy your trip. Cat dad and I will be here when you get back.
#weekendtrip #oliveloveshercatdad

concerned tortie cat

Missing Mama?

Cat Sitter: Whatcha thinking about, Dexter? How much you miss your mama? Don’t worry, she’ll be home before you know it. Then you can cuddle with her and she’ll give you lots of pets. Aww, don’t be sad, little fella.
Dexter: …
Cat Sitter: Dexter?
Dexter: Mmmm, toona.

cute tabby cat

Bossy Sophie

Sophie: Hey you, down there.
Cat Sitter: Yes?
Sophie: Bring me my purse. I need my mousie toy and my chapstick.
Cat Sitter: Is there a please in there?
Sophie: No, just my mousie and my chapstick.

goofy white cat


Harley: Psst, Woodrow. Let’s be friends.
Woodrow: Mama! Harley’s creeping again!

surprised tabby cat with Siamese cat peeking up behind

I don’t know what’s going on here, but Woodrow’s expression is priceless. Ross and I joke that Harley is a bit of a creeper. I’ll be sitting on the couch, turn my head and BOOM – there’s Harley at my shoulder popping up outta nowhere and being all creepy. I guess he does it to Woodrow, too.

For me?

Mama: ∗crinkles food wrapper∗
Sophie: Whatcha got there, Mama? Somefing for me?
Mama: Not everything is for you.
Sophie: Whatcha got there, Mama? Somefing for me?
Mama: I already said that not everything is for you.
Sophie: I chose to ignore that.
Mama: Well, it’s true, not everything is for you.
Sophie: … Whatcha got there, Mama? Somefing for me?

adorable white cat


Mama: Uh oh, what’d I do now?
Harley: You called me creepy the other day.
Mama: I called you a creeper, not creepy. You creep around and pop up surprising everyone…a creeper.
Harley: Whereas creepy would be like watching someone sleep all night long?
Mama: Exactly.
Harley: Mama, did you know that sometimes you mumble in your sleep? It’s so adorbs.
Mama: What?
Harley: See you tonight!

cute Siamese cat

Bonus Friday Video

Dexter tried to go on vacation with us.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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21 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Rude, Bossy and More!

  1. Looks like they managed to get along with the sitter but there’s nobody quite like Mom and Dad! Glad you had a fun time in San Diego for your anniversary……

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  2. Thank you for the morning laughs. And count yourself lucky that Dexter just settled in your luggage. Years ago, when I had to travel a lot, one of my cats peed on my (soft) luggage…not very subtle, was he?! I had to pack in secret for the remainder of his days.

  3. HAH! I think Dexter thought you were going to visit ME so he wanted to come. He’s got a thing for me since, you know, Christmas. Great chats and TW says she so relates to that Olive thing where you claim something isn’t for her.

  4. How could you possibly go on holiday without Dexter when he packed himself so nicely.

  5. Harley is too funny and I love the expression on Woodrow’s face too. Looks like you kitties made the sitter earn her money. :) XO

  6. Dexter, we always try to stow away in the Mom and Dad’s luggage, too. :)

    Who knew Rude and Bossy (and more) could be so cute?

    Happy Anniversary!

  7. made that very clear, Sophie…MOL…It looks like the suitcase can handle some extra weight😸 Thanks for the most delightful conversations kitties. We had a blast…MOL :D Glad you had a wonderful anniversary, CC. Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead🐾😽💞

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