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Chatty Cats: Blankies, Buddies and More!

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful week. I’m happy that the weekend starts tomorrow – Ross and I have a quick weekend getaway planned to celebrate our anniversary (14 years – woohoo!). The cats will be enjoying the company of our cat sitter. I’m sure they will chat her ear off.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Friday To Do List

Sophie: Mama, I heard it’s Friday!
Mama: You heard correctly.
Sophie: But I’m not ready!
Mama: What do you have to do?
Sophie: I need to groom my toesies, pounce on Olive, hide some treats for the weekend, get my box ready for tonight’s box pawty, groom my toesies again and then clean out my purse.
Mama: Better get started!

adorable white cat

Two Toots Sophie

Mama: Olive, have you seen Sophie?
Olive: I locked her in the catio.
Sophie: I’m out here, Mama!!!
Mama: Olive…?
Olive: Two words, Mama. Toot, toot.
Sophie: I heard that! I only did one toot, not two! Wait…it’s two.

tortie cat and with white cat in background

Woodrow’s Preferred Position

Mama: Excuse me, Woodrow. I was reading.
Woodrow: Cool story, can I have some pets?
Mama: Then you’ll move so I can keep reading?
Woodrow: I make no promises.
#afternoonreading #viewfrombelow

goofy tabby cat

I texted my hubby this photo this afternoon. He responded with the one below. Clearly, Woodrow loves lying on our chests…with his tongue out.

goofy tabby cat

Free Blankies!

Dexter: Mama, where’s my blankie?
Mama: Underneath you.
Dexter: My OTHER blankie.
Mama: How many do you have?
Dexter: 22. But I just placed an Amazon order for a couple more.
Mama: I need to change my password.
Dexter: Don’t worry, Mama. It’s Prime shipping and I used a coupon code. So I’m pretty sure that’s like free blankies.

handsome tabby cat

A Non-Compliment

Harley: How am I looking today, Mama?
Mama: Floofy!
Harley: Thanks. You’re looking floofy, too.
Mama: I’m not sure that’s a good thing.
Harley: I didn’t say it was.

handsome Siamese cat

Snuggle Buddies

Dexter: I’ve got the hump day blues.
Sophie: Come ‘ere, you. I give you a snuggle.

tabby cat and white cat cuddling

An Unspoken Code

Woodrow: Mama! Sophie’s eyeing my food dish!
Mama: So? It’s empty.
Woodrow: You don’t eye someone’s food dish, Mama. There’s an unspoken code. You just don’t do it.
Mama: Well, she’s doin’ it.
Woodrow: Where’s her dish? I’m gonna eye it.
Mama: You do that.
Woodrow: I’m gonna eye it all night long.
Mama: You are so weird.
Woodrow: The eyeing has begun, Mama.

goofy tabby cat

Bonus Friday Photos

Woodrow’s selfie with Mom vs. his selfie with Dad. I may be biased, but I think he prefers selfies with me. Barely.

We hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Have a wonderful anniversary celebration. I’m sure your gang will miss you but something tells me they will be keeping the cat sitter entertained!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Very cute tongue shot :) You are all adorable though. Sophie, that is quite a to-do list.
    Happy Anniversary to your wonderful folks! XO

  3. These are great as always and tell Olive she’s looking beautiful. Happy Anniversary but that marriage license doesn’t give you license to abandon your furry family.

  4. Poor Sophie, you have so much to do. No wonder it makes you toot!
    Happy anniversary to your humans.

  5. First of all, Happy Anniversary and wishing you many more happy times! I also loved your cat pictures and the conversations! I found the cat conversations both creative, but true! My two cats have the biggest personalities and compliment each other well It is crazy our youngest cat Chloe is 14 and recently diagnosed with early stage kidney disease and needs to be on a special diet. She acts like she is protesting and doesn’t want to eat the food. I am sure she will come around in time and strong being SO stubborn.We took in our younger cat because his original owner passed away. His name is Sundance and he is a mixture of beauty and love! As I said, we took him in and didn’t know anything about him. We figured out fairly fast that he has asthma and requires medicine twice a day. Many people think I am insane, but I do not think you will. I would do anything under the sun for our sweet feline children! I hope the rest of your weekend is great and your week starts off well!

  6. guyz…..selfeez….total….lee….rox !!!

    sophie; my stars be careful when you empty your handbag that you’re not setting anything aside that’s cash related….

    we all send belated happee day wishes two yur mom N dad…heerz ta de next 14 anda yeer a head filled
    with happeez N healtheez….we hope dad buyed mom a 2020 catillac car with sun roof N scratch a bull leather interiorz…. N we hope mom getted dad a soooper swell tie ;) ♥♥