Chatty Cats: Letters, Amateurs and More!

Happy Friday! I’ll say that again – happy Friday! As you may have noticed, I’m happy that it’s finally Friday. This has been a long week for me and I’m ready to enjoy the weekend. Who’s with me?

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Letter of Complaint

Dexter: Mama, did you see how that delivery person just tossed our box on the doorstep?
Mama: I think he placed it rather gently.
Dexter: My precious cans of tuna could be dented!
Mama: I didn’t order you tuna.
Dexter: Mama, bring me my typewriter!! And fire up the fax machine while you’re at it! Someone’s getting a letter of complaint.

handsome tabby cat

Product Testers Needed

Woodrow: Mama, there’s no way you’re fitting inside this box. I’d send it back if I were you.
Mama: That’s not what it’s for.
Woodrow: But it’s a box labeled Cat Lady. What else would it be for unless for sitting in by cat ladies?
Mama: Good point. But that’s still not what it’s for.
Woodrow: Maybe I’ll make a box for cat ladies to sit in then. It’ll be at least twice this size!! I’ll need a couple product testers. Spread the word, Mama. I pay in kibble and kisses.

cute tabby cat

Amateur Hour

Harley: Feels like a good day for a slumber and then a snoozie.
Mama: Aren’t those the same thing?
Harley: Oh, Mama. You’re such an amateur.

handsome Siamese cat

On this overcast Sunday, the cats are hoping for a relaxing day with no more earthquakes. What are you up to today?

Protect Your Toes!

Sophie: Mama, there’s something under here.
Mama: It’s my foot.
Sophie: Don’t worry, I’ll dead it.
Mama: Hey, that’s my toe!
Sophie: Uh oh, I feel a chomp coming on!

cute white cat

Smarty Pants

Mama: You’re so pretty, Olive.
Olive: Tell me something I don’t know.
Mama: You’re not very humble.
Olive: I know that, too. What else you got?

beautiful tortie cat

Poor Woodrow

Woodrow: What’s going on up there?
Mama: Sounds like the others are having fun without you.
Woodrow: I told them not to start without me! I needed a quick snoozie before playtime.
Mama: I guess they didn’t listen.
Woodrow: I get no respect around here!
Mama: I respect you.
Woodrow: You don’t count, Mama!

cute tabby cat

Cheese Lover

Harley: Mama, did you eat my cheese?
Mama: I ate MY cheese. You don’t get any.
Harley: Please can I have some cheese?
Mama: I don’t want you to get a tummyache.
Harley: …
Mama: Stop looking at me like that.
Harley: …
Mama: Ugh! Just a teeny tiny nibble.
Harley: Works every time.

adorable Siamese cat

Bonus Friday Photo

Creepy Sophie…always watching.

creepy white cat

We hope everyone has a great weekend!

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20 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Letters, Amateurs and More!

  1. Please tell Woodrow I’d gladly be a box tester for his “Cat Lady Box”…..kisses are too hard to resist! Love Harley’s look – I’d be passing over the cheese too for sure. Love the photos – even Creepy Sophie…….someone needs to be on the lookout and I guess she’s “it” !

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

  2. When I miss any of your conversations on FB, I am so glad that you post them here! You know I love to comment. Sophie looks positively spooky, glaring from the end of the dark hallway.

  3. MOL! That was a fun week! We have a cat that does what Sophie is doing, we call her ‘The UPS cat’ after that creepy clown in the UPS commercial.

  4. You are all such cuties. We have a cheese lover too, Brody, but he can’t have much because he never wants to go to the vet for another enema. :) Have a great weekend! XO

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