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Chatty Cats: Harry Potter, Earthquakes and More!

Happy Friday! We hope everyone had a happy and safe Independence Day yesterday. We started the day off with an earthquake here in Southern California. The latest report I heard – it was a 6.4 around Ridgecrest, California. I’m in Orange County, over 100 miles away, and it felt like a rolling earthquake here – almost like being on a big, swaying boat. When you’re closer to the epicenter (which we were not), it feels more jarring and like the floor is jumping. It was noticeable here, but definitely no damage in my area.

Other than that, we had a nice July 4th. We attended a potluck but were home with the pets before the fireworks started in earnest. As I mentioned on social media, our pets aren’t really bothered by them. Still, I feel better being home with them to be able to monitor them. And all is well! I hope your pets did okay yesterday.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!


Sophie: Ah, ah, ah…
Mama: Just sneeze already!
Sophie: …CHOO!
Mama: Gesundheit!
Sophie: Danke schoen.

white cat sneezing

Harry Potter Cat

Dexter: Mama, are you seriously off to play Wizards Unite again?
Mama: Maybe.
Dexter: You’re such a nerd.
Mama: Change-o cat-o!!!
Dexter: Not funny, Mama. Change me back.

Ross and I have jumped on the Harry Potter Wizards Unite bandwagon. On the plus side, it gets us out and walking. Earlier this week, we walked three miles (roundtrip) to dinner just so we could play the game. On the downside, we look ridiculous walking around in public fighting wizards and casting spells. Any Harry Potter fans out there?

Bossy Woodrow

Mama: Bye, I’m off to CatCon!
Woodrow: Don’t bring any new cats home.
Mama: I’ll try not to.
Woodrow: Bring home some treats though.
Mama: Okay.
Woodrow: And some toys.
Mama: Anything else?
Woodrow: Why don’t you pick up something for yourself. It’s on me. I only have $5.37 in my piggy bank though. So don’t spend more than $2 on yourself. And bring me a receipt!

chatty tabby cat

Keeping Count

Mama: Harley, I met one of your biggest fans yesterday at CatCon.
Harley: Which one? I currently have 153 biggest fans.
Mama: Wow, that’s a lot.
Harley: Olive has 89, Sophie has 70, Dexter has 18 and Woodrow has -1.
Mama: Negative one fan? How is that possible?
Harley: I just tell it like it is, Mama. The numbers don’t lie.

handsome Siamese cat

I was happy to meet a Best Friends Animal Society volunteer yesterday at CatCon who is a big fan of Harley (he came from Best Friends). She also foster failed with a Siamese cat, so she gets him and his grumpy, old man ways. I’m glad someone does!

Messy Tortie

Mama: You’ve got food on your face.
Olive: Did I get it?
Mama: To your right. Your OTHER right.
Olive: Mama, you know I’m directionally challenged!

tortie cat with food on face


Woodrow: What was dat?
Mama: Early fireworks.
Woodrow: You mean boomers?
Mama: Sure, fireworks or boomers.
Woodrow: Well, which is it?
Mama: What do you want it to be?
Woodrow: Boomers.
Mama: Okay, those were early boomers.
Woodrow: Gotcha.
#semantics #4thofJulyBoomers

surprised tabby cat

The neighborhood fireworks (I mean boomers) have been going off for several days now (they’re illegal in our city). We’re very fortunate that none of our pets are bothered much by fireworks. We hope that everyone celebrating tomorrow is safe and takes care to ensure their pets are as comfortable as can be! Are your pets bothered by fireworks?

(A rockin’, rollin’) Happy 4th of July

Sophie: It’s a beautiful day, Mama.
Mama: Yes, a very nice day to celebrate Independence Day.
Sophie: Yes, and for a BBQ.
Mama: Is food the only thing you care about?
Sophie: Have we met?!?
(Right after posting this photo is when the earthquake hit!)

pretty white cat

Bonus Friday Video

Does anyone else have a cat who covers their food? Both Woodrow and Olive do this. This is actually Dexter’s dish, and Woodrow felt he needed to cover it. I’m not sure how Dexter felt about that.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Some great conversations this week and equally fab photos – especially Dexter Potter….HAHA We’ve had a couple of fairly “light” earthquakes through our area of Virginia – they are unsettling even if minor!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. My Gracie covers food dishes. Don’t know if she’s saving it (she was a rescue from a hoarding situation) or repulsed by my choice of flavors. Whatever! My new cat wasn’t too disturbed by the fireworks (which were LOUD) but she chose to not stay in the screened porch. This morning I saw that a 10 week old puppy was terrified of the fireworks and ran away. Seriously, you have a new pet and you don’t take extra precautions to make sure they are secure? Argh!

  3. I was listening to the news this morning, and they say there may be another earthquake from the same location in the next 20 days. Hope it doesn’t happen! The fireworks were crazy last night around here, and Angel was hiding in the linen closet. Da Boyz didn’t care, and as I sat outside with The ‘O’ Cats, they didn’t care either, but I was jumping every time a huge boom happened. A few more days, and it will be over…

  4. We are fans of all the chatty cats. You guys are the best. We don’t get many earthquakes here in Prince George. The last one was in the 80’s and mom was riding in a car so never felt it.

    Kali used to cover her food but these guys can’t be bothered. I think this is learned behaviour so maybe if Tyebe sees somebody covering food she might do it too


  5. guyz….we iz happee yur safe frum de quake….thatz gotta bee scaree !! dood ya look grate in yur potter glassez; de FSG red all de books N haz all de dee vee deez….tell yur mom N dad… who carez what any bodee thinkz, they hada grate time thatz all that counts N we hope dinner waz good !!! :) signed; tuna of moon coverer oh food az well. ♥♥

  6. What an exciting week! Everyone is so darling as always. Our cats cover their food and it drives me nuts, especially when they end up turning the bowl over.

  7. How cool, Sophie, you’re multilingual just like us ! We’re glad you’re all safe after the earthquake and the fireworks ! Purrs

  8. Wonderful as usual! All of your cats seem in fine and sassy form!🐈 As for the covering thing…my Max does this all the time! I thought he peed there, but no. I’ve been told that in a multi cat house, some will revert to wild behavior. Covering food is so other animals can’t get it. Sometimes they will scent mark the area so everyone knows who’s food it is.
    It’s just a normal, nervous tick that happens some times when food is left over.
    As for Max…I think he’s just being weird.😽😺

  9. We’ve never heard of Harry Potter Wizards Unite. We must be behind the times. We’re glad the earthquake didn’t affect you much.

  10. Glad you were safe from the earthquake. Bless you Sophie. And you all must have millions of fans :) XO

  11. yes… AdamCat covers his food when he’s done!
    Beba was bug-eyed after tonight’s, bigger, quake but the rest of the cats didn’t seem to mind. Adam has taken to acting like a dog, by laying next to my bed, and I almost stepped on him when I dove for the floor to duck&cover (really wasn’t sure if the shaking was going to stop growing!).

  12. Glad you and the Three Chatty Cats and Junior Associates are safe and no damage. Can’t tell you how much I look forward to The Mama conversations! I have FOOD in common with Sophie… FOOD is always on my mind!

  13. We’re glad you guys did okay in the earthquakes. Hey, maybe you could cast a spell and make them go away!

  14. I am glad the earthquake didn’t cause you any damage. Flynn used to try and cover his food if it was something he didn’t like.

  15. I was wondering about you guys when the quake happened, glad you’re all safe!
    Our cats are also not bothered by fireworks or thunder. But Jimmy will freak out about foil! (the sound it makes)
    And we have a few food coverers too lol. Ollie will cover his food and everyone else’s if they leave any morsel (which is rare!) I remember fondly, Earl Grey used to cover his food too, bless, his sweet soul ;)

    I love this window into the world of the chatty cats!

  16. Fireworks are illegal here and I am going to say that maybe all the signs that are posted around really do help. They are signs that say things like “Fireworks are illegal, report illegal fireworks” and it gives a number. I mean, I don’t know what else it is but I would say in 2017 fireworks would start almost a month in advance. For an entire month we would hear fireworks. Then for a few days after fourth of July. Now we heard a few on the forth of July starting at about 8:30. The neighbors did some from about 9:30 to 11:00 – then that was it. Also in the past years it wasn’t just fireworks it is those really loud things that sound like cannons. Even animals that are “ok with fireworks” don’t like those. They are very nerve wracking! I am glad you had a nice day. I have never seen either of our cats cover their food.