CatCon 2019

CatCon 2019

I enjoyed a fun-filled, cat-filled day this past Sunday at CatCon. This was my fourth time attending the annual show, and I wish every cat lady and cat dude could attend this wonderful event in Southern California.

Now, let’s check out my day at CatCon 2019!


When my friend and I arrived, we knew that the adoptions area had a line to get in, so we headed over there first to ooh and ahh over the cats and kittens. This year, CatCon selected Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles as their adoption partner. Best Friends holds a special place in my heart because I’ve fostered for them in the past and have two Best Friends foster fails (Woodrow and Harley).

And good news! 176 cats and kittens found their forever homes during the two-day event! I think only one adult and one kitten went back to their adoption center in Mission Hills.

Exhibitors and Products

Of course, there were cat products galore at CatCon. Everything from cat toys and food to cat art and attire. There was even a tattoo artist giving cat tattoos during the event! She was booked solid during the two days. There were also meet and greets with celebrity cats and personalities (which I didn’t do) and educational panels. Big brands, smaller brands, new companies, independent artists – CatCon pretty much has something for everyone.

Here are just a few examples of what you can find at CatCon. With 200 exhibitors, there’s just too much to show.

Cat Ladies!

Not only is it fun to browse the items, but it’s a great place to meet up with fellow cat folks. I caught up with Christina from Meet the Fosters (who threw the kitten shower I posted about recently and whose three fosters were adopted the first day of CatCon), and Samantha Bell, my friend who is the Cat Behavior & Enrichment Lead at Best Friends (who spoke on a panel at CatCon). I met one of Harley’s biggest fans from social media (that went to his head when he found out), and I met Erica Danger (photo below), whose photography I’ve featured twice on the blog in Best Friends-related posts. I also saw Summer’s mom and gave her a hug for Binga.

Erica Danger from Erica Likes Cats at CatCon 2019
I purchased four of Erica’s cat pins and my friend bought a sweatshirt from her.

What I Brought Home

You know I couldn’t escape CatCon without bringing home an item or two. Here’s what I bought.


I had a nice chat with the humans behind the Yeowww! Catnip company. This was the first show they’ve attended geared toward the general public. Since I have several bananas at home already, I purchased their new Yeowww!-ola Catnip Crayons. Check out this banana chair the company made in honor of Game of Thrones.

Cantankerous Cats

I purchased this cat card game because I thought it was cute. No idea how to play it yet! The company also makes tea (for humans).


My friend signed up for CatLadyBox (they were offering a show special). I’ve been a subscriber for three years now. They gave current subscribers a free t-shirt for stopping by their booth – the first time they’ve done this! They were out of my size, so they’ll be shipping mine. Their booth had a fun cat lady display for photo ops.

Hungry Munchy

Perhaps my favorite purchase of the day…this handmade whisker holder from a company called Hungry Munchy. I’ve already put two whickers in it!

Hungry Munchy whisker holders at CatCon 2019

Something for Ross

I had to buy something for the hubby – a shirt that says Super Rad Cat Dad. Woodrow had to check it out. I think he approved of both the shirt and the sentiment.

tabby cat with cat dad t-shirt from CatCon 2019

It was a very fun day and I can’t wait for next year’s CatCon! Who’s joining me?

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful event…………too far away for me to go but love seeing photos and hearing about it! You scored some very cool presents for everyone too! Happy especially about the adoptions being a HUG success.

    Hugs, Pam

  2. First time at this ameowzing event! So sorry we didn’t coordinate days!! All of the exhibits, especially the art was purrfect! One activity we attended the Friday before was Cat Bingo! That was so much fun! CatCon is definitely a must see event for any cat lover.

  3. I think I would have blown my budget for SURE! I’ve wanted to attend a CatCon since they first began, but it’s so hard when I have a flight AND hotel costs. But maybe I just need some inspiration, and the ability to meet up with some cat blogger friends… :-)

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing day! I think the peeps would love a whisker holder since they have whiskers from every cat they ever had including me. How fun to see friends there too.

  5. Would love to attend and I love your recap!! Just wish it was closer! Love what you purchased! We have reviewed Yeowww sooo many times, but their catnip toys are the best! That chair is hilarious!!!!!! So glad so many kitties were adopted there too!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful event for cat lovers. I would love to go someday if time and budget allows. Oh my cat! I need those whisker holders, and Momma Kat Katherine is correct, you need to customize for each cat with their names too.