Chatty Cats: Boopies, Linda and More!

Happy Friday! For some reason, this week has seemed long. Anyone else feel that way about this week? Well, at least we’ve arrived at Friday. And with that, let’s see what the cats were up to this (long) week!


Mama: Who’s looking all cute?
Harley: Me?
Mama: Exactly.
Harley: Precisely!
Mama: Absolutely!
Harley: Positively!
Mama: I have things to do now.
Harley: Indubitably!!!

adorable siamese cat


Sophie: You’re leaving us alone all day?
Mama: Cat dad will be here.
Sophie: Unacceptable.
Mama: He knows your food and treat schedule.
Sophie: Acceptable. Now, good day to you!
Mama: Aww, don’t be mad.
Sophie: I said good day!!

cute white cat

On Saturday, I spent the day at Disneyland with the program manager for The Jackson Galaxy Project. I was so happy to finally meet her after three years of volunteering for them!! It was well worth disappointing Sophie and leaving the cats home “alone” with their cat dad.


Woodrow: Is this thing on?
Mama: Yes.
Woodrow: Then let da boopy-booping commence!!

close-up of tabby cat #boop

Come on, Linda!

Olive: Mama, did you see that Bill down the street got a new car? It really zooms! Looks like the Franklins are away on vacation again. Do they ever work? The new mailman just said hi to Norma. He’s pretty chatty. I like him.
Mama: Olive, I don’t need a play by play.
Olive: Linda’s dog just pooped under the ficus. Pick it up, Linda!!! No one wants to step in that! Yeah, I’ve got my eye on you, Linda!

nosy tortie cat

Deep Thoughts

Mama: You look deep in thought.
Dexter: Mmm…toona.
Mama: Never mind.

handsome tabby cat

Too Handsome

Mama: Ugh! Sometimes I just can’t handle how handsome you are.
Harley: Look away, Mama! Look away!!! My handsome is uncontrollable!

handsome siamese cat


Olive: OMG! This is horrendous!
Mama: What is?
Olive: I don’t get why Woodrow likes these up close selfies. You can see every wrinkle and laugh line. I’m hideous!
Mama: You’re adorable.
Olive: ∗shudders∗ Never again.

tortie cat selfie

Bonus Friday Video

This video is actually from last week. But…wait for it…! Who do you think won this wrestling match?

We hope everyone has a nice weekend. I’ll be off to CatCon on Sunday!

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25 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Boopies, Linda and More!

  1. Never a dull moment around there – love the video – “ears back….squinty eyes….licking lips….ATTACK” !!!! Enjoy CatCon………

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Got me laughing again! :D Good grief they are too cute for words! I especially laughed at Olive in the window. My “Funny Cat Friday” post today is about that very subject! Haha. Cats are the best.

    Thanks for making our day, as always. ♥

  3. Looks like the fight was a tie :) Great photos of all of you cuties. How cool your mom got to meet someone from The Jackson Galaxy Project. XO

  4. OMG… the solar system in Harley’s eyes!!
    Loved the wrestling vid… reminded me of how Beba use to fall over at AdamCat’s feet, exposing her belly, and then they’d fight. I’m hoping that they’re able to resume their play as Adam’s health improves!

  5. You all are so fun ! Boop-boop, Woodrow ! Wonderful close-up, Olive ! You’re true, Harley, you’re handsome ! Purrs

  6. Hope Linda listened to you and picked up that poop!!! We needed you here when our old neighbor lived here who NEVER picked up their dog’s poop! Mom cursed him out MANY times!

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