Chatty Cats: Chomps, Cutes and More!

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful week. In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday, I’m sharing two photos of Sophie and Ross. I’ve shared them before, but they’re just too cute not to share again! Sophie loves her cat daddy – almost as much as she loves me. Okay, she probably loves him more than me. Gasp!

The photo on the left was originally shared for Father’s Day in 2017. The one on the right, Father’s Day 2018. Oddly, Ross doesn’t usually wear a beanie but happened to have it on in both of these photos.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week.


Sophie: Mama, it looks like I’m about to chomp Dexter’s head. Take a picture! Quick, quick!!
Mama: 📸
Dexter: ∗sigh∗
#littlesisters #indulgentmothers

unamused tabby cat with white cat yawning

Caturday in the Catio

Woodrow is relaxing in the catio on this sunny Caturday. We hope you’re having a nice weekend full of cuddles and sunpuddles. And treats, lots of treats (he wanted me to add that). ☀

Level 8

Mama: Hi, Sophie.
Sophie: No interruptions, Mama. I’m scratching here. It takes intense concentration.
Mama: I can tell. Your little tongue is sticking out.
Sophie: That’s how you know the level of concentration. Tongue sticking out is like level 8.
Mama: What’s level 10?
Sophie: Mama, we don’t talk about level 10. You’re not ready for level 10 talk.

white cat in sunpuddle

The Lovable Dum-Dum Strikes Again

Woodrow: Olive, did you eat my pretzels?
Olive: Yes. Do you want them back?
Woodrow: Yes.
#thinktwicewoodrow #thelovabledumdum

tabby cat staring at tortie cat in catio


Olive: Yow, Mama! It’s hot! Did you approve this heatwave?
Mama: No.
Olive: Can I speak to the person who did? This is just dumb. Dumb, I say!

incredulous tortie cat

Okay, I know we live in Southern California, so heat is expected. But hot is hot! We finally turned on the A/C yesterday and needed it again today. Making it until June without A/C is pretty good, though! Is it hot in your area?

Sdlkg jalhr rhklj!!

Harley: Mama, did you get the order I put in?
Mama: What order?
Harley: I texted it this morning! Tuna treats, chicken treats, salmon treats and toilet paper.
Mama: You mean this text? “Sdflwe%tnlgk and toilet paper. 👍🍪🐙
Harley: Darn these cute, fluffy paws!

cute siamese cat

Cutes and Stuffs

Mama: Sophie, what are you doing under the table?
Sophie: Just hanging out.
Mama: Uh-huh, sure.
Sophie: What? Can’t a cute cat just hang out and be all…um…cutes and stuffs?
Mama: You’re waiting for dropped food, aren’t you?
Sophie: …while looking all cutes and stuffs!!

white cat sitting under chair

Bonus Friday Blooper

Dexter: Hello?!? Hey, all you cat dads out there! Happy Father’s Day!

blooper closeup of tabby cat

We hope all the cat dads have a wonderful Father’s Day with lots of cat cuddles!

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20 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Chomps, Cutes and More!

  1. It is definitely not hot here! 53°F here with a nice brisk breeze to make it feel even chillier!! NOT that I’m complaining. I try not to ever complain about cool/cold because I dislike the heat/humidity so very much.
    Sophie really IS one lovely girl! Hee … one of my best *human* friends sticks her tongue out when she’s concentrating! Lol.

  2. We have been going back and forth between putting the heat back on and switching to a/c. Weather is nuts here this year. 80 one day and high 50s the next. My tomato plants are not happy about this.

  3. It was fluffing hot here, but now it’s perfect at about 70. It’s going to be hot the next 3 days then back to the low to mid 70’s.

  4. The Hubby refuses to play along with Cat Father’s Day, but maybe I’ll take him out for lunch anyhow. Such cute images; I am mad with myself if I miss any on FB, before I see it here.

  5. Good week of communication gang……always so much going on around there. Makes us look BORING but then one cat and two old people don’t get up to a whole lot!!!

    Hugs and Happy Father’s Day!
    Teddy and Mom Pam

  6. Can you send some hots our way please! We have endless rain and cold temperatures. We even had to relight the log burner. Lovely chats as always.

  7. We needed a/c last week, but this week is chilly which is fine by me. Cute photos. Happy Father’s Day to your Cat Daddy!

  8. We keep looking at the “Chomp” phot and MOL’ing! So funny!

    Happy Father’s Day to Cat Daddy Ross! :)

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