Sophie from Three Chatty Cats

A Chatty Cats Portrait Sitting

Sophie: Come on, guys! The artist is here!
Dexter: What artist?
Sophie: We’re getting our portraits painted today! I’m so excited!
Olive: Mama, did I sign off on this artist?
Mama: It’s our friend Jen. I didn’t think you’d need to sign off. Who’s going first?
Olive: I will. I want Jen to be fresh for my portrait.
Dexter: Mama, should I put on my bow tie for this?
Harley: I’m hungry! Will food be involved?
Woodrow: JenJen, I love you lots.

Last month I commissioned some portraits of the Three Chatty Cats and the Jr. Associates. And today, I want to share them with you!

Dexter – The Timid Dreamer

tabby cat painting

Olive – The Rebel Starlet

tortie cat painting

Sophie – The Mischievous Goofball

cute white cat painting

Woodrow – The Lovable Dum-Dum

tabby cat painting

Harley – The Hangry Curmudgeon

Siamese cat painting

About the Artist

Jennifer, who is a special education teacher, runs a small animal rescue with her husband. She has recently been auctioning off little paintings she’s created to help support their rescue – The Zoo Animal Rescue, which I featured on the blog a few years ago. I love all of the pieces she has been posting and asked if she’d be willing to do five personalized pieces for me. She said yes and I became her first official commission.

Creating the Artwork

You’ll notice each cat has a description above, which I first introduced in a post nearly a year ago. I emailed Jen these descriptions and a bit more about each cat along with some photos for reference. And from that, she painted their portraits and captured each one’s personality perfectly! I also love that she incorporated my blog header colors.

portraits of the Three Chatty Cats and the Jr. Associates
(click to enlarge)

Open to Commissions

Jennifer is open to commissions if anyone is interested. While my pieces are 3″ x 3″, Jennifer can produce other sizes. You can email her directly to discuss pricing. And remember, the proceeds from her paintings support her rescue efforts! You can contact her at Let her know that Rachel at Three Chatty Cats sent you! (This is not a sponsored post, nor do I receive anything for referring you. I just want to support Jennifer and her rescue!)

Below are examples of paintings that she’s been auctioning off. All are 3×3 inches. Also, you can follow The Zoo Animal Rescue on Facebook and Instagram!

Samples of Jen’s Artwork

I love what Jen painted for us – I smile every time I see them. I’m pretty sure the cats are happy, too!

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  1. These are absolutely adorable – the ones she did for your crew AND the others she’s done as well. Worthy cause and fabulous artwork – what a GREAT combination!

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy)