Chatty Cats: Beauty, Busy and More!

Happy Friday! I want to say a big thank you to Sharon Melnyk and the CWA for sending a swag bag from the Cat Writers’ Association conference (which I didn’t attend).

CWA Swag Bag

Sharon and CWA sent it as a thank you for being a volunteer member of the CWA social media team this year. Sharon does a fantastic job heading up the social media efforts for the CWA and it’s my pleasure to help out where I can. If you’re not already, you can follow the CWA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Needless to say, the cats were excited to go through the goodies. Here’s what Olive chose.

And here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Whappy Paw Training

Sophie: Am I close, Mama?
Mama: Yep!
Sophie: (whap)
Mama: Got it! Tenth time’s a charm!
Sophie: Maybe I need a bigger target. Is Olive’s head around?

Caturday Dreaming


sleeping tabby cat

No Rest for You!

Harley: Hello, Mama. Did you forget my dinner?
Mama: It’s the weekend. Can’t I be a bit late?
Harley: As my personal paid butler, I expect dinner to be on time every day.
Mama: You pay me?
Harley: This level of cute ain’t for nothin’!

perturbed Siamese cat

Beauty Tips

Mama: The sun is finally out, Olive!
Olive: Good thing. I need to recharge my beauty.
Mama: You mean your battery?
Olive: No, my beauty. The secret to looking this good is sunpuddles. Lots and lots of sunpuddles.
Mama: Ah, I didn’t know that.
Olive: Clearly.

After a couple of days of rain this Memorial Day weekend, Olive can finally enjoy some warmth on her furs. I think I may take her up on her beauty tip and join her in a sunpuddle today. If anything, at least for some cuddles. We hope the sun is shining on you this Memorial Day. ☀

Tuesday Mondays

Dexter: Mama, I’m so confused. It feels like Monday today, but it’s not?
Mama: Long weekends can be confusing.
Dexter: I’ll just stay in bed until I figure it out.
Mama: That sounds like a smart idea.
Dexter: I might not figure it out until tomorrow. I may need all my treats and meals delivered to bed. But I’ll let you know.

adorable tabby cat

Busy Woodrow

Mama: Woodrow, wanna say hi to your friends?
Woodrow: Only if it’s a quick hello. I gots things to do.
Mama: Like what?
Woodrow: Things, Mama! Private things!
Mama: Well, say hi quickly then.
Woodrow: Friends, I hope you’re having a good week and a good Wednesday. I can only say hi quickly because I’m pretty busy. I’m a very busy cat with lots and lots of important things to do. Private things, so don’t ask. You’re probably busy, too. I’ll make this quick and won’t take up too much of your time. Or my time. I think we’re all busy! Except Mama. She’s got too much time on her hands. I mean, someone get that lady a hobby, amiright? Anyway, I think that’s all for now. Oh yeah, and hi! I loves yous!
#aquickhello #bloopershot

goofy tabby cat #blooperphoto

Friends with Friday

Sophie: Friday, is that you over there?
Mama: Friday’s almost here, Sophie.
Sophie: Excuse me, I was talking to Friday.
Mama: Are you expecting a response?
Sophie: She already responded. She said hi to me and that she’s on her way. And she told you to mind your own business, please and thanks.
Mama: Friday is a little sassy, huh?
Sophie: My kind of day!
#almostfriday #imaginaryfriends

beautiful white cat

Bonus Friday Photo

When your cat gets the zoomies! As demonstrated by Woodrow “Lightning” McGee!

“Faster, Mama, faster! Zoomie zoomie!!!”

tabby cat in racecar

Anything exciting planned for the weekend? Or just lots of rest and relaxation?

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26 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Beauty, Busy and More!

  1. You and your crew have the BEST conversations – I try to talk to Teddy and get the “all knowing blank stare” unless he’s saying “OWWA” meaning “out”. Oh well…..I’ll take my conversations when I get them! You had quite a week – love all the photos – the photos AND the subjects (!) are priceless!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. sunpuddles is the secret of eternal beauty? so we drag the mama outside then we can use the money for beauty creams for much more impawtant things… like sardines in oil or so..

  3. Seriously, these cannot get any more adorable! I follow their stories on Facebook too but nice to get a roundup so I know i didn’t miss anything for the week.Love Harley’s judgey look and Sophie, sassiness and all the rest of them. You really capture their perfect personalities with flare! ;0)

  4. hoping for a chillax weekend here. an annual race, tomorrow, starts/ends just down the street from me and I like to go out and hose down racers but since it’s overcast, that won’t be needed this year. so, if there is no kitty drama (I’m worried about a stray that I last saw with a large abscess that hadn’t burst), I’ll just be relaxing… or maybe starting my next semester of school.

    this is the first time i noticed Harley’s white toe spots!

  5. So much going on with y’all! The swag is nice! Sophie’s whappy paw is too cute … Dexter is a darling napper, I love Olivia’s vid. Harley is totally cute and Woodrow in zoom mode – PRICELESS

  6. sophie….we knead ta converze bout burd skin sum time ~~~~~~~~

    N woodrow; race seezon iz full lee underway dood; we think ya haza grate chance at winnin de 500, de brickyard N just de short circuit round de kitshun ;) ♥♥

  7. We love all of you and Sophie you are just like our Rumpy with that white paw whapping. You are all wonderful and to have Woodrow zoom at the end was priceless.

  8. Nice swag bag :) Harley, I agree that all that cute is not for nothing- you deserve prompt service. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. XO

  9. That’s a lot of cool stuff ! Woodrow, it looks like you’re ready for the race ! Have a pawsome weekend ! Purrs

  10. The CWA swag was pawsome…so you guys will have lots of fun with it! ‘Cept that flea medication. Who needs that???

  11. Olive reminds me of our little tortie. So similar looking . . . light color on the chin and dark face! All so cute!! All beautiful but that picture of Dexter . . . . so cute! And Sophie’s eyes.

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