Chatty Cats: Warnings, Drama and More!

Happy Friday! As some followers already know, Dexter had a dental cleaning on Monday. This was his second one – and thankfully, he didn’t need any extractions this time either. However, we are trying to determine some issues going on with him, which you can read about below. He’s fine, but we do need to get to the bottom of it. He’s most upset about having a shaved belly. But someone on Facebook pointed out that he’s beach body ready!

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.

National Cat Lady Day (kind of)

Sophie: It’s our day today, Mama!
Mama: What do you mean?
Sophie: It’s National Cat Lady Day!
Mama: Then it’s MY day.
Sophie: No, it’s OUR day. I’m a cat and you’re a lady.
Mama: I’m pretty sure they mean ladies who like cats…so it’s my day.
Sophie: It’s OUR day, Mama!!! Just accept it and be grateful you get half a day!

judgy white cat

Warning Needed

Dexter: Watch out, Mama.
Mama: Okay.
Dexter: Here it comes…
Mama: What’s coming?
Dexter: BAM!!! Cuteness.
Mama: Oh, my heart!
Dexter: I did warn you.

adorable tabby cat

Catio Selfie

Sophie: Okay, move the camera a little this way. Now make sure I’m centered and in focus…and 📸! Another perfect selfie!
Mama: You’re a little blurry.
Sophie: How dare you, Mama. I’m flawless!

Dexter’s Big Day

Dexter: Um, Mama…I thought you said I was going in for a dental today.
Mama: You did. And no extractions – yay!
Dexter: So, why is my belly shaved? That seems like a pretty invasive dental!

tabby cat home after vet

Yep, Dexter had a dental cleaning today and didn’t need any extractions. But about his shaved belly – he also had an ultrasound. Dexter has had occasional blood in his stool for a while now. He’s had fecal and blood tests, and everything has come back fine. We’ve also changed his diet. He is a very skittish cat and sometimes blood in the stool can be a sign of stress. Or maybe he has IBD. So, we ran another type of test today (test results coming) and did an ultrasound to see if we could find anything else. So far, nothing obvious. But we’ll keep trying to figure it out! As you can see in this photo, he’s still feeling the effects of the anesthesia.

Tortie Tummy on a Tuesday

Mama: Olive, want to take an ultimate Tortie Tummy Rub Tuesday shot?
Olive: Tada!
Mama: Oh, that’s good. That’s really good. 📸
Olive: No more pictures, Mama. One is all you get. Now rub my tummy!
#TummyRubTuesday #TortieTuesday


Woodrow: Mama, I’m sorry you caught me on the counter today.
Mama: You’re sorry for being on the counter or sorry that I caught you?
Woodrow: Um, a little of both?
Mama: …
Woodrow: Okay, mostly that you caught me. But I’m still sorry. And it’s the sorry part that counts!
#countersurfing #sorrynotsorry

tabby cat says sorry

Woodrow has been getting on the kitchen counter every day lately. It was nice when he used to at least jump off when he heard me coming. Now he doesn’t even care and just nonchalantly walks to the edge and jumps down. Do you have any counter-surfing cats?

tabby cat on kitchen counter

Mama Drama

Harley: Mama, do you even love me?
Mama: Of course! Why?
Harley: Well, I asked for breakfast in bed this morning and you didn’t deliver.
Mama: You lead a hard life, Harley.
Harley: Oh geez, don’t be all dramatic, Mama. I just want breakfast in bed every morning. From someone who claims to love me, I don’t think that’s asking too much.

handsome Siamese cat

Bonus Friday Video

If you listen closely, you can hear Olive grumble at Woodrow. She doesn’t like him so close.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I’ll be attending a pet expo. Should be fun!

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23 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Warnings, Drama and More!

  1. Well I do hope that “The Mystery of Dexter” gets solved soon – we all do including him! Teddy has never surfed a counter and his predecessor, Sammy, never did either. Not sure WHY but I think they just had plenty of other spots they could more easily get up on so gave counters a pass. I’m not complaining about that of course (!). Love ALL the photos and conversations this week. As I’ve said before – “never a dull moment” !!

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

  2. sophie you are totally right… and we think the cat is the most impawtant part… a lady without a cat is no cat-lady and can not celebrate… so the bigger gifts should be yours ;O)

  3. I hope you get some answers about Dexter soon. Olive on the catio, “Mooom! He’s looking at me!” . And I imagine Harley ‘is getting his breakfast in bed now. I saw on Facebook that numerous kitties are being given breakfast in bed. It’s a small price to pay for his unconditional cuteness. ;) Have a good weekend.

    1. I know, there were quite a lot of cat moms who seem to serve breakfast in bed to their kitties! Harley is quite miffed with me now.

  4. dood….sorree ta heer ya been outta sortz….we hope de vet peepulz can figure out
    whatz what….in de meen time; heerz sum blessingz frum St Francis….never hurtz ta
    haz sum sparez layin bout ~ :) ♥♥

  5. love the video!
    from reading comments above: Yes, please share about the pet expo. I always consider going but never bother to attend, figuring the last thing I need to do is pay a cover charge to buy more cat stuff!!

    Long Beach’s new cat cafe (Feline Good Social Club) is having free 15-min preview sessions from 6-10p tonight… whether or not I attend will depend on the parking situation.Tomorrow was supposed to be the grand opening but, in keeping with history, the city sprang some new requirement on them Wed so they’re going to have to delay the official opening. They’re going to honor the $100 preview session tickets, they just won’t be open to the public for awhile longer.

  6. Sophie, you are so pretty, somewhat good at sharing too – MOL! Wonderful selfies too.
    Dexter you are mega-cute sweetie! I hope all is well with your insides good boy.
    Olive you have the sweetest, floofy soft tum tum!
    Woodrow, with your sweet face, it would be impossible to be upset at your counter surfing.
    Harley, anyone with those gawjus blue eyes deserves breakfast in bed.
    Love the catiovideo!

  7. Poor Dexter. Kitty had a couple ultrasounds … and Bear almost had one before the vet realized he couldn’t possibly be pregnant because he’s a boy! Shaved bellies are cool. Umm … Sophie … half a day? Which half is yours?

    1. When we got Ellie, there was quite a bit of blood in her stool. We knew she’d had hookworms when the rescue got her back – but she had blood in her stool for a good 6-8 months. We spent a lot of money to do all the recommended tests and none of them found anything. It’s kind of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you want a diagnosis so you know and can treat it. But on the other, confirmation that your kitty is sick is hard.

  8. I am glad Dexter’s dental and ultrasound went well. I will add him to my prayer list. I love the tortie tummy shots, so cute Have a nice weekend. XO

  9. Dunno why he needs so many dentals.TW’s old vet used to do them every year for the $$. Then a vet tech friend set TW straight that it’s rare for young cats to need dentals. I’m 14 and have only needed one in my life and that was the vet who wanted to get rich. *knocks on TW’s head (wood) for luck that I won’t need one this year*

  10. Ernie had his first dental the other day…and had to have 3 extractions. But he is almost 14 so I’m glad he made it this far without any real issues. I hope you can figure out what’s going on with Dexter. Zoey sometimes has blood in her stool but she has megacolon and we’re sure it’s due to straining.

  11. Such cute pictures and conversations.
    I hope you figure out what’s happening with Dexter- and that it’s minor!
    About counter surfing: Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red never get on the kitchen counter (unless we’re out of the room) but young Ernie is relentless. He jumps up in front of us and no amount of clapping, yelling, No Ernie!, or even spay of water from the sink discourages him. While I was having lunch at the kitchen table he must have visited the counter 10 times! And there’s no food left out either…

  12. We cross our paws for Dexter and hope you can figure out what is going on with him. Woodrow, you made us laugh : we’re always on the counter or the kitchen table, except when humans are having lunch ! Purrs

  13. Dexter looks very nipped…MOL :D We always have a big smile on your conversations, kitties, they are so real…well…they are! Healing Pawkisses for Dexter that it all will work out fine💗💗💗 Pawkisses for a Relaxed Sunday to all of you🐾😽💞

  14. Dexter, that sure was thoughtful of you to warn Mama about your cuteness. She would have fainted ortherwise! We hope you, your peeps and your vet can figure out your health issues real soon, sweet boy.

    We’ve caught Ava on the dining room table a few times, but it doesn’t seem to be a regular thing (yet). :)

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