tabby cat and white cat cuddling

Chatty Cats: Awkward, Bossy and More!

Happy Friday! I want to share something very cool that I received last week. I’ve been volunteering with The Jackson Galaxy Project’s Cat Pawsitive Pro initiative since it started a few years ago. Every semester, the wonderful and kind program manager Christie sends the team of volunteers a thank you gift. We received this semester’s gift a little early because she had a wonderful opportunity that she couldn’t pass up. And here it is…!

signed MUTTS Comic Strip

It turns out that MUTTS comic strip creator Patrick McDonnell is a fan of Cat Pawsitive Pro! He sent signed copies of one of his strips from his Shelter Stories series to each of the volunteers. How cool is that? (Very!) McDonnell created the Shelter Stories series over 20 years ago in honor of National Animal Shelter Awareness Week.

I love volunteering for an organization that helps shelter cats on a national level. But it’s also nice to feel appreciated – and Christie at The Jackson Galaxy Project always makes everyone feel so special. Thank you for this wonderful gift, Christie!

And here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.

Guilty Cat

Sophie: Mama, what did you do with my friend? I put him in the litter box for safe keeping!
Mama: Cat dad took him back outside.
Sophie: But I purposely brought him inside.
Mama: Why would you do that?
Sophie: It was cold this morning, and I wanted him to be warm.
Mama: So you put him in the litter box?
Sophie: I had just used it, so it was nice and toasty in there. Teehee.

white cat peering into room

Funny story. This morning, I was scooping litter ‪at 6am‬ (still pretty dark outside, lights off in the room). One of the “deposits” in the box started rolling down the mound of litter. Nope, not rolling…scurrying! I screamed and jumped back. Not poop, NOT POOP! COCKROACH!!! My guess is that Sophie caught one outside in the catio and was storing it for later in the litter box. So gross! This photo of Sophie shows her looking into the litter room later, as if she knew her friend had been removed. Let’s hope she doesn’t bring him back in. Ugh, what a way to start the day.

Awkward Cat

Caturday bloopers from Mr. Awkward. Happy Caturday! (Stay weird, Dexter…stay weird.)

Bossy Cat

Olive: Mama, come give me belly rubs before you make my dinner. And for dinner, make sure you give me the right flavor of chicken. Not that pate stuff. I like the chicken in gravy. Mama, where are my belly rubs? Small circles, not back and forth, like I showed you before.
Mama: Someone’s a little bossy.
Olive: I take after my mama.

adorable tortie cat

Mean Cats

Dexter: Should we tell Mama about the hairball?
Sophie: No, it’s more fun watching her step in it.
Dexter: You’re mean.
Sophie: Well, you could tell her.
Dexter: Eh, let’s see how this plays out.

tabby cat and white cat cuddling

Loving Cat

Harley: Mama, may I have a treat?
Mama: A treat before dinner?
Harley: I’ll love you forever…
Mama: You’ll love me forever anyway.
Harley: Drat! You’ve figured me out, Mama.
#dontworry #hegothistreat

goofy Siamese cat

Lion Cat

Woodrow: Look how the fearsome lion tears into this tree trunk, shredding it to pieces. His massive claws show no mercy. Bark flies everywhere. Everyone stands back in awe of the mighty lion and his claws. OUCH! Mama, I snagged a nail! Come quick! Give me kisses!!!

tabby cat using cat scratcher
(Longtime readers will remember that Woodrow’s name was Lion when we fostered him.)

Annoyed Cat

Dexter: 🎶 Let it go, let it gooo…!
Olive: …
Dexter: 🎶 Can’t hold it back anymore-or-or!
Olive: …
Mama: Stop staring at me, Olive! I’ve told you a thousand times…I’m sorry I left the Disney channel on!

tabby cat singing behind tortie cat

Bonus Friday Video

Ross and I visited Disneyland over the weekend (for a food festival – yum!). I captured the cutest little parade on film!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. we love the hairball crime… your mama will have a ball with that ball ;O) and we like the idea with a friend in a litter box… why we dogs have no litterboxes? happy good furryday and a happy easter to you

  2. Yikes… Easter Cockroach being kept in the litter box for safe harbor? No thanks! Nice idea Sophie but…….as for the other photos – well – ADORABLES!! The signed ‘toon is a very very cool thing to have as a thank you…..

    Happy Holiday
    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

  3. Now I know that I have to find a way to learn the Cat Pawsitive program, since ‘reading’ cat training books hasn’t worked for me! That framed cell is fantastic!

  4. The cartoon panel is really cool. It’s nice to have your work acknowledged. Dexter, “Do You Want To Build A Snowman ?” . Make sure to invite all the kitties to our Skype Frozen fest sing a long. Olive and Harley will be thrilled. ; )

    1. Olive and Harley just may move out!!! But Dexter can’t WAIT for your Skype call. He’s been doing vocal warm ups all morning.

  5. the DLand video cracks me up because it looks like it’s from the 60s!!
    Love the “let it go” pic!
    Did you have a regular cockroach or one of the big, 2″, “american” cockroaches? We get the big ones a few times a year.

  6. What a pawsome gift!!! I adore Mutts and especially the Shelter Stories. I have to tell you – this week I loved Sophie’s cockroach story and Olive’s Frozen stare I had to read them out loud to my family! Absolutely brilliant.

  7. Sophie, your mama deserved the hairball after letting your friend go. Plus her scream probably woke the neighborhood. Olive, your mama loves belly rubs? Hmmm! What a wonderful gift for the mom!

  8. That is a great gift, it is nice to be appreciated. Your cockroach story gave me a chuckle. And I am going to have Let it Go stuck in my head now My great niece is always acting that out with her Anna dress and gloves. She tosses the glove just like in the movie. Have a wonderful weekend! XO

  9. What a nice gift for you ! Thank for what you do for shelter cats ! The hairball conversation made us laugh, it’s so… feline ! Lovely photos, and fun chat ! Purrs

  10. WoW! What a grat gift! But then your human deserves it! And we gotta tell you, your post made Mom laugh and that does not happen a lot these days. Thanks and now I know Mom is going to be looking for Cockroaches when she scoops!

  11. OMC. The roach in the litter story gives us the heebie jeebies! “Stay weird, Dexter…” MOL!

    Oh, and the ducky parade at Disney is straight up adorbs!