tabby cat in catio

Cats in the Catio

This past weekend, cat dad Ross cleaned out the catio that has been closed for winter. Winter in Southern California? I know, I know. But we had one of the rainiest winters here in recent memory. And with dust and debris, the catio got a little dirty.

As soon as the catio was back in business on Saturday, four out of five cats raced right into it. Ross picked up Harley and carried him to it…and Harley immediately ran back inside through the cat door. He’s just not into it. But Dexter, Olive, Sophie and Woodrow all love the catio.

Oh, Sophie!

Of course, the first thing Sophie does is find the one spot we didn’t clean and rolls around.

white cat getting dirty in catio

white cat enjoying catio

Beautiful Olive

beautiful tortie cat in catio

Proud Dexter

tabby cat in catio

Weird Woodrow

tabby cat yawning in catio

Mystery Tabby

cat legs

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? Catio weather yet or still pretty chilly?

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  1. What great pics of you all enjoying your catio! We’re getting our catio ready too. (Ours is more of a 3-season room.) The painters came and are finishing up. We can’t wait to get out there!!!

  2. We have a screened in porch. Our cats can use it in the winter if they want but usually don’t want to. It’s cold and with a really cold tile floor. We cleaned it and put the furniture cushions in last week and three of our four are in heaven. I have one older cat that’s like Harley. The other three love it. Our weather is mostly 60’s now but that’s warm enough for them. New cat Sasha is going crazy with all the chipmunks running around the yard. If only she could reach them she says.

  3. Glad your cation is up and running again and you can all…..well nearly all enjoy being out in it. Great photos. One day the sun shines next day it’s rain but still freezing cold nothing new for Scotland. Happy Catio Days.x😻💜🐾

  4. I love seeing photos of your kitties in their catio! Trust Sophie to roll in the dirt 😸

    We keep our catio semi open during the snowy winter because we have some snow cats in our midst mol! It’s closed most of the time though.
    But now with the melting snow and April showers we have muddy paws 🐾 🐾🐾
    But that’s okay because we all know that after April showers it’s May flowers! Yay! 🌸 🌱

  5. Sophie knows it is bliss to find dirt to roll in. Harley, go out and enjoy the sun and fresh air!
    We are getting a mix of rain and sun, but still cold with the easterly wind.

  6. Born in Southern CA, now live on the Mediterranean. The weather is comporable and the beach days began last month.
    I don’t have a garden, the whole village is my garden, but I like the catio idea and perhaps it might work. Currently, it is where I hang my laundry…

  7. Our catio is open, but the only visitor is Zeke the Maine Coon. He doesn’t mind wind and rain. He just wants to be out in the air. The other two stay clear. Their day will come soon again.

  8. The catio looks like a fabulous hang-out spot :) Sophie’s picture rolling in the dust was my favorite. Just like them to find the one place they needn’t be :P

  9. The catio’s open for the season??? Woot!

    We don’t have a catio here, but the weather’s definitely starting to get more Spring-y. :)

  10. It’s definitely not Catio weather here yet. Not that we have a catio, but still, Spring would be nice. You guys are so lucky.

  11. I just discovered the show “Animal Cribs” today and immediately purchased the 3 cat-themed ones to see the amaaaaaing catios they designed.
    Glad most of your kitties are enjoying the great outdoors again!