Chatty Cats: Buddies, Zombies and More!

Happy Friday! Our big excitement this week was a trip to the vet for Sophie and Dexter – just their regular annual wellness checkups. Dexter needs a dental, and Sophie gained a pound. That girl likes her food!

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.

Butt Out, Mama

Woodrow: I love you.
Mama: I love you too, Woodrow.
Woodrow: I wasn’t talking to you, Mama.

tabby cat looks at self in window

Vet Buddies

Sophie: I hate you, Mama.
Mama: I think you mean thank you for taking me to the vet for preventative care and my annual checkup to ensure I live a long, healthy, happy life.
Sophie: … I hate you, Mama.
Dexter: Anyone listening, send help!

We took Sophie and Dexter to the vet today for their annual exams. They arrived in two separate carriers…but left in one together. They definitely find comfort in being close to each other. Do your cats do the same at the vet?

What’d You Say?

Olive: Mama, are you listening to me?
Mama: Mm-hmm.
Olive: Oh really? Because I said I wanted tuna for dinner but I see you’re preparing chicken.
Mama: You get what you get, Olive.
Olive: Come closer to me and say that, Mama.

indignant tortie cat

Out of all our cats, Olive is actually the least picky eater. She pretty much eats whatever I put in front of her. But she does love tuna. Although, what cat doesn’t? Do you have any picky eaters?

Monday Morning Traffic

Sophie: Excuse me, Woodrow. You’re in my way.
Woodrow: Do you know the password?
Sophie: Mama!!!
Woodrow: That’s not the password.
Sophie: Move, Dum-Dum! I’s got places to be!
Woodrow: Dum-Dum was last week’s password.
#mondaymorningtraffic #windowsillstandoff

two cats on windowsill

It’s Monday morning, and these two (who never hang out) appear to either be caught in a traffic jam or conspiring with each other. It is April Fools’ Day…what do you think they’re doing? And should I be worried?

Zombie Apocalypse

Sophie: Mama, I think I deaded it.
Mama: It probably just ran out of batteries.
Sophie: What’s dat mean?
Mama: It’ll come back to life when I put a new battery in it.
Sophie: Like a zombie butterfly?
Mama: Uh, sure.
Sophie: Will it try to eat my brains?
Mama: Maybe.
Sophie: Okay, let me put my helmet on first.
#safetyfirst #protectyourbrains

cute white cat playing with toy

Harley Orders Dinner

Harley: Mama, when my pizza arrives, please bring it to my box.
Mama: Sure. Wait, how did you order a pizza?
Harley: It’s number 1 in your speed dial.
Mama: You shouldn’t be getting into my phone.
Harley: You shouldn’t have pizza on speed dial.

cute Siamese cat in box

Too Cute

Cat Dad: 📸
Dexter: Hey! Only Mama is allowed to take photos of me. Delete that!
Cat Dad: Are you sure? Look how cute you are.
Dexter: Ugh, I’m pretty cute. Don’t show Mama. She’ll expect this level of cute all the time.
#photocredit #catdad

adorable tabby cat

Bonus Friday Video

Here’s Sophie playing with the latest CatLadyBox toy we received.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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23 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Buddies, Zombies and More!

  1. Oh my! The gang was fired up this week weren’t they…..between vet visits, April Fools, new toys…..lots to TALK about for sure. Love the video – Sophie is definitely a butterfly fan. Angel Sammy was too – he’d sit underneath our butterfly bush and…………wait……….!

    Happy Friday
    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. My boys always travel in the same carrier. Jonesy couldn’t care less but Murphy *needs* him.
    “Come closer to me and say that, Mama.” LOL.
    I have one of those toys. The responses have varied from “Make it stop, make it stop!” to “If I ignore it, it will go away” to “”

  3. You got to love how Sophie just cut out the middle man and went for the wire. That’s what my cat Jake would do too. ;)

  4. these photos are extra adorable today. I love the first one the best. Both Cody and Dakota are going to the Vet next week. Dakota has to have pre-dental blood work done. Cody is going for one of his two annual senior exams. I am mostly concerned about Cody because he has had an issue going on for about a month that I am worried about. He might need xrays. Not looking forward to this visit at all!

  5. Olive, our little one at home gave us the same look when she wanted tuna today and not the beef we were giving her. Thanks for sharing the great video. We are going to have to pick one of these up. Have a great weekend.

  6. Love the video. That butterfly certainly picked up speed towards the end, but Sophie new how to stop it. Love all the conversations too.

  7. your cats reacted much better to that toy than mine! we had a different version/brand which always operated at high speed and did nothing but scare the cats. I kept it around, turned off, but they still wouldn’t touch it. Then I bonked it and a butterfly fell off (it had 2) and I just finally threw it in the trash.

    AdamCat goes in for his annual a week from today. I’m hoping all is well but he’s avoiding dry food again and I found a teeny bump on his chin (hoping it’s just an ingrown hair but he had a growth removed years ago).

    My cats all hate each other (well, Beba loves Adam but it’s not returned). I definitely couldn’t take them to the vet together but being there stresses them out so much that I might be able to take them home in one carrier. I never thought to try it!! But I generally try not to take multiple cats to the vet at the same time.. it’s too expensive all at once!!

  8. Harley, good job ordering pizza-did you get anchovies? Dexter, the Tooth Fairy will visit if you lose any teeth. XO

  9. Gasp! You mean your Momma doesn’t make you exactly what you want to eat, Olive? Just kidding. Our mom and dad say that “you get what you get,” too. So rude. Actually, we like what we eat … lucky for Mom and Dad.

    That one about the zombie butterfly made us smile, Sophie. Just remember to aim for the head! :D

  10. These photos are so adorable! I especially love that cat tummy photo cat dad took :) But the others are just as sweet. Sophie and Dexter curled up together for comfort really warmed my heart. It’s cute how they did that ♥

    I loved the video of Sophie playing too. We have a similar toy but that one looks like way more fun :) She’s having a blast – very cute!

  11. MOL…you’re all to cute, kitties :D I always go to the vet alone and come back alone too, at least in the carrier where Granny doesn’t fit in😹 I’m a picky eater too and I love me, myself and I to much too, Woodrow…MOL. Thanks for the funny conversations. We <3 you guys <3 Pawkisses for a wonderful week ahead🐾😽💞

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