Harley’s Basepaws Results (with giveaway)

Last August, we submitted Harley’s hair samples for the Basepaws Catkit DNA test. And today, we will be sharing Harley’s results – and hosting another giveaway!

Any guesses as to Harley’s closest matching breed?

cute Siamese cat
“So, what’s the verdict?”

You can read our original Basepaws post to learn about how we collected the sample.

We received the CatKit free of charge from Basepaws last August in exchange for an honest review. Today, we’re sharing the results of that test. All opinions stated here are our own. Three Chatty Cats only shares information we feel would be relevant to our readers.

Turnaround Time

Last August you say? Yes, that’s seven months ago that we sent in Harley’s sample. We actually received the preliminary test results in December. However, we were told that a newer and easier to read report would be coming soon. So, we decided to hold off on hosting another giveaway until readers could see what the new and improved report would look like.

The New Basepaws Report

The eight-page report is nicely laid out and includes:

  • A breakdown of Western, Eastern and Hybrid cat breeds
  • A summary of your cat’s breed matches
  • Your cat’s chromosome map
  • Information on each top-matched breed (top three matches)
  • A health and wellness page

You can read more about the new report on the Basepaws blog. Harley’s full report is at the bottom of this post.

Basepaws Report Summary
A snapshot of the Basepaws report.

Harley’s Basepaws Results

Before giving the results, here’s what the report said about Harley:

“We sequenced Harley’s DNA, which we extracted from the sample you’ve submitted to us. This resulted in 3,209,786 DNA fragments sequenced, which represents 403,809,857 DNA bases that were sequenced. Using this data along with the latest cat genome (felis_catus_9.0), we analyzed genetic variants across 18 chromosomes to generate this report.

We assigned Harley to the Eastern breed group based on the comparative genomic similarity to breeds belonging to the Eastern group. Within the Eastern breed group, we ranked the individual member breeds based on how similar your cat is to each breed.”

Harley’s Chromosome Map

Harley's Chromosome Map | threechattycats.com
(click to enlarge)

If you’re like me, then you don’t know how to read a chromosome map or really what it means. But the idea behind the Basepaws chromosome map is to show you – through what the company calls chromosome painting – which pedigreed breeds are represented in your cat’s DNA through color. It’s a visual representation of the entirety of the genetic code.

Here is Harley’s genomic composition.

Harley's Genomic Composition | threechattycats.com

You may be asking what Polycat refers to. You can read about how Basepaws defines Polycat on their blog (think domestic mix).

Harley’s Top Three Breed Matches

Drumroll, please…

Harley’s top match is really no surprise: Siamese!

His next two closest matches are Oriental Shorthair and Burmese. Although Basepaws provides a full page in the report for each of the top three breed matches, they also mentioned that his fourth closest match is Birman, which I can see more of than Oriental Shorthair or Burmese.

handsome Siamese cat

Siamese Cat – Genetic Predisposition

Here are some of the snippets I took away about Harley and the Siamese breed. In the genetic predisposition section of the report, it mentions:

“The pointed pattern observed in Siamese cats is a form of partial albinism caused by a mutation in tyrosinase (an enzyme involved in the production of melanin). This mutation is also linked to causing abnormal neurological connections between the eyes and the brain. As a result, many early Siamese cats had crossed-eyes.”

And yes, Harley is a bit crossed-eyed. And at times, his left eye is severely crossed.

cross-eyed Siamese cat

The genetic predisposition section also talks about the Siamese breed’s higher mortality and morbidity rates than other breeds – and that they’re prone to lung infections, feline OCD, vestibular disease and Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome. All things that I won’t worry about, but I’ll keep in the back of my mind.

Siamese Cat – Personality

In the personality section, the report notes:

“Siamese are very affectionate and intelligent cats, with a distinct outgoing nature. They seek and enjoy the company of humans as well as other cats. They will often strongly bond with one person in the family. These kitties are very vocal and will often demand your attention with a loud, low-pitched persistent voice nicknamed as ‘Meezer’.”

Harley seems to adhere to the “strongly bond with one person” point – and he is also pretty vocal when he wants something (remember that yowl I shared the other day?).

Overall Thoughts and Looking Ahead

When I wrote about Basepaws last year, readers seemed interested to know about Harley’s breed – and what details the test results might hold for their own cats. However, the long wait times for the results were brought up as a concern, which I feel is a valid point.

Currently, the company states that the turnaround time is 8-12 weeks from the time the sample is received in their lab.

Regarding our results… When we adopted Harley, our vet assumed he was closest to Siamese. The Basepaws results match that assumption. So while I’m not surprised at his results, I still think it was fun to go through the process and know for sure.

beautiful Siamese cat

And while Basepaws does not market itself as a breed test, but rather a genetic test, I do think the Catkit will appeal mostly to those simply curious about the breed of their cat. And in knowing that, they’ll be able to research any genetic predispositions as well.

What I like about Basepaws as a company is that they’re furthering the science and study of cats. Anything that aims to better understand cats and their health gets a good mark in my book. In fact, if you’re interested to see if your cat qualifies to participate in their research study (and receive a free Catkit), you can visit basepaws.com/science. In order for their company to grow and provide additional health results to customers, they need to expand their database of DNA.

Which brings me to my last point. Basepaws is not a one and done result. Customers will continue to receive updates to their cat’s report as the Basepaws database grows and they make new discoveries.

Already Submitted Samples to Basepaws?

If you already submitted your cat’s DNA sample to Basepaws and you’re waiting for your results, I was advised that the new report has already been sent to their customers, and takes 8-12 weeks from the time the lab team receives the sample (as noted above). And if you have yet to receive the updated report, that means Basepaws is re-sequencing your cat’s DNA sample for more accurate results (which is what they did with Harley’s sample and why I chose to wait until now to share his results).

Discount Code

Basepaws has been kind enough to offer our readers a discount code. Regularly $95.00 (USD), our discount code is good for $10 off.

Order Here: Order the CatKit
Discount code: threechattycats
Code good through April 2, 2019


Basepaws is allowing us to give away one CatKit to two lucky readers! That’s right, two winners will each receive one Basepaws Catkit. Simply enter a blog comment below and then enter the giveaway. The giveaway is open to residents in the U.S. and Canada!

The giveaway is open to residents who reside in the United States and Canada, 18+ years of age, except where prohibited by law. Two winners will be selected randomly by Rafflecopter and contacted via email. Each winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize, and a new winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter. The giveaway closes on Sunday, March 31, 2019 at 5pm Pacific.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

A quick note on the Birman breed match for Harley. Birmans have white paws that almost look like gloves. Harley doesn’t have full gloves on all four paws, but you can see how he might match the Birman breed with some of his paws. His back paws are all white, and his front paws have white “fingers” on them.

white-pawed cat
One of Harley’s white back paws.

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Harley’s Basepaws Report

Click to enlarge and scroll through.

67 thoughts on “Harley’s Basepaws Results (with giveaway)

  1. that is super interesting… the mama would like to do that for herself once too… but we have some doubts that she gets such good results like you… Congrats for being a super fab siamese kitty ;O)

  2. WOW……so very interesting…..we figured Harley was a Siameeeezer boy and I guess you got confirmation of that and a lot of other scientific info. I guess if I did one of these tests for Teddy I would simply want to know what his genetic background was since we know NOTHING about him or where he came from – just that he was so adorable we couldn’t resist him when we adopted him from the shelter! What might be hiding in his “designer jeans – I mean genes” would be interesting to find out.

    Hugs to Harley……….and his Mom
    Pam and Teddy

  3. Meowmy did the person version which was cool to see where she was from. She would love to find out Biscuit’s background. It’s just good they can do it by hair! Good thing Harley results didn’t come back as a Sphynx!

  4. I like that they’re doing this type of testing and research. I’d be curious what both of my kitties are. Thank you for this post. It was very interesting.

  5. I’ve had mixed feelings about Basepaws, since others have mentioned that the information was SO LONG to arrive, and in the early days, the information was pretty random. However, now seeing what Harley’s report says, now I’m interested in a report for both Manny and CB, just to compare them!

  6. That’s a very interesting review, Harley. I see the Siamese in you, but your paws…well..they nailed the Birman in you💗Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead and Good Luck ones for all the entries🐾😽💞

  7. Very interesting ! The Siamese part of you appears first, Harley, but it’s great to know how other breeds parts mixed to make a handsome boy like you ! Purrs

  8. Harley’s results sound a lot more accurate than Millie’s. I am surprised they added being prone to those health issues. Several Siamese cats I have followed on blogs have lived to be 20 and over. XO

  9. Oooh, I would have guessed that Harley was part lion. I ruled out tiger right away, because you know, no stripes. Siamese, I DID NOT see that coming. Haha, just kidding. These tests are fun to do, because there’s no studying.

  10. Thanks for sharing all the Basepaws information. Looks quite detailed, and happily the results matched the cat’s characteristics! I have seen some results that don’t for some reason.

  11. The information was so interesting. I’d like to learn more about my senior – anything that would help him live longer. I’d also like to know his breed combination.

  12. Would be interesting to findout what my two rescues have in their genetic background — total ‘heinz/variety”.

  13. Would be intriguing to learn more about my rescues’ backgrounds – total heinz variety combos. They are short hair cats….gettting hair samples from them will be an itnersting exercise.

  14. “And while Basepaws does not market itself as a breed test, but rather a genetic test, I do think the Catkit will appeal mostly to those simply curious about the breed of their cat. And in knowing that, they’ll be able to research any genetic predispositions as well.”

    You really hit the nail on the head with that paragraph. And to add to that, is that, while I know I cannot speak for every cat-human, I’m more interested and intrigued by the Personality section. While, yes, it is nice to know what worst-case scenario may be as far as predisposition, it’s not like humans going to the doctor: hearing they have cancer and just starting “the good fight” with chemo and or radiation….

    …It’s great the Sherry in the PTA had enough money to shell out to cure her cat of cancer, but it’s just not a realistic scenario for most families with a sick cat; no matter how much we truly do love them. A $10-20k vet bill just can’t be fit into the budget at any point in this lifetime…

    I also really was surprised by the following paragraph as well; about how they continue to re-sequence the DNA sample and continue to update you on new discoveries. To me, that is a prime example of a company not only doing what they say they are set-out to do, but going above and beyond. If the price-point were to come down, or I came across a bit more of a discount code, I definitely would become a customer/patient parent(?) lol AND until then, I’ll be looking into my cat being a test patient. :)

    Great post – I’m a new reader, thank you for holding-out for these results to share!

  15. I would like to know what breed my cat is. He has some fluff to his fur so I thought he might be part Persian.

  16. It would be awesome to find out what breeds my cats are. I did it for myself and it was super cool, I bet it would be cool to learn more about my cats. I don’t know a lot about where they come from and about their earlier lives.

  17. I’d love to learn what the closest breed my kitty is. And I would’ve been surprised if it hadn’t come back Siamese lol

  18. I would love to know anything and everything about my cat who was a rescue and doesn’t have a definitive anything and only educated guesses.

  19. I honestly have no clue what my cat is made up of. Some days she’s at least 99% jerk 😁. But we love her.

  20. I am curious to know what our black, Manx rescue cat is made up of. He thinks he is a dog,but looks like a rabbit but has catitude

  21. What a cool test! I’d love to find out my cat’s breed mix, including what percentage of Mainecoon she is.

  22. I would love to find out what my Avery is. Even though he looks Siamese, we know he’s a mix breed since his mom is a tabby cat!

  23. I’d like to learn if my older cat has any Bengal in her. She’s got marking that make me think she does.

  24. Very cool Harley. I know I am a domestic short hair marmie but Dad wonders about Rumpy Bump and Einstein. They are both medium hair. Rumpy with no tail and Einstein with great markings. Maybe we will win
    Timmy and Family

  25. I’ve been interested in figuring out my cat’s genes and possibly what he is. Most people on cat groups ask if he’s a Norwegian forest cat or maine coon. I’ve never seen a cat like him and his face shape definitely isn’t a domestic shape!

  26. I would like to know if my Archie kitty is part Maine Coon like I think. I got him as a rescue at 6 months. He is tall, smart and has the tufts of hair in his ears.

  27. I shelter elderly cats and I have one that has the kangaroo type front legs. I would like to know about her DNA.

  28. I would be interested to learn more about the breed of my cat. I do have a pair of sisters who were the only two in their litter and they are like night and day, so it would be interesting to see their genetic makeup.

  29. The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered! The winners will be announced shortly.

  30. Oh poo, Mom and I missed the giveaway. But it was fun to hear about the results of Harley’s DNA test. Mom figured Harley was mostly Siamese, but she wondered if he had a bit of snowshoe in him, too, since he has cute white socks. Purr purr purr.

  31. Thanks for sharing the results! I think the fact that the company is growing its data base and continuing to update clients is very cool.

    Debon thinks it is very odd that this “instant” society can’t chill and snooze and wait for the results – it isn’t like life and death is hanging in the balance. That turn-around time being a problem is an example of how stressed us humans have become ;)

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