Chatty Cats: Grumbles, Grumpy and More!

We’ve arrived at another Friday! And this week, I think everyone is happy about that, right? Hopefully, you’re all recovered from the time change by now. And if not, then may this weekend be full of naps and kitty cuddles!

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.

Move Along, Mama

Mama: Waiting for daddy to get home?
Woodrow: Yep! I’m gonna run up to him and love all over him. Then I’m gonna sit in his lap and he’s going to pet me and give me lots of chin scritches. It’s gonna be awesome.
Mama: Wanna sit with me until he gets home?
Woodrow: Nope! I’m saving my awesome for daddy.

loafing tabby cat

Woodrow has a routine every night. He waits on the couch for Ross to come home from work. Then he runs over and chirps at him, as if telling him to hurry up and sit down so Woodrow can climb in his lap. It’s pretty much one of the cutest things ever.

Grumble Grumble

Sophie: Ma! We’re out of toona. And catnip. And someone ate all my cheese and crackers. (grumble grumble) I can’t believe what I have to put up with around here.
That last little grumble though! 😹

Tortie Love

Olive: Mama, I love you.
Mama: I love you, too.
Olive: Mama, I love your dinner.
Mama: I love my dinner, too. Now go away and let me eat in peace.
Olive: But Mama, I said I love you! That’s the universal language of sharing your dinner!

curious tortie cat


Mama: Why so grumps, Dexter?
Dexter: Two words.
Mama: Spring forward?
Dexter: This time change business, I mean really…what a racket!

grumpy tabby cat

Committed Napper

Woodrow: Mama! You didn’t tell me yesterday was National Napping Day!
Mama: Sorry, does it matter?
Woodrow: Yes! I’m so behind with my napping now.
Mama: Uh oh, you better catch up.
Woodrow: I will! But be sure to wake me at 3 for my 3:15 nap.

napping tabby cat


Harley: Hi, Mama!!!
Mama: Whoa, back up.
Harley: But I love you. I just want to be close to you, Mama.
Mama: You’re hungry, aren’t you?
Harley: No. Maybe. Probably. Yeahhhhh.
#cutecloseup #blooper

extreme close-up of siamese cat

Say Wha…?

Sophie: OMG, Mama. And a big LOL!
Mama: What’s so funny?
Sophie: IDK, but I’m ROTFL!
Mama: Sophie, have you been googling acronyms again?
Sophie: Obvi!! Srlsy, Mama, MYOB. YOLO. Amiright?
Mama: What?!?

white cat laughing

Bonus Friday Photo

Sophie: Anything good in there?
Dexter: Not really. But I’ll start passing things down so you can get a head start on rubbing your fur all over this stuff. Mama will thank us later.

cat troublemakers

What a couple of troublemakers! I turned my back for one minute while folding some linens and the cats couldn’t resist. That conveniently placed stool was for human use, not the cats!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Grumbles, Grumpy and More!

  1. That’s really sweet to wait for the pawpaw, Woodrow <3 Sophie, you're so overcute with your sweet purrs <3 You're all overcute and you did it again…Granny is smiling from ear to ear <3 Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend to all of you🐾😽💞

  2. Woodrow is a sweetie. My Millie prefers his Dad too. And Olive, I hope your mom shared dinner with you. Have a nice weekend! XO

  3. Sophie, we loved your video. And Woodrow, Gracie wants you to know she denies her mom like that sometimes. (“Oh, Dad’s home? PURRRRRRR. I love him so much. It’s been nice, Mom … see ya later!”)

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