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Chatty Cats: Necessities, Misunderstandings and More!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a nice week. We had another rain storm this week and a bit of cold weather (as you’ll see below). Other than that, it was pretty uneventful. We do have a fun and full weekend ahead, although I’m not looking forward to the time change this weekend. Is anyone?

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.

Only the Necessities

Sophie: Mama, have you seen my purse?
Mama: I didn’t know you have a purse. What do you keep in it?
Sophie: That’s quite the personal question, Mama. But let’s see…some pennies I found under the couch, a framed photo of me and Pops, my favorite scratcher, my blankie, a wand toy, a spare tub of treats, the remote you can’t find, and sometimes Dexter.
Mama: Sounds like you have a big purse.
Sophie: Yeah, which is weird that I keep losing it.

white cat wants attention

The View from Below

Mama: Are you comfy on my chest, Woodrow?
Woodrow: Not really, you keep squirming.
Mama: Oh, I’m so sorry to disturb you.
Woodrow: No need for sorrys, Mama. Just hold still for a couple more hours. I’m almost done with my nap.

tabby cat looking up

As I’ve mentioned before, 14-pound Woodrow loves to lay on my chest. This was my view this afternoon as I tried to read my book. Kindle off to the side, of course, and neck at an awkward angle to accommodate Woodrow on my chest. Can anyone else relate? Happy Caturday!

Sundays with Sophie

1) Sophie wants attention, bites Dexter.
2) Dexter turns, Sophie clamps on.
3) Dexter gnaws on vise grip.
4) Sophie is unyielding. Dexter realizes his place.

Sophie is so demanding! After she woke Dexter up by biting his shoulder, she continued to bite his neck. He eventually started grooming her and she fell asleep.

white cat and tabby cat cuddling

Better Safe Than Sorry

Dexter: Mama, this is MY drumstick. No touchy.
Mama: Don’t worry, I won’t eat it.
Dexter: I’m gonna slobber on it just in case.
Mama: Good idea. I have been known to randomly eat your toys.

Non-Needy Olive

Dexter: No crossing the line, Olive. You’ve been a little needy lately.
Olive: ME?!? Needy? You must be thinking of Sophie. Or Mama.
Dexter: I’m pretty sure it was you who demanded cuddles at 1:22, 2:30, 3:12 and 3:49 this morning.
Olive: Your point being?

tortie cat and tabby cat cuddling

Rainy Day Blanket Fort

Mama: Brr, it’s cold today!
Sophie: It’s very warm and toasty in my blanket fort.
Mama: Are you going to invite me in?
Sophie: Sadly, there’s no room for Mamas in here. But you can bring me a hot chocolate if you happen to find yourself in the kitchen needing something to do. Lots of whipped cream please, hold the hot chocolate.

white cat in blanket fort


Harley: Oh boy, what a day. I’m pooped.
Mama: Get a lot done?
Harley: No, why?
Mama: Then why are you pooped?
Harley: Did I say I’m pooped? Sorry, I meant I pooped.
#TMI #sorryaboutthat

siamese cat doing big stretch

Bonus Friday Video

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but Harley has a bit of a funny meow. It comes out kind of strangled and like a yowl. I finally got it on video this week. He does this every morning during breakfast. Sophie and Harley eat in my office, and Harley cries to get out so he can go finish off the other cats’ food downstairs. Volume up!

Do any of your cats have a funny sounding meow or cry?

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  1. we all need such a purse… with all the treasures we find in and around da house… we used the one of the mama but she disliked to have a dead berd and a bottle cap inside…

  2. I just love all your Chatty Cats makes me smile and what super gorgeous photos. Your all so adorable and Harley’s me-ow so sweet. Don’t think Spike could even beat it. Hugs and Purrs. Mom & Spike.x😻💜🐾

  3. My Sully likes to lay on my chest. If I don’t pay attention he grabs my hand, this is his way of saying I must be petting him, scratching between his ears, or under his chin. If that doesn’t work he gives me a nice love bit on my fingers.

  4. We hate “spring forward”. Less sleep, messed up routines, what’s to like? Of course the cats hate “fall back”, too. That whole “messed up routine” thing. For some reason, they’re not too concerned with the sleep thing. ;-)

  5. guyz…sneekin round de web at de food sevizz gurlz place oh employ haz all wayz;
    noe sound on de PC tho but dood we gived ya 984 pawz up on yur moovvee any way

    N tell yur mama ta go get her own toyz ta eat ;)♥♥

  6. OMC Cody does a “howl” that would make your blood curdle…….I hate it because he does it when he is angry that we aren’t giving him extra food……..it’s an AWFUL sound……seriously lol

  7. AdamCat got his name because his meow was so Adamant… I also call him James Catney once in awhile because he sounds like “mrrrwww… you’re the dirty rat who stole my dirty rat!”
    Beba doesn’t sound odd (unless she’s got the zoomies and is doing her running growl) but has turned out to be a fan of CardiB… she rarely responds to being called unless I say “Okurrrrrrr?”, then she shows up!!

    I’ve been scrolling through cat pics, prepping for the next time PoorlyDrawnCats (twitter) takes submissions.

    Hope you’re enjoying the pretty, but windy, weather today!!

  8. Kinda hard to misplace a purse that size but Sophie – you are so busy I suppose it’s possible! Love the video – Teddy doesn’t “talk” much unless we are not figuring out exactly what it is he wants. He’s good at communicating without saying anything usually but if we aren’t attentive enough to notice his movements, he’ll use his high pitched “girlie” meow to great effect! We SOOO love your weekly conversations – and photos. Precious!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  9. So many great pictures this week. My 18 pound Chris likes to lay across my neck sometimes. That’s pleasant. He also has a funny purr. It sounds more like heavy breathing.

  10. Harley’s video is so sweet! That is a very big purse you have, Sophie. I suppose if you want to put all those things in it that it needs to be big.

  11. “The View From Below”: Yes, we can relate! We’ve had many sore necks because we contort ourselves to ensure our kittie’ comfort. :)

    We LOVE Harley’s video. So sweet!