Chatty Cats: Laughing, Buddies and More!

Happy Friday! It’s been another uneventful week around here, although I’m not complaining about that. Next week, we’ll have company in town, which I’m very much looking forward to. Check back next week to see if the cats enjoyed the company! Do your cats do well with visitors?

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.

Laughing Tortie

Olive: OMG, did you see what Mama was wearing today? 😹
Harley: That’s mean, Olive. Mama always looks nice.
Olive: …
Harley: Okay yes, it may have been a regrettable choice. But you’re still being mean.

adorable laughing tortie cat with judgy siamese cat

Saturday Sun

The sun is shining, the doors are open, and Woodrow is enjoying the warmth on his cute pink nose. Happy Caturday!
Woodrow: Mama, don’t forget to tell everyone that I say hello.
Mama: Everyone, Woodrow says hello.
Woodrow: And that I love them.
Mama: And he loves you.

tabby cat in sunshine

Tired Tabby

Dexter: Oh geez, Mama. Sunday afternoons got me like… yawn
Mama: Naptime?
Dexter: Indeed.

yawning (and adorable) tabby cat

Beautiful Tortie

Mama: Olive, you’re such a beautiful tortie.
Olive: As if there’s any other kind, Mama.

beautiful tortie cat

Cuddle Buddies

Sophie: Life is better with a cuddle buddy, don’t you think?
Dexter: Yep.
Sophie: I love you, Dexter.

two cats cuddling

If you look closely behind Sophie’s ear, you can see where her fur is out of place from Dexter grooming her. I like to think she’s giving him a hug to say thanks.

Love Your Human Day

Mama: Harley, did you know that today is National Love Your Pet Day?
Harley: So?
Mama: So, can I get a hug?
Harley: Is it also National Love Your Human Day?
Mama: Yes? I mean YES!
Olive: Don’t do it, Harley! She’ll expect a hug from all of us.

cute Siamese cat

Harley is actually very loving in his own way (like the previously mentioned head bonks). As for Olive, she’s a huge lovebug. She’ll go and sit right next to Ross on the couch and tap him for some attention or just give the softest little mew – and then she’ll roll over on her back for some belly rubs. How do your cats show they love you? Or how do they ask for attention?

In Need of Friday

Woodrow: Mama, will Friday be here soon?
Mama: Very soon.
Woodrow: I’m so over this week.
Mama: All that napping and snoozing too much for you?
Woodrow: See, you get it.

stretching tabby cat

Bonus Friday Bloopers

And this is why Sophie is known as the mischievous goofball. Yesterday, I opened the door in my office a bit so Sophie could watch the wind and rain. Next thing, I look over and…

white cat stuck between door and screen

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

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21 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Laughing, Buddies and More!

  1. CUTE photos as always. About company: Teddy loves people to stop by. He’s constantly hugging legs and giving head bonks – sadly our main visitor from next door is allergic to cats so she has to be careful she doesn’t touch her eyes after petting Ted. He doesn’t QUITE understand that. Teddy is a very loving boy with his Momma – he comes over and asks me to pick him up and hold him in my lap on his back while I talk to him. He closes his eyes and “play sleeps”…….that lasts all of four minutes at the most before he’s off to do something else. I love those “moments” though!!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. I’m always so happy when the “Three Chatty Cats …” post pops up in my email! It’s like I forget every time so it’s such a nice surprise at the end of the week. It always makes me smile (or laugh out loud) and is such a lovely start to the morning. So thank you! For the past, for the now, for the future. ;-)

  3. Oh Sophie, you are so funny getting yourself into tight places! I love the photo of her snuggled with Dexter.

  4. Olive, I agree that all torties are beautiful. You shouldn’t laugh at your mom though. Enjoy your company next week. XO

  5. So sweet! We love “Saturday Sun” and “Cuddle Buddies” best of all, but these conversations are ALL so special. Happy weekend, sweet friends. :)

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