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Chatty Cats: Distracted, Bloopers and More!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a wonderful week. It’s still rainy and cold here, which means lots of cuddles. Can’t complain about that! I think we had one day of sunshine this week, but other than that, every time I turned around the cats were huddled together as if we didn’t live here in Southern California. Keep in mind that cold here means we were in the 60s all week.

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.

Cuddle Pile

Olive: Dexter, I know Mama wants you to be a lap cat, but I think she meant her lap, not mine.
Dexter: Beggers can’t be choosers.
Olive: My body is asleep.

tabby cat laying on top of tortie cat


Sophie: Come here, Mama. I have a secret.
Mama: Is it that you’re super cute?
Sophie: That’s no secret!
Mama: What’s your secret then?
Sophie: To being super cute?
Mama: No, you said you have a secret.
Sophie: Did I? Sorry, I got distracted by my cuteness.

adorable white cat distracted by her own cutenes

Snoozing with Woodrow

Woodrow: Hey, Mama. Mama, wake up.
Mama: What?
Woodrow: You’re so peaceful when you sleep.
Mama: Um, thanks?
Woodrow: I could watch you for hours.
Mama: Please don’t.

goofy tabby cat #blep

Woodrow’s tongue often hangs out, and it’s easy to see when he lays on me like this. He gets really close to my face and this shot was taken while he was on my chest today. It’s a lazy Sunday here and he’s been glued to me while I read my book (and yes, snooze a little). We hope you’re having a cuddle-filled Sunday!

Heart-Shaped Treats

Mama: Here Olive, I give you my heart.
Olive: LAME! But give me the treat, Mama.
#nomnomnom #tortieblooper

A Groomy and a Snoozy

Sophie: grunt
Sophie: slurp
Sophie: gnaw
Sophie: zzz
#groomhard #snoozehard


Mama: Head bonk time, Harley?
Harley: Let’s do this, Mama.

handsome Siamese cat

As you can see, Harley takes his head bonking seriously. He’s got his game face on here. Harley loves to head bunt me (aka head butt, head bonk). It was one of the first things he did to show affection, way before kneading in my lap, laying on my chest or sleeping on my face. Does your cat give you head bonks of love?

Happy Valentine’s Day

Mama: What’s wrong, Woodrow?
Woodrow: Do you think everyone will like my bow tie? I wanted to go with something festive for today, but I’m not sure pink is my color.
Mama: Woodrow, you would look good in any color.
Woodrow: Aww, you’re making me blush. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mama.
Mama: Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

tabby cat in valentine's day bow tie

On this cold and rainy day (in SoCal at least), Woodrow wants to wish everyone a very happy and love-filled Valentine’s Day! ❤❤❤❤❤

Bonus Friday Bloopers

For yesterday’s Valentine’s Day photo, I first tried to get one of the cats to pose with a bouquet of kittens that I’d received a few years ago ( – but they’re sold out). However, the cats had other plans and none of the shots turned out. Either they were blurry or had an unintended prop flying through (tricks of the trade, amiright?). Btw, one is Dexter and one is Woodrow. Can you tell them apart?

Any fun plans for your weekend?

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  1. What a great batch of catching up photos with your crew….looks like a lot of love happened for Valentine’s week. Teddy is a MAJOR head bonker and he is also quite the “dancer”…..he never quite stands still. The head bonk “thing” was what made me fall in love with him at the shelter though. Too darn cute. Just like your Harley!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. It is midday and sunny here. The temperature has reached 52F which feels like a lovely warm spring day.
    You are very cute, Sophie, and Olive and Dexter are the cutest cuddlers.
    You are all looking lovely and I enjoy your conversations.

  3. I love the bouquet of kittens. Olive and Dexter are such cute snuggle buddies. And I am distracted by your cuteness Sophie. Nice tongue Woodrow. XO