tabby cat and tortie cat cuddling

Chatty Cats: Teefies, Forts and More!

Happy Friday! It’s been a quiet and rainy week around here. But quiet can be nice, right? And we definitely need the rain in Southern California. We even had hail on Tuesday. Any change from clear and sunny always gets our attention. And it’s not over yet – the rain will be back this weekend. It will be the perfect kind of weekend to curl up with a good book and a cat or two.

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.

Teefies Check

Woodrow: Hey, Ma! I gots anything in mah teefies?
Mama: Nope, looks good, Woodrow.
Woodrow: Kay, thanks!

tabby cat yawning

The Uncrushable Fort

Sophie: It’s a fort kind of day, Mama.
Mama: Maybe you shouldn’t build your fort on my bed. I almost crushed you!
Sophie: That’s okay, Mama. I’ll just install some steel rebar to reinforce the roof.
Mama: Doesn’t sound like my bed will be very comfy anymore.
Sophie: But my fort will be uncrushable. So it’s a win-win!

white cat in blanket fort

I went to sit on the bed today to pet Olive and Dexter (who were above the covers). I leaned over what I thought was a blanket bump. Nope, it was a cat bump! Sophie has been crawling under the blankets the last few days because it’s been colder than usual. I have to be careful to pat the blankets now. Do your cats crawl under the blankets?

What’s Dat?

Woodrow: Mama, there’s something down there. Don’t let it get me.
Mama: It’s a sock, Woodrow. I don’t think it’ll get you.
Woodrow: You don’t THINK it will get me? So there’s a chance it will?
Mama: Maybe.
Woodrow: Mama!!!

worried tabby cat

Cheese Snob

Mama: Olive, did you see who stole my piece of cheese?
Olive: Um, no.
Mama: Really…
Olive: Mama, my tongue has a mind of its own. It LOVES cheese! Camembert, if you’ve got it.

tortie cat licking lips

Between Cats

Dexter: I love you, Olive.
Olive: I know.

tortie cat and tabby cat in basket

Warmed Whiskers

Harley: Look, Mama! The sun is finally back.
Mama: Yep, but it’s still pretty cold outside.
Harley: That’s okay. I just want to warm my whiskers in the sun.

Siamese cat in box looking out window

We’ve had rain (and even hail) the last several days. Dark and gloomy is finally bright and sunny. But we’re in for rain again soon. The cats are all in sunpuddles around the house for now, though. Hope your kitties are warm and cozy wherever you are!

Paw Master

Dexter: Mama, have you groomed your paws today?
Mama: Uh, not yet?
Dexter: I’ll help you. I’m an excellent groomer of the paws.
Mama: Groomer of the paws, eh?
Dexter: They don’t call me Sir Groomy-Groomer de Paw for nothing.
Mama: Who calls you that?
Dexter: Um, no one calls me that. (whispering) Will you call me that, Mama?

tabby cat grooming paw

Bonus Friday Photos

Here are the rest of the shots from Woodrow’s magnificent yawn above.

tabby cat yawning

tabby cat yawning

tabby cat with tongue out

Be honest…did Woodrow make you yawn?

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  1. Oh how I love these conversations! I find myself smiling SO BIG by the end of the posts – that’s a gift that not everyone is able to give but you do it every time. Thanks for that!!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. I sit and read out your conversations to Spike my boy….pawsome photos today and I did have a smile your all so gorgeous and loveable. Looks like we will be staying in today as it’s very stormy out. Hugs and Purrs. Mom and Spike.x😻💜🐾🐾

  3. I love those wrinkly noses when they yawn!
    Flynn used to get under the duvet. The first time he did it he was half grown and had curled up close to the pillows so there wasn’t a lump visible in the bed.
    We spent an hour or more panicking and looking for him. He eventually crawled out yawning. We always called him the mole when he hid under there. He would get under the duvet at night too and snuggle into my tummy.

  4. Such cuties. I would steal cheese too Olive. A few of my cats like to be under cover like Millie and Joanie. Have a nice weekend! XO

  5. That first pic of Woodrow looks exactly like one of my photos. And that pic of Sophie looks like one we have of Syssi. Please tell me that all cats don’t look alike.

  6. Woodrow made us MOL all over the place, he’s such a cutie…well…actually they all are. Always love to see and hear the conversations. I like to sleep under a blankie, but only when Grandpaw covers me…🤔or was it that Grandpaw likes to cover me and I purretend to like it🤔Your whiskers look very curlie today, Harley…MOL.. Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend to all of you🐾😽💞

  7. We’ve been watching the weather reports, and saw you all have been getting lots of that wet stuff. Glad the sun came out a little. And Woodrow … nice teefs!

  8. Wowy, Woodrow your fangs are amazing and still nice and long! I have two chipped fangs. They were like that when Mom adopted me, so she doesn’t know their back story.

  9. Woodrow, I like your fierce photos and it’s been wet around our house too but we’ve got the white stuff. None of the Tribe is interested in setting a paw out on the upstairs deck – it’s COLD!!
    Stay safe and warm my furiends,
    Alberto and The Tribe of Five