Chatty Cats: Pawsies, Awkward and More!

Happy Friday! Anyone watching the big Bowl this weekend? And by that, you know I mean the Kitten Bowl, right? We’re not a sports family over here, but I’ve heard that one of the local teams is playing (the Los Angeles Rams). So, I imagine I’ll be hearing lots of whoops and hollers from the neighbors. Whichever Bowl you decide to watch (or not watch), I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this week!

Floofy Mancat

Harley: Mama, some big cat is following me around!
Mama: That’s you, Harley. It’s your shadow.
Harley: But I’m so floofy!
Mama: Yep, you’re quite floofy.
Harley: My mind is blown, Mama. I knew I was awesome, but this could be too much awesome for one cat! Avert your eyes, Mama. Who knows what this much floofy awesomeness will do to mere humans.

floofy mancat and his shadow

Whose Paws?

Mama: Quick! Whose pawsies are these? Hint, it’s not Olive or Harley. That leaves Dexter, Sophie or Woodrow!

white cat paws

Pawsies Revealed

Woodrow: Mama, do I have girlie pawsies?
Mama: I’m not sure there’s such a thing, but why do you ask?
Woodrow: Because yesterday so many people thought my pawsies were Sophie’s! Are my paws too small? Have I lapsed in my grooming? Do they look like her dirty toes?
Mama: Some thought they were Dexter’s paws.
Woodrow: Ugh! I don’t even want to go there.
Mama: Don’t worry, Woodrow. Your paws are perfect just like you are.
At the time of revealing Woodrow’s paws, the guessing breakdown was 53% Sophie, 27% Dexter and 19% Woodrow. Woodrow is happy that his grandma guessed correctly. Or else he’d never sit on her lap again!

handsome tabby cat

Honest Sophie

Sophie: Mama, may I please come out of my room now?
Mama: Are you going to pounce on Olive again?
Sophie: Only when you’re not looking.

adorable white cat

Olive at Your Service

Mama: What are you doing on my towels, Olive?
Olive: I’m keeping them warm for you, Mama. Don’t you like a warm towel after your shower?
Mama: I’d prefer a non-furry towel.
Olive: Well, I can’t help you there. I’m only a towel warmer, not a de-furrer. That’s asking too much of me, Mama.

snuggly tortie cat

Awkward Dexter

Mama: Want to take a Whisker Wednesday shot?
Dexter: Uh, okay. (smiles)
Mama: You’re so awkward, Dexter.
Dexter: I know.
Mama: Just own it.
Dexter: I do.

awkward tabby cat smiling

Cat Cuddle

Sophie: Rainy days are perfect for cuddles and hugs.
Mama: Do I get a hug, too?
Sophie: Rainy days are perfect for cuddles and hugs between cats.

white cat and tabby cat cuddling

Bonus Friday Photo

Dexter: I would give you a hug, Mama, but Sophie said no.
Mama: And you always listen to Sophie?
Dexter: Don’t you?
Mama: (whispering) Yes.

white cat and tabby cat cuddling

We hope all our kitty (and human) friends stay warm this weekend!

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25 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Pawsies, Awkward and More!

  1. I know your all very clever so can you tell me if I will be able to watch the kitten bowl and cat bowl as I stay in Scotland. If I can what time and what channel? Thank you.x💜😻🐾🐾🐾

  2. Nope not watching the Kitten Bowl OR the Puppy Bowl here……imagine that!! BWWWWAHHH, we’re all Super Bowl. (for some reason your blog isn’t storing my info……grrrrrrrrr…….)

  3. I don’t get any of the channels showing kitty, puppy, or dog bowls. I’ll probably watch a movie while, like you, hearing shouts throughout the neighborhood. If the Rams win, I’m sure there will also be illegal fireworks and mortar rounds (courtesy of the jerk on the next block).

  4. Olive , you are the cutest towel warmer. I love all your photos, especially the ones of you guys cuddling. XO

  5. Woodrow! We totally guessed that they were your mancatly paws!

    Yeah, we’d rather watch the Kitten Bowl any day, too. :)

  6. You guys are all so cute! And what are we doing today? As soon as we finish commenting, Mom will lay on the sofa reading a book and I will lay on top of her and the stupor bowl may (or may not) play in the background.

  7. MOL :D I’m not sure who’s pawsies that are, but they’re looking absolutely great😺 The fang too Dexter :) You all look so cute and cuddly. We’re smiling from ear to ear again :D Pawkisses for a wonderful week ahead🐾😽💞

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