Chatty Cats: Shadows, Cuddles and More!

We’ve arrived at another Friday! Raise your paw if you’re happy about that (all paws raised here!). It’s been a very rainy week here in Southern California. I don’t mind the rain and certainly welcome it to help with drought conditions. But our poor dog Eddie hates the rain, so it’s been a tough week for him. I think he wishes he had an indoor litter box.

Here’s what the cats have been chatting about this past week.

Treat Thief

Dexter: Mama, Olive stole my treat again.
Olive: What?!? I would never!
Dexter: This is the second time this week.
Olive: Maybe someone should eat their treats faster. I can’t be blamed for your slow eating habits.

#tabbycat and indignant #tortiecat

Face Sleeper Problems

Harley: Mama, I’ve got a bone to pick with your face.
Mama: What’s wrong with my face?
Harley: I was sleeping on it last night and it’s too lumpy.
Mama: I assume you mean my cheekbone that you were laying on? Maybe you should find a new place to sleep that’s not my face.
Harley: I most certainly will not! You should just de-lump your face, Mama.

handsome siamese cat

In the early morning hours, Harley moves from the end of the bed up to my pillow. Occasionally, he decides to sleep on my face. I don’t know how it’s comfy for him. It certainly isn’t for me. But I’d rather him sleep on my face than not with me at all. Do your cats sleep in weird places? Like on your face?

Iz dat yummy?

Sophie: Mama, I sees that you haz ice cream.
Mama: You sees correctly.
Sophie: It looks yummy.
Mama: It is yummy. Mint chocolate chip…my favorite.
Sophie: I wish I could know if it was my favorite, too.

white cat begging for ice cream

Feeling Better

Mama: Are you feeling better, Woodrow?
Woodrow: I think so, Mama. But an extra treat tonight would probably help me feel even more better. Like the most bestest I’ve ever felt.

handsome tabby cat in armchair

Woodrow went to the vet shortly after we got back from vacation for a little URI flare-up. He had gunk coming from one eye and the vet noted very mild upper airway congestion. He’s halfway through his seven days of meds and is already back to his normal treat-begging self.

The Shadow Doesn’t Get It

Dexter: Another photo? Geez, Mama! Between you and your camera – and Sophie always being my shadow…I can’t get a moment’s peace around here!
Sophie: Yeah, Mama! We can’t get a moment’s peace around here!

tabby cat and shadow white cat


Harley: Hey guys, you look pretty comfy there. Are you looking for another cuddle buddy?
Dexter: Move along, Harley. Three’s a crowd.

siamese cat wants to cuddle

Harley has never shown any interest in cuddling with another cat. But yesterday, he went up to Woodrow and head bunted him twice!!! Woodrow then went to groom Harley’s head, but he got all Woodrowy-awkward and gave him a love bite instead. Harley of course took offense and left. But baby steps, amiright? Woodrow doesn’t cuddle with other cats either. Just humans. But he has shown interest in grooming Sophie before. But not humans. Got all that? What about your cats? Are they cuddlers, groomers, love biters?

Belly Check

Woodrow: Okay, Mama. I’m ready for my belly check.
Mama: Woodrow! How many times have I told you…I don’t need to sign off on your grooming. It was one time that I said something after finding some litter stuck to your bum.
Woodrow: It was very embarrassing, Mama.
Mama: Well, I’m sorry I said anything. Your belly looks good. Wait, did you miss a spot right there?
Woodrow: Mama!!!
Mama: Only joking. Your belly is perfect, just like you.

tabby cat sitting like human

Bonus Friday Photo

Sophie is a big goof…even when cuddling.

goofy white cat

Have a wonderful weekend!

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19 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Shadows, Cuddles and More!

  1. These are some good ones. Occasionally FB will show me one and then I see it here and think it’s a rerun but it’s all OK. I can’t believe Sophie didn’t rate any ice cream with that pleading face.

  2. woodrow…best fishez two ewe dood for continmewed improve mint….a coldz been
    floatinn round trout towne N de bass terd iz takin itz time a leevin….st francis’ blessings
    two ewe for lotz oh healthee ~~ ♥♥

  3. You are all so cute and cuddly. I have none that sleep on my face, but my Sammy sleeps in my hair which makes it tough for me to move around :)

  4. I love all those expressions and the conversations to go with them.
    Eric used to sleep across the top of my head, and Flynn would lie on my chest with his head shoved under my chin making it impossible to move my head through the night.

  5. We agree with Harley. Human faces are uncomfortable to sleep on. You folks should do something to help us be more comfortable. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

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