The Humans Go On Vacation

Since the cats have been grumbling about it nonstop, you may know that we (the humans) recently went on vacation. Where did we go, you ask? Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida! I thought it would be fun to share some of our vacation photos – and show you some of the cats we saw while on vacation.

Walt Disney World

What’s funny is that we live very close to Disneyland in Southern California. In fact, some nights we can hear their fireworks. We visit Disneyland once or twice a year when visitors are in town. But I’ve never been to Disney World (which is a total of four theme parks), so we thought it would be fun to take a vacation there.

We stayed at the Grand Floridian. Below is a photo I snapped of the resort as we took a boat from the hotel to the theme park.

Grand Floridian

Here’s a shot at the entrance of the Magic Kingdom, which is the equivalent of Disneyland in California.

Magic Kingdom

And here’s Cinderella’s Castle all lit up at night.

Cinderella's Castle

Now, onto the cats!

Cats on Vacation

The first cat I saw was actually at Disney Springs, which is not part of the theme parks but rather an outdoor shopping/dining district a few miles away from the parks. Ross and I were walking across a small bridge and he pointed out this young cat. It was quite a distance away and not easily accessible to this cat lover. (I probably would’ve been asked to leave had I tried to reach him.)

Feral cat at Disney Springs

About Feral Cats at Disneyland

Living near Disneyland in California, I’m very familiar with the feral cats that live at the theme park. There is a team of cast members (as Disney employees are called) that care for the cats, which includes TNR and vaccinations. They also have designated feeding areas in the park (away from the public, of course). I’ve also heard that they adopt out any cats that are deemed friendly to cast members.

However, I haven’t heard the same about Disney World. And while this cat that I saw did appear healthy (and was playing with the blowing leaves), I didn’t see an ear tip. I would imagine that Disney in Orlando is aware of any stray or feral cats on their properties. I would hope that they care for them at the same level that Disneyland in California does.

Note that you can follow the Disneyland Cats on Instagram! @disneylandcats

Big Cats

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a safari that guests can take and see various wildlife throughout the park. While I’m not a huge fan of animals in captivity, Disney does help endangered species. And they have their Disney World Conservation Fund, which awarded $5 Million to various conservation and wildlife organizations last year.

On the safari, we saw these two beautiful lions. The photos are a bit grainy because we were obviously pretty far away from them.

lion at Disney's Animal Kingdom

lion at Disney's Animal Kingdom

More Cats!

At Disney’s Epcot, which features different international pavilions, I saw this cat in Mexico from the movie Coco. At the Mexico Pavilion, I also bought two adorable cat statues for our cat sitter. I forgot to snap a photo of them, but envision colorful Mexican folk graphics in the style of Día de los Muertos. One was purple (her favorite color) and the other green.

Cat at Mexico Pavilion in Epcot

While in Orlando, we of course had to visit Universal Studios to check out Harry Potter. These two signs were in Diagon Alley.

And while this isn’t a cat, it’s pretty impressive! This is the dragon that is perched atop the Gringotts Bank in Diagon Alley. It even breathes real fire every 15 minutes!

Diagon Alley Dragon

And lastly, here are the souvenirs I came home with. Cat pins and a cat lady shirt!

Disney Cat Pins

Disney Cat Lady t-shirt

As a whole, Harry Potter was definitely my favorite part of the trip. But Disney does everything so well – from attractions and rides to the atmosphere and pleasantness of their cast members. But of course the best part of the trip was actually coming home to our own pets.

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20 thoughts on “The Humans Go On Vacation

  1. Oh my! What a fun visit you had – a million years ago (more or less) when I lived in Clearwater, Florida for a few years, we went to Disney World – it was in its’ infancy but still had lots of very fun things to see and do. I’m glad you had a break – everyone needs one and I love your souvenir choices.

    Hugs, Pam

  2. That really is a magical place! I seem to recall that the crew in FL tried to “get rid” of their ferals several years ago but an outcry from cat loves changed their mind.

    1. That’s too bad to hear. But yay for cat lovers uniting! Disney World should take a clue from Disneyland, I guess!

  3. We went to Disneyland before we went on cruises 3 times and really enjoyed it. It is good to let your inner child surface again.
    I hope they do look after the cats.

  4. Looks like you had a great trip. I wish I could snatch that little kitten up. The Grand Floridian is the best, we stayed there 29 years ago , when we were dating ( I know, I am old :) ).

  5. It looks like you and Ross had a purrfect vacation! It’s funny, when I saw you went to Disney World, I thought to myself, “but they live so close to Disneyland.” But you’re right … totally different experience! Glad you guys had fun, and I LOVE the cat theme to your post. :)

  6. I’m sure everyone has filled you in about how they chased and killed all the ferals that the staff were feeding at the Orlando Disney World. It was a big deal several years back so you can ax Mr. Google. My furrend Herbie’s peeps and human sister go to Disney World at least 4 times a year. His peeps are obsessed with it.

  7. oh what a pawesome recap!!! I haven’t been to Disney World since the 70s (before you were born! lol)…….I love how Disney cares for their ferals, I had read that a while back. I LOVE your “big cat” photos!

  8. with the new price increase, I’m pretty sure I’ll never get to visit DLand again. But I hope to still enjoy cocktails and fireworks viewing in Downtown Disney.
    I love all the pics! And the cat pins!! And the little kitten!!
    Cinderella’s Castle looks STUNNING!!

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