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Chatty Cats: Proof, Stuffed and More!

Happy Friday! Just as things wind down from Christmas, we’re preparing for the New Year! And by preparing, I mean eating and snoozing. This applies to both the humans and the cats of this household.

While Ross and I stayed in town for the holidays, we do have a fun vacation planned, and we leave toward the end of next week! The cats are happy that their fave cat sitter will be staying at the house with them. It will be interesting to see what they chat about while we’re away.

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past holiday week.

Obtaining Proof

Mama: Sophie, what are you doing with my camera?
Sophie: I’m testing placement and light setup for Christmas Eve.
Mama: Why?
Sophie: I’m gonna get proof that Santa exists! Harley says he doesn’t and then he bet me five tunas and two catnips that he’s not real. Harley’s such a sucker. It’s like taking candy from a baby.

white cat sets up camera to catch Santa

Tummy Waits for No Clock

Harley: Mama, I’m not saying we’re mad, but you’re late with our midnight snack.
Mama: It’s not midnight for another three hours.
Harley: Mama, I’m not saying I know how to tell time, but feed us now.

Siamese cat with other cats waiting to eat

Feisty Dexter

Mama: Dexter, I told you that you can’t open your Secret Paws presents until Christmas!
Dexter: Calm down, woman! I’m just guarding them until Tuesday morning.
Mama: Excuse me?
Dexter: I mean, I love you, Mama.

tabby cat wants Christmas presents

Woodrow Makes the Nice List (according to himself)

Woodrow Ponders the Naughty/Nice List: “Hmm, will I end up on Santa’s naughty list? Nah, how could I? Perhaps a look back at the year will be telling. There was that time or two (or three) when I tore open the treat bag…phffft, every cat does that. In fact, you have to do that to pass the test to be a cat. So that wouldn’t land me on the naughty list. Let’s see, what about my weekly chase of Olive around the house? Just helping her with her cardio. That’s totally a nice thing to do. I cuddle with Mom and Dad every day. That’s like a gazillion nice points for sure. Counter surfing, perhaps negative 10 points. Eating the doggy’s food. Eh, negative five at most. You know, I do pose for all of Mama’s photos so nicely. I’m like the perfect model. Positive another gazillion points. So yeah, I’m sure to be on the nice list. Another year done…and I nailed it with the niceness. Good job, me.”

(Cute) Christmas Cat

Sophie: Is it time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Mama?
Mama: Yep, it’s time!
Sophie: (ehem) Friends, we want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. We hope it’s filled with laughter, love and good noms. Thank you for your friendship this year and for thinking I’m the cutest cat of all my siblings.
Mama: Sophie!
Sophie: Merry Christmas!!!

cute white cat in Christmas outfit


Mama: Holiday food coma?
Sophie: Yeah, I’m pretty stuffed.
Mama: Just a light dinner tonight then?
Sophie: Light dinner. You’re hilarious, Mama.

adorable white cat is tired

The Tree Stays

Harley: Don’t come one step closer…
Mama: I’m sorry, Harley. But the tree has to come down at some point.
Harley: You’re dead to me, Mama.

Siamese cat guards Christmas tree

Out of all our cats, Harley loves the Christmas tree the most. Whenever I hear the ornament bells jingling, I’m sure to find Harley next to the tree or under it. He was a foster cat with us last Christmas, and one of the first times he ever ventured downstairs was to be under the Christmas tree.

Bonus Friday Photo

Look at those pawsies. This gal is too cute. And she knows how to relax.

cute white cat sleeping in cat cute

Any fun plans for the weekend?

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  1. Great recap……we’re all exhausted here too and there might be a touch of food coma going around as well. I say keep that holiday feeling going as long as we can!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

  2. You are all such cuties. You really crack me up Sophie wanting leftovers :) Keep believing in Santa. And the tree can stay up longer. We keep ours up until Jan. 6th for the 3 Kings which is also my hubby’s b’day. XO

  3. I am glad you all had a good Christmas.
    We were away for a few days, and where we were staying the internet was almost non existent so I wasn’t able to come around and comment until today.

  4. I think these were the cutest ever!!! The setting the camera one cracked me up and the stink eye you were getting from the kitties for not serving their midnight snack fast enough, too cute!

  5. Harley, we feel ya! We wish the tree could stay up year-round, too.

    And Sophie, how’d your proof pictures turn out???