Secret Paws

Secret Paws!

We hope everyone had a nice Christmas. We sure did – especially the cats, due to the awesome Secret Paws presents they received from none other than the famous Stunning Keisha! The cats couldn’t believe that such a cool cat sent them so many Christmas goodies. Thank you to Cathy Keisha and The Woman!

Let’s see what the cats thought of their presents.

Secret Paws

Mama: Kitties, come see what your Secret Paw sent!

Secret Paws Presents

Dexter: Oh, you mean you’re finally gonna let us open the presents? We’ve been waiting for like a decade, Mama.
Mama: If a decade means a week, then you’re right – you’ve been waiting a decade.
Dexter: Yeah, that’s what said. A decade. Hey look, guys! Stunning Keisha is our Secret Paw! I’m pretty sure there’s not a cooler cat around than CK.

tabby cat with Christmas presents

Dexter: Hey, what’s this? These two say Rachel. I thought these presents were for us!

tabby cat with Christmas presents

Olive: Get over yourself, Dexter. And move. I wanna check these out.

tortie cat with Christmas presents

Sophie: Mama, I call everything in the stocking! Okay? Agreed? Answer me, Mama!

white cat with Christmas presents

Woodrow: I want dis one, Mama. I’m gonna chomp it!

tabby cat plays with toy

Mama: What about you, Olive? Which toy do you want?
Olive: What do you think, Mama?
Mama: Ah, of course. The tortie starlet chooses the sunglasses.

Mousie: Hey you, wanna hug?
Dexter: Hmm…you smell funny. Why?
Mousie: You don’t want to know, Dexter. You really don’t want to know…

tabby cat and toy mouse

Woodrow: Mama, treats! I want these. NOW!

Mama: Woodrow, how about you come say thank you to CK and TW before treats.
Woodrow: Okay, but let me get my fancy bow tie on first. I need to look good for CK. And get in real close on me, Mama. I want CK to see how handsome I am.
Mama: Okay, I think you’re good to go.

Woodrow thanks CK and TW from Stunning Keisha

tabby cat with his Christmas presents

Mama: And thank you very much for my presents as well! I love stationery items, and the cat ears are the cutest. And the lapel pin is wonderful! I love that it helped Oliver Twist. Thank you for spoiling the cats this year! You really outdid yourselves and the cats couldn’t be happier.

cat ears stationery

"please adopt" cat pin

Thank you to Paula at Sweet Purrfections for organizing Secret Paws!

Secret Paws Gift Exchange

P.S. Why Mousie Smells Funny

Mousie: Woodrow! WOODROW! Watch where you’re sitting! Incoming!!!

tabby cat sits on toy mouse

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  1. Uhoh……you think think the mousie smells funny – imagine what the mousie thought when he got SAT ON! You all got a GREAT pile of goodies from the amazing CK. You should have lots to do and play with (and eat)f or days. We didn’t do Secret Paws this year just the Cat Scouts exchange, but Secret Paws is amazing isn’t it.

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. I’m glad you liked your prezzies. After seeing your 12 Days of Christmas giveaways, TW didn’t know what to give you that you didn’t already have. The white shmousie toy is a rare Ikea shmousie. Just marinate in nip for the total experience. And Woodrow, thanks for the kind words. You are a handsome cat. *wink* Hope you like peacock feathers as much as I do.

  3. Oh boy, how lucky you guys are that CK was your Secret Paws! Don’t they send the best gifts? We were lucky enough to receive a package from them a few years ago. You will be very busy in the coming year playing with all those cool toys!


  4. That was a wonderful package of goodies from CK and TW. The last photo made me laugh, poor mousie!