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Chatty Cats: Kisses, Cuteness and More!

We’ve arrived at another Friday – and wow am I looking forward to the weekend! As most of you know, we’ve been hosting 12 Days of Giveaways that ended this week (a few are still open!). Read our recap post from yesterday to see all of the companies and products we featured – and feel free to enter any that are still open.

Commentathon Update: Day 8 was the My Dirty Paws commentathon to help animals affected by wildfires in both Northern and Southern California. I ended up with exactly 50 comments. So, I will be doubling the $1 donation per comment and will donate an even $100 to The Humane Society of Ventura County who took in and helped animals affected by the Woolsey Fire in Southern California. And Stacy from My Dirty Paws is donating the proceeds from the tote bag giveaway to North Valley Animal Disaster Group to assist with Camp Fire relief (in addition to the month’s worth of her online shop proceeds that she already donated!). Thank you to everyone who commented.

Now, let’s see what the cats were chatting about this past week.

Poor Mama

Woodrow: Mama, I know it’s Friday night and it’s usually my party night. But I’m tired. I had a really long week. All I want to do is get in my jammies, climb into bed with a hot cocoa and fall asleep early.
Mama: Sounds perfect. Can I join you?
Woodrow: No.

tired tabby cat

Caturday Kisses

Caturdays are for big wet kisses. ~Dexter

tabby cat grooming white cat

When You’re Too Cute

Sophie: Mama, I really like this hat that Grandma made me, but I look too cute.
Mama: What’s wrong with that?
Sophie: Whenever I look this cute, Daddy won’t stop cuddling me.
Mama: So?
Sophie: It’s been like five hours and I have to use the litter.

white cat in hat with cat dad

Sophie’s grandma (my mom) crocheted her this hat. There are holes for her ears to stick out, but it’s a tad too big. Nonetheless, she looks adorable.

How Rude!

Mama: Is that your Monday face, Olive?
Olive: No, it’s just my face.
Mama: My bad. You look beautiful, Olive.

grumpy tortie cat

Quality Inspector

Mama: Okay, who broke the ottoman?
Harley: Uh, it wasn’t me.
Mama: Who broke it then?
Harley: That doesn’t matter. I think the important lesson we learned here is that you need to buy better quality furniture.

Siamese cat on broken furniture

Who Will Win?

Sophie: Woodrow, I called savesies on that.
Woodrow: Well, I call big brother rights.
Sophie: That’s not a thing. But I call cutest cat rights.
Woodrow: I call I’m already here rights.
Dexter: I call silencio!

surprised tabby cat

Strictly Enforced

Dexter: Sophie, I know you like to cuddle, but you don’t have to lay on top of me all the time.
Sophie: Read the contract, Dexter. Section 82, clause 4.775-4. Now shhh, I’d like to groom in peace.

tabby cat and white cat

Bonus Friday Video

Here’s some behind the scenes footage of Sophie hard at work while I was building the cat tree I featured during 12 Days. She claims she was on box inspecting duty.

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

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  1. I’ve begged my mother to crochet or knit cutesy things for my kitties, but she’s said NO! Really, her own grandcats…and the only grandchildren that she’ll ever get from me…DENIED! Harrumph!
    Love the image of Sophie and her daddy; such snuggle bunnies!

  2. Great hat Sophie, I would cuddle you for 5 hours too. And Woodrow, you would never deny your mom. You re all so adorable. XO