Chatty Cats: Fred, Thanksgiving and More!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Did you eat lots of turkey? Did you give lots of thanks? I did one of those things (no turkey for this vegetarian). Stick around for the bonus photo below for a sneak peek of where I spent my Thanksgiving. Then check back on Sunday for the full story. And, be sure to check back on Wednesday next week for a fun announcement on the blog!

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.


Sophie: Mama, did you just say NO to me? I’m shocked! SHOCKED! You don’t say no to the Sophie. You just don’t!
Mama: But I just did.
Sophie: Mama, I’m only going to say this once more. Pick me up like I so kindly asked and carry me to the other room. Hey! Don’t walk away from the Sophie!

goofy white cat with crossed blue eyes

Tortie Tocks

Olive: Mama, I swear…if you take a photo of me like this and put it on the internets…
Mama: I would never! 📸

silly tortie cat climbing into #chewybox

No Regrets!

Sophie: I’m tired of doing sit-ups, Dexter!
Dexter: Then maybe someone shouldn’t have raided the treat stash last night.
Sophie: I regret nothing. Nothing!

white cat and tabby cat wrestling

Oh, Woodrow

Sophie: Woodrow, let’s get our stories straight. Neither one of us was on the counter today. Neither one of us got into that bag of cookies. Neither one of us ate any.
Woodrow: But we did do all that, Sophie.
Sophie: You’re the worst at this.

white cat loves tabby cat

Apparently I didn’t put the groceries away fast enough today. I came downstairs to find a small bag of cookies on the floor torn into. These are the two likely suspects. I’m leaning toward Sophie.

Harley’s Homecoming

Mama: Whatcha doing, Harley?
Harley: I’m resting up for the big day!
Mama: Thanksgiving?
Harley: No, my homecoming anniversary. I assume there will be a big celebration, right?
Mama: Uh, yep. Let me get right on that!

cute cat curled up sleeping

Harley joined our house as a foster the day after Thanksgiving last year, so this will be his first Thanksgiving with us. We’re thankful he accepted us when we offered to adopt him. I think he’s happy he accepted. (We officially adopted him a couple months later in January.)

Poor Fred

Dexter: Don’t listen to them, Fred. I’ll protect you. You’re my best friend.
Mama: Uh, what’s up, Dexter? And Fred?
Dexter: Sophie and Woodrow said Fred smells like stinky breath.
Mama: Well, you have been drooling all over Fred.
Dexter: Exactly! So he smells like toona juice. Which is pretty much the most amazing smell in the world! In the WORLD, Mama!

cute tabby cat with cat toy

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sophie: I’m ready for Thanksgiving, Mama. Where’s the turkey?
Mama: There isn’t any. Did you forget that your pops and I are vegetarians?
Sophie: GASP!!! Sacrilege!
Mama: And besides, you’re allergic to turkey.
Sophie: Hello?!? Is there anyone out there looking for an adorable white cat with beautiful blue eyes? Loves cuddling, kneading and will be your best friend forever? I mean, as long as turkey is involved.

Dexter, Olive, Sophie, Woodrow, Harley and the humans at Three Chatty Cats wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hopefully for your cat’s sake, turkey will be involved. We’re thankful for each and every one of you – our blog readers, social media friends and cat buddies. Happy Thanksgiving!

Bonus Friday Photo

A hint as to where I spent my Thanksgiving yesterday.

Donkey at The Gentle Barn
Well, hello. Do you gots any treats for me?

What did you do for Thanksgiving?

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19 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Fred, Thanksgiving and More!

  1. Well I actually don’t like turkey or chicken or any other people foodables so I’m OK with whatever my Mom and Dad had for Thanksgiving, As long as I have MY favorite stuff to eat they can STUFF themselves with whatever they want to! We are VERY thankful for all of our friends too – the blogosphere would be one majorly boring place without FRIENDS! We’re happy you are our friends….AND that you let us “listen in” on your conversations!

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. Hey Dexter, Sophie, Harley and Woodrow, great chats with your mom.

    I think your mom went to an ass farm. That’s what I think. Have you noticed her acting like an ass today? Might be the rub off effect. mol


  3. Great convos, as always, gang! Sophie, if it makes you feel any better, we’re at a loss as to how your mom could EVER say “no” to you!

  4. No turkey for me, either. I did enjoy some mashed potatoes and pecan pie! Some traditions can’t be given up! Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey gang.

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