Chatty Cats: Winning, Awesome and More!

Are you all recovered from your Halloween festivities? Do you have candy to last you for weeks? We got a whole TWO knocks on the door on Halloween. So needless to say, we have lots of candy left over.

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.

Winning Cat

Mama: Two things, Sophie. One, you’re on the dining room table again. Two, you’re in the basket I need right now.
Sophie: One thing, Mama. I’m super cute.

cute white cat in basket

Dramatic Cats

Dexter: This is an outrage! It’s a beautiful day and we’re locked inside.
Olive: Oh, the cruelty.
Mama: The catio door is two feet to your left.
Dexter: … This is an outrage!

tabby cat and tortie cat want outside

Weird Cats

Mama: What are you and Harley doing back here?
Woodrow: Harley is being lookout and I’m resting.
Mama: What is he watching for?
Woodrow: Treats, introoders, lizards, zombies, anything of interest really.
Mama: You two are weird.

handsome tabby cat

Confused Cat

Mama: Harley, it’s National Cat Day!
Harley: I don’t understand.
Mama: It’s. National. Cat. Day.
Harley: Does. Not. Compute.
Mama: Oh, right…it’s cat day EVERY day.

Siamese cat with crossed blue eyes

Dirty Cat

Dexter: I love you, Olive…
Olive: I love you, too.
Dexter: …but you dirty!

two cats touching noses

tabby cat grooming tortie cat

Awesome Cat

Dexter: Mama, are the trick-or-treaters on their way? I’m all dressed up and ready to go! I was voted the official door greeter this year.
Mama: Uh, you look very nice and festive.
Dexter: Mama, don’t lie. I look awesome!!
#readyforhalloween 🎃

tabby cat in halloween jester collar

Tired Cat

Sophie: Mama, last night was fun, but I’m pooped. Looking cute in my Halloween outfit was hard work.
Mama: But you’re cute all the time, Sophie.
Sophie: No wonder I’m always tired!
#sleepysophie 💤

sleeping white cat

Bonus Friday Video (Clumsy Cat)

Here’s a video from last Saturday morning. I know, I know…I shouldn’t laugh. But I couldn’t help myself! (Don’t mind all those boxes! They were waiting to be broken down.)

Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to set your clocks back!

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21 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Winning, Awesome and More!

  1. I cracked up!! I used to freak out when my blind cat would run, head first, into walls and start sneezing – but it got funny after awhile.
    I gave out 47 bags of candy and approx 20 glo necklaces…. ran out before trick or treaters stopped. If i’d stocked up for 60 to 70 kids, there would have only been 5… it always go that way.

  2. guyz….we getted zee roe peepulz heer …… wantin ta give uz treetz…howl o ween sux ~~~~~~

    N dexter; we gived yur moovee 984 pawz uP ;) ♥♥ may bee mom will buildz ewe a fort
    sted oh goin ta ree cycle ….hint hint ~~~~ !!

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