Happy Halloween!

Sophie here! I need your help deciding who wore it better? Me or me? I have two Halloween outfits and I’m not sure which one to wear trick-or-treating tonight. Can you please weigh in and help a kitty out?

Option 1

Here’s my first one. It’s very bright, practically neon. No sneaking up on anyone in this!

white cat in Halloween costume

Let me turn around so you can see how cute I am. Boom. Cuteness.

white cat in Halloween costume

I’m just not sure I’m feeling it, though…Is it too cute? Hmm…

white cat in Halloween costume

Option 2

Okay, here I am in my Halloween sweater. It’s almost sweater weather here, but not quite.

white cat in Halloween sweater

Front view. Yeah, I’m feeling this one more.

white cat in Halloween sweater

I look very kewl.

white cat in Halloween sweater


Mama was at the vet’s office last week (cat sitting duties, none of us went – phew!), and the staff was having a pumpkin decorating contest. Look at how creative they are!

decorated pumpkins at vet's office

I think this one will win. MOL!

cat pumpkin at vet's office

We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween! No tricks, right? Only treats! Lots and lots of treats!

white cat in Halloween sweater

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26 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Oh my Sophie, they’re both fabulous, but I think I have to pick number 1 because it just looks so fluffy and comfy and you’re too adorable in it. I’m not about the scary hallowe’en-ness. Cuter is better!

  2. Hmmm Aki and Edgar Allen Poe took a good look on these photos. All they told me was “They are ALL terrific and”, and then looked up at me and with a sorrowful look said, “WHY didn’t you makes costumes for us?” , then sighed and walked off to take a nap. We loved all of them I loved the hooded one myself <3

  3. Definitely the pumpkin sweater, it brings out your thug life cattitude, love it! Finish it off with some sunglasses if your Mama has some lying around. happy Meowlloween kitties!

  4. Happy Halloween guys, and Sophie mew look epically epic!

    Wishing mew a spooktacular evening ~ MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    The B Team xox

  5. It’s hard to choose, Sophie. You look cute in both. But we’ll go with the hoodie. Happy Meowloween!

  6. Sophie, it’s a tie! You rocked both costumes, cute girl. :)

    Happy Halloween, sweet pals! Here’s hoping you got more treats than tricks!

  7. You are such a good model Sophie. So cute too. Nice pumpkins, the Gene Simmons one is a hoot . Happy Halloween! XO

  8. Sophie you are stunning in BOTH…love the hoodie but like Marg I also love the color of the first one more. And…those pumpkins at your Vet’s office are brilliant!!! Sooo creative!

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