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Chatty Cats: Invitations, Tunes and More!

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a pleasant week. We had a fun surprise last Friday. All of a sudden, we received an influx of followers on Instagram (over 150 in 24 hours, which is a lot for our account). Turns out, one of the big cat accounts (cats_of_instagram) featured a photo of our own Miss Olive!

I thought it was very nice that several cat moms reached out to us to say how cute Olive is and how she looks so similar to their own tortie, or that she reminds them of a tortie they once had. Some even sent photos of their cat. One sent photos of her tortie and her white cat together – like Olive and Sophie – but her two cats actually get along.

The whole tortie cat mom exchange thing was sweet. Tortie love runs deep! Anyway, if you want to see the featured photo of Olive, here it is!

Don’t worry, all the attention hasn’t gone to Olive’s head. But Sophie is a little miffed. And here is what the cats were chatting about this past week.

Friend or Foe?

Woodrow: Mama, what’s dat?
Mama: A spider.
Woodrow: Is it gonna get me?
Mama: No, Woodrow. It’s a small, harmless spider.
Woodrow: I think he’s eyeing me, Mama. Will you carry me inside?

tabby cat in catio watches spider

A Scratcher Kind of Day

Mama: Sophie, have you moved from your scratcher today?
Sophie: The answer is no judging on a Caturday, Mama! And no…I haven’t.

beautiful white cat in scratcher

An Invitation

Olive: The sun touches my whiskers, tummy and toes. It is a good day, Mama.
Mama: The best!
Olive: And this tortie’s tummy is now open for business.
Mama: Tummy rub time?
Olive: Get in there, Mama!

beautiful tortie rolling over

beautiful tortie rolling over

About Boxes

“I have it on good authority that boxes were invented for Mondays.” ~Harley

handsome Siamese cat in box

A Lost Battle

Woodrow: Mama, this sunpuddle is making me so sleepy.
Mama: Don’t fight it, Woodrow, don’t fight it.
Woodrow: (bonk) 💤💤💤

tired tabby cat in sunpuddle

Think Tank

Harley: Group meeting, everyone! Mama is 12 minutes late with dinner. What should we do about it?
Olive: Throw up in her shoes!
Sophie: Knock over the trash can…
Dexter: Track litter in her bed!
Sophie: …and eat the trash!
Woodrow: Give her hugs and kisses!
Harley: Olive and Dexter, perfect. Sophie, let’s table your idea and use it as a very last resort. Woodrow, I don’t think you get how this works.

a group meeting of cats

Treat Time Tunes

Woodrow: 🎶 Nom nommy nom, nom nom nommers. 🎶 That’s my treat song, Mama.
Mama: Yeah, I hear it all the time.
Woodrow: Do you have a treat song?
Mama: No.
Woodrow: You can borrow mine.

hungry tabby cat wants cat treat

Bonus Friday Video

Here’s Sophie during one of her morning routines. Volume up!

Do your cats have any morning routines like Sophie?

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  1. Awww I love these guys. And congrats to you and Olive for being cats of instagram famous!

    Little woodrow wanting to give hugs and kisses inxtead of make trouble is the cutest!

  2. Morgan does something similar at night. She carries his blankie (an 8 x 10 piece of fleece from his bed) around and cries. They are soft little cries. I never know it she thinks it’s a baby or something to kill.

  3. These are all so wonderful. Love Sophie’s morning routine video. That is one great meow in the morning. She has a lot to say. Olive looks so wonderful with the sun shining and hitting all the right spots. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a great weekend.

  4. Geez, I haven’t been on IG in awhile! Hopefully, I’ll get able to get there more often when my new laptop arrives. Sophie makes quite a racket; Angel meows like crazy early in the morning, but she just wants food!

  5. yep Cody has a morning routine for sure! He wakes Dad up anytime from 3:30am to 4:30 am for breakfast. Then, around 7 (if Dad isn’t substitute teaching), Cody runs to the kitchen chair for belly rubs from Daddy…….he will forget and do it with me too if Daddy is at work, then he realizes it’s ME and that he doesn’t love my belly rubs as much as he loves Daddy’s. Go figure, I’m the one that rescued his ungrateful butt…….MOL!

  6. ConCats on the spike of followers. But, did you notice they put their watermark on your foto? Big no no in our books. Cute posty. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena