box time fun with tabby cat Dexter

Box Time Fun

The other day, something exciting arrived at the house. That something exciting was a cat product (review to come), but the cats wanted to investigate the box first – the most important part, of course!

Woodrow: What’s dis, Mama? A box all for me?

tabby cat investigates box

Sophie: Rawr! Git outta here, Woodrow! This box is mine!

white cat surprises tabby cat

Woodrow: But I love dis box, Sophie.
Sophie: Ugh.

tabby cat and white cat with box

Sophie: I must go now. Food is calling.

white cat leaps from cardboard box

Woodrow: Mama, I’m ready!

tabby cat in cardboard box

Mama: Ready for what?
Woodrow: Hide and Seek. Can you find me, Mama? I’s hiding.

tabby cat hiding in cardboard box

Dexter: Is it my turn yet?

tabby cat peeking from behind cardboard box

Mama: It’s all yours now, Dexter.
Dexter: I heart boxes, Mama.

tabby cat sitting in cardboard box

Do your cats love boxes, too? Not sure why I’m even asking…

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  1. We’ve never been quite sure WHY, but maybe Teddy never had the pleasure of meeting a box before we adopted him at 11 months from the shelter. He is not the slightest bit interested in boxes! Can you believe it? Crazy isn’t it?????

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Three out of my four cats love boxes. I have to be careful because if a box gets put on the floor, it has to stay there for weeks as there is always a cat in it. You can’t get rid of a box with a cat inside. Our recyclers don’t take cats! :)

  3. I just realized that most of my current cats are not box fanatics. What a strange realization (esp since I still hoard boxes like I have 8 cats fighting over them).