Chatty Cats: Shadows, Ninjas and More!

Happy Friday! We finally had some cooler weather this week, which has been nice. We didn’t use the AC once! It may even drizzle this weekend. I hear that we’re in for our first Santa Ana winds of the season on Monday. So, we might not be done with the AC yet.

Hope everyone had a great week and that the weekend ahead will be nice and relaxing. Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.

Shadow Games

Dexter: Just a cat and his shadow. 🎶 la de da de da 🎶 Hey Shadow, what should we do today?
Shadow: I’m game. I’ll do whatever you do.

tabby cat and his shadow

Rub Mah Belly!

Sophie: Mama, it’s belly rubbing time!
Mama: Hold on, I’m petting Harley.
Sophie: Daddy, it’s belly rubbing time!
Daddy: Hold on, Woodrow’s on my lap.
Sophie: Someone come rub my belly!!!

cute white cat wants belly rub

Who Am I?

Woodrow: Look, Mama! I’m dressed up for Halloween!
Mama: Who are you supposed to be?
Woodrow: Dexter!
Mama: That’s not a very good costume.
Woodrow: I fooled Pops!
Ross thought this photo of Woodrow was Dexter. Dexter is no longer speaking to Ross.

handsome tabby cat in bow tie in catio

How Rude

Dexter: What’s going on out there, Sophie? I better check it out.
Sophie: Hey!
Dexter: ‘Scuse me!
Sophie: Rude!
Dexter: Eh, nothing that exciting, was it?
(It was a dog outside being trained.)

Pure Tortitude

Olive: Ooo, it’s so pretty, Mama.
Mama: Jump up and get it, Olive!
Olive: Have we met? You jump up and get it.

An Awesome Selfie

Harley: Mama, is this thing on? Helloooo?
Mama: It’s on, Harley. You just took your photo.
Harley: Oopsies. Can I take a new one?
Mama: No, that was very cute. I mean handsome…I mean regal…What is it you like to be again?
Harley: Awesome, Mama. I like to be awesome.

Siamese cat takes selfie

Ninja Cat

Woodrow: Mama, did you see what I did last night? I went all ninja-like on an introoder! Like dis! Whappy whap!
Mama: Yeah, that wasn’t an intruder. That was me getting a drink of water in the middle of the night.
Woodrow: Hmmm, I thought that introoder looked familiar. Well, Mama, one can never be too safe. So you’re welcome.

tabby cat shows ninja skills

Bonus Friday Video

Here’s a video of Sophie (and Woodrow) in the catio from Saturday.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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19 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Shadows, Ninjas and More!

  1. Well, as much as I hate to admit it, but yes, I too get cats mixed up and call them by the wrong names. So don’t feel badly, Ross…and I’m sure Dexter will forgive you after some bribery…er, um…treats!

  2. dexter….just due knot… knot speek…. ta yur dad for two long… what with Christmas rite round de korner ;)
    984 paws UP on yur movee guyz N we troo lee N joyed each conversayshunz thiz week …grate stuff !!

  3. You guys are so funny. Somebody better rub Sophie’s tummy or all hell will break loose. The video was right on. I could see Tyebe biting the tail that hit her in the face. These new teeth need practice. mol


  4. You all had a busy week! Dexter, you have a good furr-iend in that shadow to follow you around and play games with you. Sophie, your brofur’s tail was just asking to be wrapped at for twitching in your face, wasn’t it? Tee hee hee. Everpawdy takes such good photos! Your pros! Hugs.

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