Chatty Cats: High Fives, Savesies and More!

Hello, there! Welcome to another Friday edition of the cats’ weekly chats. We hope everyone had a productive week but that a relaxing weekend is ahead for you. We have a couple of things planned, but we’ll also have plenty of time for cuddles.

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.

Up Top!

Woodrow: High five for Friday. Amiright, Mama?
Mama: Yep, I’ll high five to that!
#TGIF #friyay

tabby cat gives high five

A Beautiful Day

Mama: It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, Harley.
Harley: You should go out and enjoy the day then.
Mama: Wanna join me?
Harley: Sure, I’ll be right there. You go on ahead. No really, I’ll catch up. I’m right behind you.
#LazyCaturday #ComfyCozy

Siamese cat cuddles with tail

New Things

Dexter: Mama, I love Sundays. Do you?
Mama: I do! Why do you love Sundays?
Dexter: Because we get more treats.
Mama: What? Is this a new Sunday thing?
Dexter: Oh, what a great idea, Mama! You go get the treats. I’ll go tell everyone else.

handsome tabby cat in sun

It Can Wait

Sophie: Mama, I’ve got so much stuff to do today and…wait…yawn coming on…
Mama: Sophie?
Sophie: Never mind. Stuff can wait until tomorrow.


Woodrow: It’s mine!!! licky lick lick I call dibs on the new toy!

tabby cat plays with toy

Treat, Please

“Mama, please deposit treat on tongue.” ~Olive

tortie cat with tongue out wants treat

Good Morning

Mama: Good morning, Harley.
Harley: Good morning, Mama. Good morning, world.

silhouette of cat at sunrise

It finally rained! Here in Southern California, it’s a rarity. There are still a few clouds in the sky, but it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day. Happy Purrsday!

Bonus Friday Blooper

Don’t worry, Olive got that treat!

blooper photo of tortie cat eating treat

What are your plans for the weekend?

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20 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: High Fives, Savesies and More!

  1. Oh Olive, your adorable tongue made us laugh out loud. Sometimes Rosie walks around with her tongue hanging out. It’s pretty adorable, but not sure she even notices!

    And nice work being tricky, Dexter!

  2. These are always so wonderful. They put big smiles on our faces after reading them. Woodrow with the pawsome high-five. Harley isn’t moving from that spot anytime soon. Hope the nice weather holds up for you throughout the weekend. Thanks for the share.

  3. You’re so lucky to have gotten rain! Here in the LBC we had a total of roughly 2 min of big sprinkles… that was it.

    I had plans to go to an Octoberfest tomorrow but decided I’m not up for the crowd (there’s nothing really specially happening). I have a freebie ticket to Journey/DefLeppard on Sun but I think I’m gonna skip it too… a quick calc of parking, drinks & misc has that freebie running about $100 plus a lot of walking & stairs, which my knees and lungs no longer support. So I think I will just study for my next exam, enjoy my kitties, and maybe take myself out for a beer at a taproom which won’t be crowded.

  4. Rain is a rarity? Hmmmmpht Mommy lived in San Diego fur a while and she said it rained almost constantly. Kind’a like here, x’cept there it didn’t storm so much. Great conversations and fotos. big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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