beautiful white cat with blue eyes

Chatty Cats: Introoders, Mischief and More!

Happy Friday, friends! Did you see our post yesterday – Pro Tips for Adopting a Shelter Cat (from a former shelter cat!) – for #RememberMeThursday? If not, please check it out. Woodrow is very excited to share his pro tips with you! And, it’s also the Remember Me Thursday blog hop link up post! You can either link up there or over at Lola the Rescued Cat. We hope a lot of bloggers will write about Remember Me Thursday and then link up to the blog hop.

In other news, Ross and I are off for a quick getaway today, so our cat sitter is staying at the house this weekend. Although the cats may seem upset that we’re leaving, they love the cat sitter and told me they call her That Treat Lady.

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.

Boop By Permission Only

Dexter: Mama, Woodrow always gets his nose booped. Is my nose not boop-worthy?
Mama: Of course it is! Here, let me boop you.
Dexter: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I didn’t say you could boop my nose right now.
Mama: Fine, I’ll go find Woodrow.
Dexter: Wait, Mama, come back! You can boop me now.

handsome tabby cat
September 14, 2018

Treats by Hypnosis

Sophie: Mama, look into my eyes.
Mama: Okay…
Sophie: You’re transfixed by my beautiful blue eyes. You’re getting sleepy…You’re starting to get up and go to the treat jar…You’re grabbing a handful of treats and bringing them back to me…You’re…
Mama: Sophie! Do you want a treat?
Sophie: Oh, sure. If you’re headed that way. Thanks, Mama.
#ThoseBabyBlues #WorksEveryTime

beautiful white cat with blue eyes
September 15, 2018

Introoder Alert!

Olive: Mama, there’s an introoder in the catio!
Mama: Where?
Olive: Right there, that lump of a tabby cat.
Mama: Woodrow? He’s just enjoying the Sunday morning sun. He’s not bothering you.
Olive: His presence is bothering me, Mama. He snuck in here while I wasn’t looking. Make him leave!
Mama: No, Woodrow can stay. You can leave if you want to.
Olive: Mama! What’s going on? Am I dreaming? Is today opposite day? You’re talking crazy right now!

concerned looking tortie cat in catio
September 16, 2018

Mischief Monday

“Hmmm…what mischief can I get into today?” ~Sophie

mischievous white cat
September 17, 2018

Bossy Cat

Woodrow: I spy with my little eye…something that needs investigating.
Mama: What is it?
Woodrow: I don’t know, that’s why it needs investigating.
Mama: Well, are you gonna go check it out?
Woodrow: I didn’t say I would investigate it. You do it and report back to me. Maybe bring a treat back with you when you come. Hop to, Mama, time’s a-wastin’!
#lazytabbytuesday #bossycat

goofy tabby cat
September 18, 2018


Harley: Whisker Wednesday alert! Mama, come take my picture!
Mama: Can you say please?
Harley: No I cannot!
Mama: Harley!
Harley: Oopies. I mean I love you, Mama. Will you please take my picture? And make sure to get my good side! … Please.

handsome Siamese cat
September 19, 2018

Tail Games

“To pounce or not to pounce…that’s not even a question.” ~Sophie
#WatchOutWoodrow #TailsAreNotToys

white cat in catio
September 20, 2018

Bonus Friday Video

Here’s Olive from last weekend (another Instagram story). Listen to her tell off Woodrow! Olive doesn’t like Woodrow and overreacts whenever he’s around. In all fairness, he does pick on her occasionally. But he hopped down after this and didn’t do anything.

Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?

Woodrow and Sophie send big kisses to Miss Ellen, I mean the tooth fairy, for sending the handmade toys after they had some teeth pulled. Woodrow finally got his “ice cream cone” and loved it.

tabby cat and toy
“Nobody touch my ice cream cone! It’s mine!” ~Woodrow

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  1. what brand/flavor of treats do your cats get? And how many, per cat, at a time? I tend to give each cat a BUNCH. We liked Friskies Puffs but it seems like they may have been discontinued. Regular Friskies treats are definitely one of the things that upset AdamCat’s tummy.

    1. Sorry, just seeing this now. Their absolute favorite treat is the Churu cat treats. But Sophie can’t have it because of her food allergy. She gets a raw rabbit treat and also the duck pill pocket treats.

        1. It’s actually branded for dogs, I believe. But my cat only vet sells them and said they’re fine for her.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful share. We love the little chats you have with the kitties. Our favorite is Sophie ready to pounce on the tail. The look on her face is ready to have some fun. Hope you are all having a fun-filled day and to enjoy a happy first weekend of the fall season.

  3. Miss Ellen’s crocheted toys are the BESTEST! We’ve had one snowball toy for years now, and Da Boyz have it covered in black fur…but they keep playing, playing, playing with it!