Chatty Cats: Chompers, Decisions and More!

We made it to Friday – that deserves a woohoo! (Woohoo!) It’s felt like a long week, although I’m not really sure why. But I’m definitely happy that Friday has arrived. Let’s see what the cats have been chatting about this week.

Chompy Chompers

Sophie: This toy, it needs a chomping! Rawwwr!
Mama: Good chomp, Sophie!
Sophie: What else around here needs a chomping?
Mama: Hey, that’s my hand!
Sophie: Hooman, you’ve ventured too close to the mighty huntress and her chompers.

white cat playing with toy
September 7, 2018

Boogie Check

Woodrow: Mama, I got any boogies?
Mama: You’re boogie free.
Woodrow: Okay, I’m ready for me close-up then.
Mama: Already done. 📸

cute tabby cat
September 8, 2018


Mama: You’re so beautiful, Olive.
Olive: I’m glad you noticed, Mama. I don’t know why you’d want to leave and be with other cats all day when you have “this” at home.
Mama: You’re right. How dare I go volunteer with adoptable cats today. Can you ever forgive me?
Olive: Perhaps at dinnertime. Until then, you’re dismissed.

beautiful tortie cat
September 9, 2018


Mama: Dexter, you’re in my way. Can you please move?
Dexter: I cannot.
Mama: Why?
Dexter: Cat, Mama, cat.

handsome tabby cat
September 10, 2018

Hard Decisions

Mama: In or out, Sophie, in or out!
Sophie: Don’t rush me, Mama. I’m thinking here!

cute white cat in catio
September 11, 2018

Hump Day Blues

Harley: Aww, Mama. It’s only Wednesday?
Mama: Yeah, I know how you feel.

tired Siamese cat
September 12, 2018

School Photo

Woodrow: Mama, I hear it’s portrait day at school. Can I take one, too?
Mama: Sure!
Woodrow: Okay, this is my I’m-looking-forward-to-a-great-school-year-but-I-don’t-actually-go-to-school-because-I’m-a-cat-so-I-get-to-sleep-in-every-day pose.
Mama: You may be overthinking it.
Woodrow: But I nailed it, didn’t I? Yep, I nailed it.

handsome tabby cat
September 13, 2018

Bonus Friday Video

Wonder what Woodrow was dreaming about. Maybe ice cream?

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26 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Chompers, Decisions and More!

  1. Woodrow was talking to someone in his dreams, I’m thinking! Concats to the winners!
    And, as much as I enjoyed seeing his wee tongue peeking out, it’s those shivers in the feet that make me smile!

  2. You are all just to cute in the photos. Sophie, your doing a great job with chewing on that toy. Our favorite is Woodrow for Boogie check. That one is just purfect. We can see that you are ready for your selfie. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Bear, you’re giving your sister up like that! But Woodrow is so flattered that he doesn’t know what to do!

  3. Definetely some mice cream in that dream…lickety lickety lick….MOL :D We loved the conversation, CC’s and that close up…wow! it’s always great to see the insights of a..nostril…MOL :D Pawkisses for a wonderful week ahead :) <3

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