Catmosphere Laguna

Catmosphere Laguna – Orange County’s First Cat Cafe

Living in Southern California, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a few cat cafes in the area. But imagine my delight when I learned about Catmosphere Laguna – Orange County’s first cat cafe – located in Laguna Beach, California, and right here in my neck of the woods.

Catmosphere Laguna | Laguna Beach, CA

The Kitty Lounge

I had the pleasure of visiting Catmosphere Laguna this past weekend with my husband and a cat-loving friend. As soon as you enter, it’s clear that founder Gail Landau created a wonderful space in what’s known as the kitty lounge, which acts as a temporary foster home for the cats and kittens that are up for adoption.

Kit Kat watching us through the window before we entered.

Having opened about one month ago on August 13, 2018, six cats have already been adopted, with a seventh adoption pending. Catmosphere Laguna is a non-profit cat cafe and adoptions are done directly through Catmosphere.

The kitty lounge usually has 10 to 12 cats and kittens, and visitors pay by the hour, with a maximum of two hours allowed per visit. If you’re interested in visiting, reservations are recommended, but walk-ins are welcome if space allows.

The Cafe

Although we did not partake in the food or beverage offerings (we were there mid-morning), the selection looked delicious. What I like about Catmosphere is that there’s actually a cafe included. Some of the other cat cafes I’ve visited don’t have a true cafe at their location (due to zoning/permit issues), and they bring you food from offsite. But not here!

Catmosphere’s cafe is completely separate from the lounge (with a separate entrance for both sections), and diners can watch the cats through a floor-to-ceiling glass wall if they don’t want to enter the lounge with their food.

There are even some regulars who stop by the cafe in the mornings just to eat or drink and not visit the cats. That’s the sign of a good cafe! These photos are just some examples from their cafe menu.

Cat Cafe Owner Gail Landau

While we were visiting the cafe, the owner of Catmosphere Laguna, Gail Landau, happened to be there greeting all of the guests. A warm and welcoming, cat-loving lady, Gail happily spoke with me about her experience opening Catmosphere Laguna.

Gail first visited a cat cafe in Charleston, South Carolina, and realized she wanted to open Orange County’s first cat cafe in her town of Laguna Beach, California. She says, “In Laguna Beach, we love all things nature and unique, creative ideas.” Sounds like a perfect place for a cat cafe!

Gail Landau, Owner of Catmosphere Laguna
Gail Landau, Owner of Catmosphere Laguna

In speaking with Gail, I was surprised at how quickly she was able to open the cafe. Her first meeting with the City of Laguna Beach was on June 7, 2017 – and Catmosphere opened their doors just over a year later on August 13, 2018. Gail credits the smooth process to the fact that she is an attorney, saying, “I was able to navigate the licensing and permit processes of the City, County, and State more effectively.”

Gail has volunteered in the rescue world for many years and has a good sense of what rescue work requires. Also, growing up in Northwest Illinois, surrounded by land and animals, Gail was no doubt inspired by her own mother who was a “rescue lady” herself.

While Gail has the cats at the cafe to keep her company, at home she also has a 24-pound rescue Snowshoe, Mr. Misaki, and a tiny, fluffy black cat, Shlomo, who was found hiding under a dumpster and rescued by Gail’s daughter Sasha. (Yes, apparently rescue runs in the entire family!)

The Cats of Catmosphere Laguna

Now, let’s meet some of the cats that Gail and her team have rescued and who reside in the lounge until they find their forever homes.

During our visit, there were four black “teenage” kittens romping around the lounge. What’s nice is that all of the cats wear collars, so you can easily identify which cat you’re playing with and later inquire about adoption (if interested).

Check out JP on the left and Ozzy on the right. Note Arthur peeking out from behind the cat tree on the right as well.

About Arthur…he is available for adoption as a bonded pair with Tostito (who is making sure guests take note of the rules below).

black and white cat reading rules at cat cafe
Tostito is a stickler for the rules!

At about a year old, Arthur was found outside protecting three kittens – one of them was Tostito. Two of the kittens were adopted, but Arthur continued to care for Tostito and they went to a foster home together. Now at Catmosphere Laguna, Tostito has grown into a handsome mancat, and he and Arthur will need to be adopted together.

Arthur is a curious and friendly lap cat who loves ear rubs. While we were at the cafe, he also enjoyed this brushing session courtesy of my friend.

Here’s Arthur relaxing after his brushing.

brown tabby cat at cat cafe

Catmosphere’s decor is super cute, too! Look at this door that leads to the cats’ private area for when they need a rest.

tabby cat at cat cafe
Aretha guards the cat door.

Kit Kat, the shyest of the group, made the rounds and then decided to hang out in this adorable cat bed. She is the one who watched us through the window before we entered, likely sizing us up.

“If you need me, I’ll be in here. Don’t need me.” ~Kit Kat

Here’s a video of Joey (tabby) and Ozzy (black) during their morning wrestling session.

Joey is deciding if he’s had enough playtime after his wrestling match.

tabby cat at cat cafe

This black kitten (couldn’t see his collar) took a snooze break toward the end of our visit – the only one I saw that actually slept while we were there.

black kitten at cat cafe

Tostito (of the bonded pair with Arthur) smiled down on us during most of the visit. Looks like he’s happy at Catmosphere until his forever human arrives.

smiling black and white cat at cat cafe

If you’re in the Southern California area, you should definitely visit Catmosphere Laguna! You can connect with the cat cafe on Facebook and Instagram.

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***Photos of Gail and the cafe food items provided courtesy of Catmosphere Laguna.

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  1. What a wonderful cafe! (you know how much I love them.) I love the decor and the cats look so well cared for. Thanks for a wonderful review and I’m glad you had a great time. (P..s. If I ever get out to CA we have to visit together!)

  2. guyz….we send de best oh fishez that each oh ewe findz yur for everz home; yet thiz month…. ♥♥☺☺

    de cafe iz total lee awesum…..

    984 pawz UP two ewe Gail ….we wizhez ewe lotz oh success ☺☺♥♥ now we wood like ta place an order for
    cheeze pleez !!

  3. Catmosphere Laguna looks wonderful! We will keep it in mind for the next time we are out there. Hopefully, we can meet up with you at some point, too!

  4. I haven’t double-checked but it seems like their webcams have night-vision,meaning you would be able to watch them even when the cafe is closed (one of the cameras switched to night-vision when a cat got too close).

    I had sticker shock when I saw that it costs $22/hr to play with the kitties!!

    1. Yeah, it’s about on par with the L.A. cat cafes, which charge $25 (different visit lengths). And not all cafes are non-profit, which I like about Catmosphere.

  5. What an awesome cat cafe and that entrance doorway is so quirky, and I love the overall decor. Nice that they serve the food in the same premises. Arthur reminds me of Bear Cat from Momma Kat and her Bear Cat :)

  6. I love these cat cafes as it is such a wonderful way to help the adoption process for the cats. They look so happy in their space which is beautifully done. Now I feel we need to see dog cafes :)

  7. I’m reading about more and more cat cafes opening all the time, and I think it’s such a great way to promote adoption. I would have no problem spending a couple of hours hanging out with the cats, unfortunately there isn’t one in my area.

  8. I used to live in southern California and never saw one cat cafe. I love that the owner was able to get hers up and running in a year. I love the eclectic bright fun decor too. It makes the cafe much more inviting and less sterile. And of course all those purrfect faces! I hope they all find their forever homes soon. At least they have a fun place to stay safe while they wait!

  9. I’ve always loved Laguna Beach, and now I’ve got one more reason to love it! What a beautiful cat cafe, it sounds great. I love the soothing music they play for that kitties. These videos are great, the cats are all so adorable.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  10. Such a wonderful place for cats to spend some time while waiting for their forever home. I’ve heard about the cat cafe in Charleston, SC, but haven’t visited there yet. There is a new cat cafe about 10 miles from me and I’m looking forward to going there.

  11. Hi Rachel and Three Chatty Cats! One year later and Catmosphere Laguna is on our 60th adoption, more than one a week since we opened. We met and exceeded our Non-profit Mission goals to find our fabulous felines their furrever homes! We appurrrciate MEW😻Come back soon. We would love for you to visit again. MEOW!

    1. That is wonderful news! Your cafe has been such a success for the community and most importantly the cats you’re helping find forever homes! I look forward to visiting again!