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Chatty Cats: Grooming, Booping and More!

Happy Friday, friends! We’re almost at the weekend, which is turning out to be a cat-filled one for us. Tomorrow, we’re visiting Orange County’s first cat cafe – Catmosphere Laguna! And you can bet I’ll be posting about it later.

And then on Sunday, Ross and I are volunteering at the latest Best Friends Super Adoption event! So far, all of the Best Friends adoption events have been held in Los Angeles County. This is their first venture outside of L.A. – they’re heading to Riverside in the Inland Empire to help reach more people in Southern California.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week.


Woodrow: Mama, this doesn’t smell like an ice cream parlor.
Mama: I know, I’m sorry.
Woodrow: You tricked me! Why are we at the vet?
Mama: To have your teeth cleaned.
Woodrow: Well, I guess as long as we can go for ice cream after.
#dentaltime #sweetwoodrow

tabby cat in carrier at vet
Their dental was on August 31, 2018.

Woodrow, Olive and Sophie have been dropped off at the vet for their dental cleanings. Fingers crossed for no extractions. Olive had five extractions at her last dental. Sophie had none. This is Woodrow’s first dental with us, and perhaps his first ever. We’ll let you know the verdict! UPDATE: Woodrow had his two upper second premolars removed (very tiny teeth). Sophie had the same, but only her left one removed. And Olive had none removed!


Sophie: Mama, I know they had to take one of my teefies, but why did they have to take my leg furs, too? I look so silly.
Mama: Aww, no you don’t. You’re still very cute.
Sophie: But Olive looks silly, right? She’s missing her leg furs, too.
Mama: Uh sure, Olive looks silly.
Sophie: I knew it! You love me more than Olive.
Mama: I don’t think that’s what I said.
#twistedwords #letherhaveit

sad white cat missing her leg furs (after dental procedure)
September 1, 2018

Sophie and Woodrow have been very lovey after returning from their dentals. They’re both still a tiny bit out of it from the anesthesia, even this morning, but are overall just fine. Olive has been her normal tortie self.

Dapper Cat

Dexter: Mama, Eddie is the one who got groomed today, so how did I end up in his bow tie? It still smells like dog.
Mama: Do you want me to take it off?
Dexter: I didn’t say that. I make this bow tie look goooood.

handsome tabby cat in bow tie
September 2, 2018

Eddie has a mobile groomer that comes to the house. She always puts him in a bow tie when she’s done. How cute is that? And you know I can’t resist making the cats model the bow tie each time.

Catio Games

Mama: Whatcha doing, Olive?
Olive: Playing whack-a-Sophie. It’s like whack-a-mole, but with Sophie. Every time she tries to come in the catio, I whack her on the head.
Mama: That doesn’t sound very nice.
Olive: It was her idea, Mama. I swear.
Sophie: (from inside) Ready Olive? Here I come!

tortie cat hanging out in catio
September 3, 2018

This is actually something the cats do…but in reverse. Sophie will sit inside the house and block Olive from coming in. Olive sits at the opening and just paws at the flap repeatedly. Eventually, Sophie gets bored and leaves. However, this photo from today was actually right after Olive bopped Sophie on the head – she was already inside the catio. Cats! (P.S. Olive’s missing fur is from her dental procedure. Everything is okay!)

Impossibly Cute

Harley: Hi Mama!
Mama: Hi Harley.
Harley: Hi.
Mama: Um, do you want something?
Harley: A treat, please.
#cutestcatintheworld #biasedcatmom

adorable cross eyed Siamese cat
September 4, 2018

Master Groomer

Mama: Dexter, do you want to know what daddy said about you this morning?
Dexter: Yes, what did he say, Mama?
Mama: That you have the softest fur out of all of our cats.
Dexter: Well, I am an excellent groomer, and I put a lot of effort into these soft furs. I’m glad my efforts are finally being recognized.
#mastergroomer #softestfurever

cute tabby cat
September 5, 2018

Booping Time

Mama: BOOP!
Woodrow: Do it again, Mama!
Mama: Boopy boop boop!

tabby cat wants nose boop
September 6, 2018

Bonus Friday Video

The video is from Instagram stories. It’s Sophie in the catio the day after her dental. You’ll see she’s still a little wobbly at one point.

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  1. What a chatty week you’ve had with some dentals tossed in the mix. Glad everyone is fixed up toofie-wise. Love the video……nothing like some pets and scratches from Mom.

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. such a cute group! sorry they had more extractions but i’m glad all went well. thanks for the info on the laguna cat cafe.. I hadn’t heard about that one. Have you been to the one in LA? I’ve only been to the mobile cat cafe (Moon Cat cafe?) that’s based out of Long Beach.

    have a great weekend… IE when the temps are supposed to go high again?! UGH!!

    1. I’ve been to both in LA (Crumbs & Whiskers and CatCafe Lounge). I’ve also been to Moon Cat Cafe! Janet, the owner, is so nice.

      Yeah, will be hot this weekend in IE! But luckily, I’ll be stationed indoors this time. :-)

      1. You’re approx 100 miles south of me and still do more in LA than I do!! I used to be up there a lot but I burned out about 5 yrs ago.

        I created a post about the Laguna cafe and their webcams. Unfortunately, Laguna is another place I never visit.

        Moon Cat was empty when I visited so I had all the kitties to myself… and it was the end of the day so Janet offered me all the baked goods that I wanted (I just took a couple).

            1. Sunday was slower, but still a lot of animals adopted overall! And more cats than dogs were adopted on Sunday.

  3. We’re glad everybuddy survived their dentals. Don’t worry, Sophie…that fur will grow back. Unfortunately the tooth they took won’t.

  4. Is there a Tooth Fairy for cats? Endless possibilities there…
    We are glad everybody did well and that your vet will be able to send all his or her children to collage.
    Love the photographs and conversations!