beautiful Siamese cat

We Have a Face Sleeper!

A Midnight Story Starring Harley

One night last week, in the middle of the night, Harley moved from the end of the bed up to my pillow. That’s normal for him – he sleeps on my pillow for part of the night a few times a week.

But what surprised me is that he then laid his cheek right next to my cheek. Very cute – snuggling cheek to cheek with my Harley. I nudged my husband to show him. Yes, very cute, he thought.

Well, I thought cheek to cheek was cute. But what Harley did next made my heart burst!

beautiful Siamese cat
Harley waits patiently for bedtime.

Harley adjusted himself on the pillow and proceeded to lay his entire head on my face! His neck was pressed up against my ear and he was purring like crazy. His fur and whiskers were covering my face, it wasn’t the most comfortable, and my allergies kicked in. But how could I move him?

And for one final touch, Harley extended one leg across my chest and dug his claws into my skin. I felt like he was either protecting me (not likely) or claiming me as his, telling the other cats that they better stay back.

Harley isn’t a lap cat, but it turns out he’s a face sleeper! He hasn’t done this since, but perhaps he will again.

beautiful Siamese cat
“We face-sleeping tonight?”

Do any of your cats sleep on your face?

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  1. That is so sweet. My Sammy used to sleep on my head after making muffins with my hair, but this summer he hasn’t done it :(

  2. OMC that story is adorable!!!! Nope, Cody doesn’t do that and my Bobo didn’t either…but….Cody HAS tried to scalp my husband if he doesn’t get up and feed him fast enough, seriously!!!

  3. I’ve only had one kitty that LOVED sleeping close to me like that. He would go under the covers and snuggle up spooning me and put his face next to mine. Most of my kitties love sleeping with me, but down around my waist or feet.

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw Harley wuvs his mommy….That’s so sweet awnty Rachel. We’re not face sleepers, but Raena sleeps on the pillow with mommy or up unner her arm. Sis Lexi also used to lay on the pillow with mommy or on her head. Me wants to touch her, but it’s a bit hot to lay on her. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  5. Teddy is not a face sleeper (although I think that would be ever so sweet!) but he is a face “hugger”……I think Harley loves his Mom and once in a while decides he just HAS to emphasize that fact. Lucky you.

    Hugs, Pam

  6. Harley 💕
    Of course, Tommy is my face sleeper: every night 6 kg. on my pillow and head, clawing my back neck 😋
    In the morning my hair are a disaster and my hubby always laugh loud 😤
    But I love it so much, it’s our family routine!
    Happy Cat Pillow

  7. That is very sweet. Eric used to lay on my pillow across the top of my head with one paw on my forehead. Flynn used to lie on my chest with his head under my chin. As you can imagine, I was captive for the night and no tossing and turning allowed.

  8. How sweet! None of us are face sleepers, but Wally likes to lay on the mom’s legs while she’s sleeping so she can’t move. :)

  9. Aww… so sweet!

    I long for Athena to sleep near my face or at least near my chest but instead she likes to sleep between my legs or at the bottom of my legs sometimes hugging my foot.

  10. None of my current family of cats sleeps anywhere near my head but last night I flipped around in bed, putting my face next to PCB (the evil one), and did not get clawed!! She purred a bit then fell back asleep. That was ground breaking!! (she’s the on who once stuck a claw in my eyeball).

    AdamCat often likes to sleep pressed against me and every time I change positions he does too. He’s a great little back support when I sleep on my side!