Chatty Cats: Piggies, Disappointment and More!

We’ll be a bit of an empty house today. Three cats have dental cleanings! Olive, Sophie and Woodrow are off to the vet this morning. Poor Olive, an unplanned vet appointment last Friday and now a planned one today. I’ll be dropping them off at 7:00 this morning and will likely be able to pick them up around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. They’ll be plenty mad at me. Well, at least Olive anyway. I’m pretty sure that Woodrow thinks Ross and I can do no wrong. And Sophie will just think it’s a fun adventure.

Here’s what the cats were chatting about this past week!

Watch Your Back

Mama: How long are you going to stay mad at me Olive?
Olive: Forever. I can’t believe you made me go to the vet today!
Mama: But you weren’t eating.
Olive: Liar! I started eating as soon as you made the appointment this morning.
Mama: Well, I just wanted to be safe and take you anyway.
Olive: Safe? Yeah…you better sleep safely tonight.
#olivesrevenge #watchout

cute tortie cat
Friday, August 24th

We’re back from the vet. Olive was already eating again before we took her. So, we’re just monitoring her and have her on an appetite stimulant. I think she just likes to keep us on our toes. (UPDATE: She has been eating fine all week. No appetite stimulant needed.)

Sleeping In

Sophie: Mama, can you bring me breakfast in bed this morning? I’m sleeping in with daddy.
Mama: You already had breakfast at 5:30 this morning.
Sophie: And?

pretty white cat
Saturday, August 25th

Piggy Present!

Mama: Look at what your biggest admirer Miss Stacy sent you! A piggy! She wanted you to have this after you didn’t get bacon on your Gotcha Day.
Woodrow: I love my piggy! Thank you, Auntie Stacy! But why did she send a piggy?
Mama: Where do you think bacon comes from?
Woodrow: The bacon farm. Duh, Mama!
Mama: No, silly. It comes from pigs.
Woodrow: Gasp!
Mama: Do you still want bacon?
Woodrow: (whispering) Umm, yes. I’ll cover Piggy’s eyes.
#poorpiggy #baconlover

goofy tabby cat with stuffed piggy
Sunday, August 26th

Smooth Sophie

Mama: Sophie! Who tore open this bag of treats?
Sophie: Erm…I don’t know. Did you check with Woodrow?

silly white cat in catio
Monday, August 27th

Crinkle, Crinkle

Dexter: nom nom nom
Mama: Good packing paper?
Dexter: Yep, it’s a good batch. Really fresh, very crunchy. Can you add it to our auto-ship order?

tabby cat playing with packing paper
Tuesday, August 28th

Disappointed Tortie

Olive: Mama, we need to talk.
Mama: What’s up?
Olive: I’ve been very disappointed lately in the quality of your chin scritches.
Mama: Sorry, I’ll work on it.
Olive: Go practice on Sophie. She’s not a very discerning cat.

stern tortie cat wants to chat
Wednesday, August 29th

Handsome, Grumpy and Proud!

Mama: Hey there, Mr. Handsome.
Harley: Who dat? Me?
Mama: Yes, silly!
Harley: I’m confused. Am I handsome or silly?
Mama: You’re both. But usually grumpy.
Harley: And proud of it!

handsome siamese cat
Thursday, August 30th

Bonus Friday Bloopers

These shots are from last weekend when I was trying to do a product photo shoot in the cat room. Woodrow grew bored and decided to go exploring. He slid open a storage bin and proceeded to hop in. You can see that Harley took advantage of it next.

The video is from Instagram stories.

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25 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Piggies, Disappointment and More!

  1. Hope the vet gives a group discount…! Poor Dexter, he so very subtly walks away from those Harley eyes in the video! Hope Olive continues to eat up, even after her dental.

    1. They do! That’s why we’re doing three at once. Otherwise, we’d be crazy to take three. It was a beautiful symphony during the car ride this morning! Ha!

  2. Fridays with all of you is one of our favorite things! Your conversations and photos always make us smile. :)

    Dexter, we hear you about that paper. It’s nommy, for sure!

  3. Hey guys,
    Those unplanned vet visits really stink. Our Female Human wonders why we always wait until midnight on a weekend to get sick. What can I say, it’s an art. ‘Hope you are all recovered from your fang cleaning. But don’t let your humans off the hook, stretch out the guilt trip as long as you can!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Oliver & The Tribe of Five

  4. I love the photo of Olive with her paws crossed. How sweet of your friend to send you a piggy. Let me know if any of the cats need a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

  5. And they thought they were all going someplace nice together–not the vet, and even worse tooth cleaning! What a bummer! But it will be over and forgotten soon and not necessary for a long time hopefully. Happy 3 day weekend!

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